How to Use Drugs

How to Use Drugs

It’s easy to have a pretty negative view of drugs: the news is always going on about police raids on drug dealers, kids tripping dangerously at raves, overdoses and rehab. It goes without saying: things can go horrifically wrong around drugs. But our intense awareness of the negatives is in danger of creating a misleadingly narrow view of the subject. Drugs are – at best – serious, dignified, noble and important, and we need more of them in our lives. The real issue is: we don’t have a correct sense of what a drug is and what the drugs might be that we in particular truly need. Essentially a drug is a thing, anything, that alters your mood, acting via either the body or the senses to make an impact upon the mind. We’ve come to associate the impact of drugs with the heightening of a particular band of emotional states: the weird, the escapist, the hyperactive and the ecstatically relaxed. But in truth, there are far more interesting, fruitful and positive directions in which we should want our minds to be altered. We’re only at the start of understanding the possibility of drugs. The task of a drug is simply to alter moods in any positive direction compatible with fulfilling one’s highest ambitions. So we need drugs to help us be more self-analytical, more hopeful, less prone to irritability, more politically tolerant and better at listening to other people, especially partners, when they have legitimate complaints against us. Fortunately, there are a lot more things that are drugs than we ordinarily suppose. We need to move away from the idea of drugs as pills that someone gives you at a party when you’re 16, that will make you feel high, sick, possibly kill you – and make you look cool and shock your parents. The word ‘drug’ happens to be sitting on a crucially important and large idea: the generation of benign and positive states of mind through the use of external physical resources. Any properly accurate list of drugs we have available should now include the following: Pomegranate Juice Coffee stimulates, but in the right dosage, just-squeezed orange-juice (with a touch of lemon) briefly strengthens the will and makes us more able to face tricky tasks. The much less well known pomegranate juice has a soothing, calming effect which helps one be less prickly around perceived insults and slights. The Paintings of Caspar David Friedrich This physical object, titled ‘Morning in the Riesengebirge’ by the German 19th-century Romantic artist Caspar David Friedrich, is a drug that hangs on a wall and is intended to produce an expanded state of consciousness in which the pain of immediate troubles is lessened by a euphoric recognition of the immensity of nature on the cosmos. Emmental Cheese It’s mild, savoury taste and yielding (but not crumbly) texture quickly bring on a feeling of repleteness. Emmental is a quick anxiety reducer. Like chocolate and hot buttered toast, Emmental is an envy-suppressing drug. Mozart’s Aria: Soave sia il vento This musical drug briefly induces a heightened state of tenderness towards strangers and a mood of generosity towards one’s own and others’ stupidity when it comes to relationships. Of course, the precise effects of these substances will vary from one person to the next so a key task with these and all drugs is to get good at working out what we really need to optimise our own functioning. What might be a crucial corrective for one person could be deeply unhelpful for another. In wiser societies than ours, we would have drug advisers advisors, available in hotels, shopping malls and online. People who would do a full audit of our natures and come up with extended menus for what sort of drugs might be most suitable for our given characters. and in what doses and at what times of day we should take them. In the past, ambitious societies have looked very seriously at drugs, and the thing they did was to organize drug use into rituals. A very popular drug – tea – was employed in Buddhist ceremonies in Japan from the 13th century onwards. The drug was used to promote focus, concentration and a feeling of strong connection to other human beings. You might have to sit in a particular way taking your tea drug; wait patiently to be served and consume a very specific quantity while contemplating the branch of a pine tree in the wind. The Ancient Greeks were also very interested in drugs. Their ritual – known as the Dionysian Mysteries – was built around the highly structured use of red wine as part of a religious festival. Participants would drink and dance in search of a sense of collective belonging, as decreed by the God Dionysus. By making what might otherwise descend into binge drinking into a religious festival, the Greeks cleverly directed the immense power of alcohol towards the most beneficial states of mind. Instead of being a reason for getting into an argument with one’s spouse, or messing up a wedding speech, wine became an occasion for fostering trust and loyalty between citizens in the city. Moods play an immense role in our lives and yet we tend to be haphazard in the way we identify and deal with them. At present, we play around with moods with hugely clumsy and dangerous instruments with drugs that we hardly understand and that can have a devastating impact on our well-being. We need to broaden our sense of what a drug is, allow Mozart and Emmental cheese into the mix, and then have a system that correctly directs people to what might be the right drugs for them, with their flourish been the end goal. We’re still at the dawn of learning how to take drugs properly: we’re sure to learn to be far better drug takers in the future.


