1. They forgot to mention one really important "you will need": Deodorant. Detoxing alcoholics stink to high heaven due to their lymph nodes flushing all of the extra crap out of their systems.

  2. I disagree with HowCast on this one. Mostly because I've detoxed countless times from herculan levels of drinking. DT's are terrible. You sweat, shake uncontrollably, are bed-ridden and cannot get up, vomiting, crying, in terrible pain and so on… They make it look easy and it's almost impossible at times. The LAST thing when detoxing I want is food, I end up not eating for days (because I'll just throw it back up in minutes). Quitting sucks..

  3. I can't believe they didn't mention things like regular exercise, hypnotherapy and healthy eating.

  4. Just got done with a 9 day bender…. This is HELL. I have too much anxiety to even leave the house today though, can't eat food either.

  5. Wow, way to keep pushing the pills. Was this a contribution from Pfizer? Don't get me wrong on the benzo's for the initial detox – it can be dangerous, kids.

  6. hello. I am an alcoholic 32 years and sober now 1½ months, drinked 12 to 16 beers everyday or every other day on empty stomach for 8 years. Doing a little better but i am far from 100%, still having withdrawal symptoms. I was told at my local health clinic that they can last anywhere from 3 to 12 months. The key to battling them is a healthy diet as your body needs time to regulate the correct levels for your blood preassure and blood sugar etc.. as you are now living normally again.

  7. @savilo2 Try withdrawing. You won't be able to stand still or up straight for that matter. You'll also get auditory and visual hallucinations. AND IF UR REAL LUCKY you'll go into a coma before waking up in the ER just before they put you into inpatient treatment. That is if you were a functioning alcoholic with medical insurance (you'd be surprised.) If not you might be in for the long good-bye or a shitty government funded program. Cheers-

  8. @TheRandomSweed its not that ur withdrawal symptoms hadn't still gone..it's the cognitive distortion that most of the person suffers after alcohol nd other drugs withdrawal..i'm also alcohol nd drug recovery.if u need help u can contact me..i'd love to help u..

  9. @ Ferechili well it depends upon a people how they react to the situation..some people won't feel anything at withdrawal.,some with little and some with severe..it depends on how people are tactful and good in handling problems….you have to find out what is reason behind your anxiety..you have little inconvinent after leaving alcohol but your thinking have made it little bigger..most people go through cognitive distortion after withdrawal..so you must have to be aware of your thinking what is

  10. how much do u have to be drinking to get withdrawal? Ive been drinking since october last year started at 3 litres of strong cider a day for a month. then stopped for 10 days. then went down to 1.5 litres of strong cider a day for 2 months. then quit for a month. then binged on 2 bottles of champagne daily for 2 weeks. then stopped again for a month. then another daily drinkingg month of about 5-6 beers a day. then stoped a month then did btle vodka a day for a week now stopped again .

  11. and I havent had any withdrawal symptoms except occasional fucking crazy anxiety – no shakes or sweats though. Am i not going through serious withdrawal because i had those months off or does that not matter when youre drinking an insane amount even if only for 10 days or 2 weeks?

  12. Also two REALLY good tips for staving off mild withdrawal symptoms. Firstly chilli powder or something high in capsaicin. This regulates blood pressure and stabilises heart beat helping palpitations and anxiety. Second is take a thiamin supplement and take twice the dailyu recommended dose -i.e 2 tablets instead of one. Also chamomile tea is good

  13. Thanks for the tips,Useful to me at the moment.
    Anyone out there have any more good advice for coping with withdrawl ?

    Keep it coming folks !

  14. hello i am currently going through withdrawals and find that my mouth is extremely dry all of the time is this normal? i drink water but it doesnt help. any advice on remedying this would be great thankyou!

  15. if you have a problem controlling your drinking, you will have a problem controlling benzos, any decent doctor will admit you to the hospital rather than send you home alone with a bottle of pills.

  16. if you aint got meds to help you through and are doing it CT you need plenty of vitamins (esp. thiamin – helps ALOT) and gatorade or just water. Try eat too but if your too sick then stick to the vitamins until you can get soup. Also get calcium and magnesium supplements as these will help the shakes as well as drinking chilli powder mixed with hot water as this will bring yuour heart rate down and lower blood pressure. Codeine is a no no, got hooked on that once fucking awful WDs and wnt hlp..

  17. Alcoholism sucks..14 units daily to get withdrawal symptoms? For an alkie who can't stop at one drink 14 units is nothing..Anyway thanks for your response. How long would you have to be doing over 32 units daily to get full blown DTs? And are people who get DTs usually those who have been alcoholics for years or can it happen in someone who's only been drinking daily for a year or so?

  18. I had alcoholic hallucinosis last month (distinct from DTs as its not life threatening and doesnt present with shakes etc) from coming off a 9 day binge, on the last day of which I consumed around 80 + units…Iknow awful! I heard singing and music that wasn't there and was extremely paranoid but in no way delirious…Ive had 8 units today and been on around 10 a day for the last two weeks and I never experience WDs during the day nor do i drink in the day so I'm hoping tomorrows gonna be day 1!

