1. Im a libra and very attracted and interested in a taurus. Both ruled by venus. I think we could compliment each other, can't wait to see!

  2. oh i just searched it on google and it says he is a taurous but how come everyone else says that he was a leo? by the way i'm a pisceas lol XD

  3. What's bizarre about Adolf Hitler is that he had Libra rising in addition to his Taurus Sun. Both signs are ruled by Venus, indicating what should've been a peaceful disposition. However, there are probably other elements in his chart that contradict, or, at least, modify the Venus influence.

  4. Luther Vandross, Thee greatest RnB Balladeer of all time is/was a Taurean. Born April 20th just like me. Very proud to be associated with him.

  5. why is a jewish owned company using a actor, don't know the name for a vid like, this clearly it is, him i can tell by his movements and face and head

  6. I would just clarify that it's not that we're procrastinators or overly lazy, it's that we know when something is right, which comes from the safety issue. I'm not just going to jump out of bed and go on a date.. forget my keys and miss the chunk of fish in my teeth.

  7. the thing about not trying anything new…hum. I must might buy me a lotto ticket. That's right! never bought one. And I the type that lie to try new things. So is there specifics of what we T-Bulls would try? Won't try? Comments?

  8. As a Taurus, everything about my sign perfectly defines me, except for the part in which we aren't adventurous and don't like trying new things. I'm actually very outgoing and love to try new things. I'm also not THAT obsessed with food as the sign claims to say.

  9. One of the most serious, honest and to the point Zodiac comments I have heard.
    People must realize that GENETICS probably plays a stronger role in your life in
    general, than the Zodiac does. So yes, you can be Taurus and be adventurous b/c
    it's in your genes!

  10. Im a Taurus. I am very easygoing,excellent timekeeper,very loyal and honest with people,a slight introvert,loves music and movies,loves my family,very stubborn and hates to be rushed and made little of.

  11. routine is true and not true, i love a good break in routine every once in a while, but yes im a very routine person, get up (sometimes i fall back asleep and get yelled at) go to school, hate everything, go home, and have a wonderful time watching youtube/netfilx/ law&order, and play video games, "forget about my homework, sleep, repeat! that's my life for u ladies and gents

  12. Procrastination is SO true, im doing a school project about the zodiac signs, its due on Monday(May 16 2016), i've had it for around a month and a half, and its 25% of my grade and i have barely even started…help me, im going to FAIL!

  13. Gonna sounds basic but pretty much everything was spot on… Except the adventurous part I need/Want change because routine becomes very boring to me

  14. Nah the part about Taurus sometimes beein lazy and doesn’t really like tryin new things no it’s not like that they the type who don’t jump out head first in anything they gotta make sure wateva they finnah do is real legit you’ll be surprised how much they love to try new things learn new things etc.

  15. im a taurus 4/20 and im yea lazy xD lol i’m an introvert. i hate loud & gossipy people, shut up it’s annoying.-. & no one cares. im a music geek, i use to want to be a music journalist but i want to work in the psychology field.i have an appreciation for art . ofc food ! man o man we love food. i like to take my time with things i dont like to rush relationships. i am very stubborn. and yeah i do comfort in materialistic things. i hate spending my money or seeing people send their money. i am pretty down to earth. i pretty much enjoy being in my room eating & watching anime 🙂 i dont like going out at all even if its to see family i hate it i just want to be comfortable in my own home and snuggle in my comfy warm bed. i hate changes man especially if i had something planned out but then something happened that sucks!!! but im pretty easy going. i am pretty quiet. im super awkward when it comes to meeting new people. i prefer a small circle. cx


  17. I am a Taurus I can be stubborn but I kind of try to stop being so stubborn and not thinking I’m always right

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