  1. man,after watching this i tried going out to purchase some of those kasper~guys painted wall hanging drugs ,and go figure i got ripped off,these paintings aren't even real drugs

  2. Lsd was the best, worst, most intense, and profound experience of my life. As a result I overcom my greatest fears, got through the worst time of my life, and was cured from severe depression and anxiety. Also I experienced the fourth dimension which is truly the most unbelievable part of the experience.

  3. Why do I agree so deeply with everything you produce? What makes our minds so similar? I'm asking a genuine question. My guess, in my humble observation, is empathy. Keen, persistent awareness of the feelings and body language of others. Feeling their pain, their contentedness, their tension, their trust. Thank you for being on YouTube. You're soon coming to my home, San Francisco. I'd love to attend, but I can't afford the entry fee. My best to all who make it. I'm sure it will be a thought-provoking, humanizing evening!

  4. I do one gram of cocaine a week and half a bottle of scotch everyday … Never been happier and more creative.. I am way more lovable around people than without using them… I have my "rules" though.. Never more than 1 gr a week and never , ever getting drunk… Altough once you appreciate scotch (in my case) its very hard to get drunk, you like the taste and enjoy every zip of it and not being able to do that its Just a waste…

  5. I don't believe we "need" or "should learn how" to use drugs… well, the drugs as they are perceived in this self-destructive society bent on numbing the self from reality and embracing obliviousness. 

    Unless they are properly prescribed by a reputable and skilled physician for a very specific purpose of healing, OR are among essentially harmless substances, there is absolutely no excuse to put any foreign substance into our bodies (especially when the effects can be tragically adverse or damaging). Judas Christ, we have enough difficulty dealing with the shit that somehow finds its way into us on its own without our giving it the "red carpet welcome" and inviting them in deliberately and willfully. 

    Drugs need to be RESPECTED as the potentially dangerous substances they are, and ONLY ever resorted to when absolutely necessary, as I said before, under the strict instruction and advisement of a doctor or pharmacist for the purpose of healing or treating an ailment. No matter what benefits they may provide, there will ALWAYS be just as many, if not more, risks and dangerous disadvantages, with addiction and bodily harm (from continued extended use/misuse being the most obvious). 

    I don't care what your rationale is for using any "mind-altering" substances. They should be AVOIDED, not "adapted to" through "learning how to use them". 

    If you should put forth an effort into learning anything, it's how to COPE and/or self-heal without resorting to the never-ending CRUTCH that is goddamned drugs and other substances. 

    What the fuck is the obsession with altered states of mind, anyway? It makes no sense to me. 

    If this world, this plane of existence and/or consciousness level are so unappealing to you that you feel you must "escape" it so often, or even at all, then just… how can I put this… "release your soul" back into the cosmos and be done with it. The rest of us with common sense and objective reasoning and logic are sick and tired of dealing with the aftermath of your impulsive recklessness and destructive "drug-induced" fallouts…

    The only "drug" anyone ever needs to "take you away" is good music or other forms of art. All the "rush" and "addiction", but none of the destructive side effects, like organ failure, psychosis, or death.

  6. This is why meth (aderall) is so widely distributed to children and adults in the US.
    Our world is full of unnaturally stressful expectations for how we need to behave. We are held completely responsible for our own behavior from an early age. It’s nearly impossible to keep up with what is expected of us.
    Meth is helping us manage that. Also, coffee.
    We could destroy the system and rebuild a new type of society, but…
    Pills are easier. Just remember to brush your teeth and don’t eat too much sugar.

  7. I think that with a hell of a lot of maturity and self awareness one can do recreational drugs, even self treat certain conditions with them.
    Of course since the kind of mental awareness required to use drugs safely rarely exists in this world that we keep ourselves busy in, people tend to only abuse illegal drugs. People like those who are depressed or mourning are at risk for dependency. Children are too, due to lack of knowledge and lack of information about how to safely use drugs (and any risks or side effects).
    The worst thing we do is take a punitive attitude towards drug use and addiction. Just because you get a too involved with a drug doesn’t make you bad as a person. It’s always an accident to get addicted to a chemical, and coming off of it will feel awful. Addicts deserve empathy for recovering from the sickness of withdrawal, realizing they can recover.
    More info about how to use drugs safely is what we need. Not something like this video that only skirts the subject.