  19. How are you taking your codeine? I mean do you have it on prescription or are yo doing as I did and taking paramol or nurofen plus in large doses? I'd be careful with codiene…The withdrawals from that, although nothing like the DTs i can imagine, are prettypainful and psychologically make you feel like topping yourself..This is however only when taken in fairly extremne doses…

  20. Hi there, just wondering how your getting on with your detox? I kinda screwed up last night – ended up in a pub and bumped into a few mates, one of which had his birthday yesterday so ended up drinking a fair amount…Back to day one and feeling alittle jumpy and on edge, but I know thats pretty bog standard withdrawal symptoms kicking in, no tremors thought and heart rates fairly stable so should be alright to make this day 1 without the need to taper tonight..

  21. @Sir To You how's it going mate, I just had 2 months off plus then went on some shitty bender for two weeks and am having awful WDs BUT I thought I'd let you know…I discovered an ever better alt to thiamine and that's sulbutiamine..u can order online, comes within a day or so and is fairly cheap. it basically increases the amount of thiamine in ur brain but like to the extreeme and can make people happy and uplifted too, and it won't raise ur heartbeat

  22. I've been drinking 2 months everyday. I went through my first alcohol withdrawal a couple of weeks ago didn't like the feeling so i started drinking again and when i drank my last cup a few hours later i went through the withdrawals again. Wasn't planning stopping cold turkey but i decided to because of the withdrawals.. i am 3 days sober the last two days was hell for me but i got through it wit no detox but i did call and got some advice.. even though 3 days isn't a long time but for me it is

  23. Really?! I wish it would've been this easy for me to just "stop" drinking once it got to the point of no return. If you've got bad enough withdrawals and are a heavy drinker you just can't cold turkey it. 

  24. This has got to be the most STUPID advice on how to treat alcohol withdrawal symptoms. The best way is to taper off drinking light beer. Take it from the experts: http://www.hamsnetwork.org/taper/

  25. wow this is so wrong. By this I mean 1. its not like withdrawals are like a bad hangover. Its your body whos tolerance has gotten to the point where it needs alcohol. Prescribing Benzodiazepines helps, but it should be done with medical supervision as they are easy to get addicted to and if you have a drinking problem then its easily done, and benzo withdrawals are just as bad as severe alcohol withdrawals. Last but definitely not least, alcohol withdrawals can be lethal, people can die from it, more than many other drugs, so its not something easily done in one two three. Also eating a highly nutricious meal is probably the last thing you want to do when youre having abstinences, but ensure you get small doses of rich drinks like yoghurts they give you at hospitals etc… Anyways, hope this helps a bit, but just know its a serious problem and you should never go through withdrawals alone.

  26. When my detoxes started becoming horrendous I found out about chloridiazaproxide. (Librium)
    Go to your doctor with a friend/partner/relative and say that they will administer them for you. My doctor now trusts me enough that he prescribes them whenever I need them. They take most of the side effects of withdrawal away. I've done a lot of detoxes and I swear I'm never going to go back to the horror of it all.
    Stay strong people.

  27. Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to uncover how to stop alcohol drinking try Nadazma Quit  Drinking  Helper (just google it ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my brother in law got amazing results with it.

  28. Yeah… Take more drugs to stop taking 1 drug. High calorie diet? For what reason?? To get fat and more depressed? I would say eat more filling foods that are lower calorie, such as brown rice amd chicken. Full stomach curbs the appetite for alcohol, and so does coffee. I've been through this a few times.

  29. This is all fake. There is no cure for Alcohol withdrawal. Patients will continue to drink and eventually die from liver complications.

  30. antidepressants for alcohol withdrawal associated dysphoria are not always needed unless there is a primary depressive disorder. Antipsychotics for alcoholic hallucinosis aren't a main therapy and not necessarily needed, the alcohol withdrawal is what needs treatment and the hallucinations go away. Alcohol withdrawal is dangerous and can be fatal, it does need to be overseen by a doctor

  31. Yeah ? What do you do about severe shakes and tremors ? I learned to just drink 4 beers all day with waters to calm it first day , then next day go down to 2 beers to sip on all day. Waters. Then try none at all the third day just water . Which is hard but at the time I didn't have insurance and couldn't drive to my doctor.

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  33. I didn't take all the pharmaceuticals mentioned in this video. I simply treated myself with marijuana (indica, of course), multivitamins, plenty of water and fruit, and lots of chicken and meat and pasta along with 432 hz music. I've been sober for about 2 months. Depression comes and goes but i think i can manage it.

  34. Excellent video content! Excuse me for butting in, I am interested in your opinion. Have you ever tried – Saankramer Life Card System (do a google search)? It is a good one of a kind guide for learning how to stop drinking minus the normal expense. Ive heard some great things about it and my mate got excellent results with it.

  35. Plzz help me what can I do I fadeup with father because my father lots of drink alcohol and when he didn't drink alcohol he is withdrawal what can I do plzz help me plzz I beg you all plzz

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