How To Play Best Fiends – Episode 1

How To Play Best Fiends – Episode 1

Hey guys, I’m Kimberly Crossman and I am here to guide you through this free, puzzle… Adventure game where you get to collect
and build a team of Fiends by matching… The same colored objects to defeat slugs
and make your way to Mount Boom. This five star award-winning game has been downloaded tens of millions of times… Around the world and now I want to
introduce you to the game that everyone… Has been talking about, so without
further ado, it’s time to play Best Fiends. Are you guys ready? So you need to
match at least three blocks of the same… Color together by dragging your finger
from one to the next and they’re gonna… Light up as you go along to help. You
find Fiends as you move through the land… Of Minutia. Each Fiend is assigned to a
color so when you’re matching yellow… Blocks, the yellow Fiend in your team is
going to attack, and when you’re matching… Green blocks, the green Fiend in your
team is going to attack, so we made that… Part pretty easy. You can also use Meteormites and diamonds to level up your… Fiends and give them more power. Try it
and see what happens when you evolve one of your Fiends. Each level has different goals: sometimes
you’ll have to defeat a certain number… Of slugs and maybe collect a certain
number of objects like diamonds for… Example (and let’s be real, who doesn’t
like collecting diamonds, right?). Or perhaps you may have to collect a
specific number of a certain type of… Block, like yellow flowers. Now this next
part is super important: before you start… Each level, you need to select the very
best team of Fiends to help you defeat… That level’s specific goals. Once the goals
have been met, You’ll beat the level and move on to the
next one. A level’s goals can always be… Seen in the top left corner of the
gameplay screen. As you make your way… Through the levels and the world map,
make sure you take some time and check… Out the wonderful sites of Minutia. Remember to sign into Facebook to see where your friends are on the map, too, Because everybody loves a bit of healthy competition! Well guys, those are the basics of the game, but we still have to learn about… Special powers, special blocks, Fiend quests, and special events… In our next video, so make sure you subscribe to the Best Fiends YouTube channel… And make sure you remember to always update the game for the latest content.


  1. Wow! If Kimberly dropping her new Zealand actress this quickly is not the biggest middle finger to new Zealand I don't know what is
    She's not been out of new Zealand 5 years and already she's got an American accent

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