  8. Damn this video sure has very broad criteria for classifying drugs and it's really misleading. No matter how you spin it, a fricking PAINTING is not a drug. A piece of MUSIC is not a drug. The pomegranate juice was a stretch as well since a drug is a substance other than food (which provides nutrition) that when inhaled, injected, smoked, consumed, absorbed via a patch on the skin, or dissolved under the tongue causes a temporary physiological or psychological change in the body. Chocolate comes close since it contains traces of caffeine (a drug) but it ultimately is still a food. The painting and music are merely visual and audial stimuli that can alter your mental state but they are NOT substances which can be absorbed into the body.

  9. agree w the idea that of the main steam concept of drugs is entirely incorrect. Skeptical about the implications and applications that the up-loader asserts. EX: any time he says ("we need to ____.")

  10. We need a healthy functioning brain to make us think and act better. LSD is said not to be addictive, but I know someone who used it, looked down to see his arm was cut off (it wasn't), and wrecked the car he was driving.

  11. This is just silly. Drugs can be both positive and negative. More of a negative if you are not using them smart and especially considering crippling addiction which is easy to stumble into

  12. Mozart's aria is the most beautifull thing i have ever heard, in awe at the beauty of this oeuvre. ABSOLUTE UNIT.

  13. I think its creative that you add stuff like cheese and mozart but i guess you’re pulling that string a bit far and digressing from the topic that brought all of us here.. you may consider talking deeper about the curiosity we have towards drugs and whether or not that is something to be pursued and if so, how and to what extent. that would be interesting.

  14. I already make a weekly ritual for weed. Works so well that I quit tobacco in no time. This must be the biggest reason that it's not legalized😠

  15. Uhmmm… moderation is key. If you are staring to trip, chill out!! Hydrate and eat… I enjoy my uppers on holidays and days off work. Lol!

  16. Overemphasizing their dangers makes a lot of people not believe any warnings at all which is counterproductive.

  17. More than 200,000 in Mexico have been killed by the war on drugs. Consider it when picking your drug and dealer.

  18. please try changing the title. it is VERY MISLEADING. we certainly don't want videos that encourage "drugs" or feed into the curiosity of the various  dangerous street drugs or rx out there that can kill.

  19. I habitually return to cocaine and I have often found this drug to be something I rely on as a means to feel better. Let me tell you, it doesn’t really help you people. You will feel the most heart wrenching regret in your heart while coming down if you’ve done enough. You only feel good for a second and it’s gone. Don’t let something like weed or coke be a crutch. Never ever. Drugs are bad and I know because I use them.

  20. The idea that you can compare heroin to looking at painting is downright wrong.
    It's not about inducing changes in your brain, it's about DIRECTLY inducing changes. For a painting to work you must have capability of comprehending it. Show it to three years old child and you will get nothing. Drug are chemical substances that you insert to your body and to change something (not only brain like with painkillers) by directly engaging with your body chemistry.
    It's like programing and building computer form parts, a veeery different process.
    Not to mention that most drugs are far less subtle (some of them can alter your character with subtelty of speeding hammer) and after taking them you cannot willingly shake them of.

  21. Tbh, my prefered classical piece as a drug, must be Beethovens 9th op. 125 choral IV (dunno what all the numbers mean either) also known as his "ode to Joy". Full volume, I dare you not to smile.

  22. I have yet to witness anyone mugging an old lady in hopes to afford ones cheese intake or have yet to see someone turning tricks on the corner in order to score more pomegranate juice. Love ya “SOL”, but… my my.

  23. So with this in mind, can, will or should we in time develop a society that tollerates the use of cannabis, psychedelics and many others under certain circumstances? For the record, I completely agree with this video and I am an occasional drug user.

  24. A drug can be broadly defined as any man-made, natural, or endogenous (from within the body) molecule which exerts a biochemical or physiological effect on the cell, tissue, organ, or organism. ART IS NOT A DRUG. Who tf came up with this crock of shite?

  25. This title is so clickbait. The ideas are so positive and general… not what people were expecting to learn about when they picked this video.

  26. there is a stark difference between a psychoactive substance and these less chemically active 'drugs' but i think its interesting to think of more common things with a heightened importance like this video presents them

  27. Just smoked a fatty.
    Bad, bad gateway drug that I've been using for 40 years and have managed to NOT start using drugs.

  28. Even though this channel is a tad bit bias, I think they bring up a lot of good ideas and thoughts.

  29. You are on.y talking about mind altering drugs. What about medical drugs or remedies which affect physical factors without affecting consciousness?

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