How To Stop Drinking Alcohol | Get Rid of Alcohol Addiction Home Remedies Acupressure in Hindi Video

Hello Friends I’m Dr. Richa Varshney From Sambhav Nature Cure Hospital Today’s topic is Alcoholism Alcoholism Addiction If you or anyone related to you is having alcohol addiction and if you want to cure this addiction So there is a very good point in Acupressure Therapy To get rid of alcohol addiction Lets see the point On our hand, on the shown finger The point is on the shown finger with black dot The point is on both the hands It’s on both hands Method is as usual use Paper tape and Fenugreek seed And put the seed such a way that it comes on the point Along with this method please also take care of one thing Along with using the point to stimulate it Drink warm water That is, try to drink warm water whenever you drink water. Warm water drinking habit along with this pressure point helps a lot together Friends now lets talk about Chronic Alcoholism Which means if you are having the addiction from years It can be cured. Lets see it’s point On the palm The black dot as shown Between both the fingers, if we draw a line, we can get the point This point is on both the hands On both hands. now again use paper tape on both the hands. Don’t forget to start drinking warm water warm water with this pressure point acts well as a cure.

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