How You Know Your a Cruise Ship Vacation Addict When These Things Turn You On Part 1 of 2

How You Know Your a Cruise Ship Vacation Addict When These Things Turn You On Part 1 of 2

we’re gonna live we’re alive we’re on
the air hey how’s it going everybody welcome to the Saturday edition of live
with traveling with Bruce today is March the the third already either debate
today it will only be 10% of the way through March practically I mean time
flies I think it’s a little too fast anyway gets faster the older you get
don’t you think how you guys doing welcome to the travel welcome to the
show just kind of looking out here in my window and it’s kind of a so-so day
we’ve we’re not yucky like we were the last couple of days we I think we’re
better than that the Sun is actually trying to peer through some of our
clouds I’ve actually seen little tiny slivers of blue sky kind of popping up
between moving clouds and we’re like thirty four degrees so it’s melty and
it’s it’s it that kind of cold clammy feeling but it has the potential if the
Sun could just get through for like ten minutes
we’d warm up to 40 real quick but just that not quite happening but Mon excited
him on a road trip tomorrow I’m going for a trip tomorrow to Idaho going all
the way to Coeur d’Alene two hours 20 minutes heading for the Costco gotta do
some Costco shopping tomorrow and pick up a few more provisions you know get
through those long hard winters here in Canada pick up some deals in Costco
listen the video down there come on down for a meet and greet we’ll say hi I’ll
be great um what’s been going on this week’s been a busy week for me and I’m
sure for all of you folks I did a live stream everyday Monday to Friday this
week including two shows on Tuesday and two on Thursday want to thank all you
folks who came out and saw the shows caught up with me in my prime time
episodes I’ll be doing it again next week Monday to Friday including Tuesday
and Thursday night at 8:00 p.m. Eastern so 5:00 p.m. Eastern 8:00 p.m. Eastern
I’ll put on six more shows set more shows during the week and then next
Saturday two o’clock lots to talk about in the crews game as always and you know
and lots of questions coming in lots of comments coming in from you guys a lot
of new viewers are still discovering my channels not affected they’re always
discovering my channel I just it just blows me away my number
one video number one video I have a shot October the 10th it’s when I put it
together and it was a how-to video top top 10 tips for new cruisers you know
how to video at the time the video when I released it that you posted uploaded
it on my youtube channel it had a few views right away you know like they
usually do they kind of start a little bit of a bang and then they kind of
settle in and this video for good two or three weeks so wasn’t doing very much it
was just kind of plotting along I think it was generating something like you
know 1015 views a day maybe something like that nothing much and then
something happened I don’t know what it was but I’ve been constantly working on
my videos even the ones that I’ve made to do maybe adjust the wording of the
titling from time to time just get the right wording or produce a better
looking thumbnail so that you know it’ll attract the the eye of the beholder you
know and so I made some adjustments to that and then I was suggesting some
other key tag words that I use and I think what happened was somewhere around
December the video started getting picked up and it was I had on the
playlist and I think another couple of youtubers added my video to a playlist
like a favorite playlist and I think some of you out there may have been
sharing the video with friends I need my video if you do that with any
of my videos I could I couldn’t thank you enough I please share all my videos
with everyone you know anyone you know put it on Facebook share my videos on on
Twitter anything you could do like that Wow
anyway this video started to go and I noticed it every day it was just getting
more and more views gonna getting like 25 a day it’s like 1 an hour then it was
getting uh you know 50 views a day like to an hour then it went to 4 7 12 you
know was starting to generate like aha like you know 200 views a day in like
the 10th of December sort of thing 15 12 300 views a day
400 years and a 504 use today became my number one channel was it was my number
one video every day was it was generating more right now it’s a
thousand views a day this one channel how to top 10 tips for new cruisers is
generating a thousand views a day and it’s not meant for viewers cruisers who
cruise you know 10 times a year it’s for new cruisers that’s how many new
cruisers are out there and I’m getting a thousand years a day off of this one
video it’s just incredible I’m so so humbled by that speaking of
being humbled I just have to say Pat thank you so much Pat Reed just $75 one
of these green tabs just came across there you see how you see that phone
there it is one of those green super chests I’m showing this for the benefit
of the audience that will watch this tonight or tomorrow this is a super chat
and Pat Reid has just donated five dollars to this poor charity right here
thank you very much because I’m still demonetised anyway this video thousand
views a day on real and I don’t want to tinker with it anymore I believe in lon just let it do its
doing and keep bringing me a thousand views there if I could get 10 of these
so if I can get 10 videos that did a thousand views a day each I didn’t make
a living but we’ll take what you get and and it’s it’s a real lesson in learning
how YouTube works and it shows me I mean if if I needed a knock on the
side of the head to wake up to the fact that there are not people out there who
are thinking of going on a cruise and a lot of people who’ve never been on a
cruise ship that watch YouTube the YouTube channel and they go to YouTube
for inspiration to learn about going on a cruise and I can’t thank those folks
enough to come by I I want all of you out there who you know if you know
anyone that’s thinking of going to cruise or any of you who are newbies by
all mean watch what we’re doing here I love to have you on my channel because
this livestream is the perfect vehicle I think for a new Cruiser to come to
because the folks who are signing in right here on this channel right now are
most of them are cruisers they’ve they’ve been on a number of cruises they
love talking about the cruise ship like I do and we love to compare notes
about what’s going on and if you have a question out there about going on a
cruise and what it’s like on a cruise or what you should pack or any hints or
tips we’ve got questions respond logistics by our way that’s what we’re
here for this live Q&A we’re more than happy to help oh you can see my my
picture changing now I’ve got the shine over here on my myface the Sun broke
through just as I was talking I don’t know how long it’ll last maybe two
minutes but you know they got awful sunny all of a sudden here interesting
for just a moment but the clouds are thick and gray and menacing looking
around us but we caught a tiny little break and that’s why I might my my view
is changed on it’s great oh it’s coming back it’s going back the other direction
here we go Sun is fading again anyway it’s just it’s winter what are you gonna
do on my channel by the way folks thank you for all of you who’ve been helping
me out as supporting this channel who have found me and are just loyal to this
broadcast and to all my videos that I seem to be posting I welcome all your
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subject to a review by YouTube we’re still in review zillions of us are is
still in review waiting and we don’t know when the review process will be
informally completed I did read an article today that YouTube is apparently
hiring 10,000 people 10,000 to help stay on top of like moderate the channels and
watch for bad behavior and that type of thing they’re showing the advertisers
they’re not fooling around the the days of the Wild West on YouTube are quickly
coming to an end or I’ve already quickly come to an end and if you want to be a
YouTube creator post content on YouTube it should be
acceptable content for all really and so the radical side of you know the hate
speech and that type of thing and all the other nonsense that’s been going on
they’re trying to eradicate it off of YouTube to show the advertisers that if
you advertise to the audience that these creators have these are the these are
exactly the people you want to advertise their in other words that’s what I’m
trying to say without saying it very well and I know that my channel has an
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thank you for the girl so enough of me talking about me let’s say hi to the
folks if you’re new to this you’ve never been here before what was happening is
my viewers my regulars here they know the routine they’re saying hi to me
they’re telling me where they’re located what their high temperature is today and
this way everybody kind of knows where people are watching him from and kind of
what’s the weather like and we’re coming in with with highs and hollows and
someone did send me so Randy Randy Lucas oh my goodness Randy what are you doing
Randy thank you Randy just sent me an orange bar that’s if you see that
Randy Lucas just sent me a twenty dollar super chat a donation there it is and he
said the tip jar is now open if you are open for delivery Randy’s 80
you made my day thank you so much that’s the second time someone has done that I
had a $20 of yesterday I had a super time yesterday for $20 and I got one
here too oh man oh man I love that hat so thank you so much
that really helps thank you thank you okay I’m saying hi to Donna McKinnon
Donna signed in first how you doing Donna high of 49 Fahrenheit here in
Bella Bella really
Wisconsin she’s in Wisconsin and 49 you’re not getting that nor’easter are
you’re not in that mess we’re seeing all about it even here Randy Lucas had
already said to me hi there hi 46 and rain here in Paradise California
rain rain rain you gotta have it don’t make it go away get your fair share for
sure ready Pat Reid hi Bruce 44 sunny in Cherry Hill New Jersey and that’s
surprising to me that you’re 44 and sunny that’s great Pamela Jordan hi
Bruce and everyone sunny and 62 fair and I’m here and I’m a South Carolina and
then Pat there’s that super Chad donation of yours thank you very much
Marv marlenia our ins eller high from Aurora Colorado high of 70 degrees today
fantastic 70 that’s fantastic it’s the sunshine here but there were
not 70/30 5 maybe maybe 35 Silvanus here Sylvan Forrest hi Bruce we’re at 77
degrees Fahrenheit in the shade here in Delray Beach for two sunny windy and it
feels coolish what the wind it would feel a bit cooler but still pretty darn
nice nice a nice going or so and welcome back sir
Dylan LaRue is here Bruce I’m back Dylan are you back from your cruise yeah
didn’t you just have your cruise II that tell us about this and Randy Lucas your
message just your super chad is right on the screen I love it thank you so much
Rebecca all is saying hi she’s driving so she’s listening to me in the car
probably through some kind of link maybe podcast like I’m not sure how it happens
Sameera its miracle to me I’m actually simulcasting this chat right now on
Twitter I think and so anybody on Twitter who’s watching hi there I have a
youtube channel called traveling with Bruce and if you want to watch me there
by all means and if you get the chance come on over to my youtube channel and
check out my videos and my playlists and I do these live streams Monday to Friday
at 5 p.m. Eastern Tuesdays Thursdays I throw in an 8 o’clock Eastern Time show
and evening and then I do one every Saturday like right now – o’clock in the
afternoon so welcome Twitterers the Twitterverse
a Sebastien Dumas Du Bois squad is here hi from France not no idea what the
temperature is here you can tell me in Celsius if you know
I’ll convert it it’s no problem hi welcome and thank you I believe
Sebastian you’ve been sending me messages and tweets I think I’ve been
getting them from you and I just want to say hi to you as well thank you for
talking to me in communicating with me it’s fantastic I’m and the viewers are
just everywhere I haven’t heard anything from my UK viewers lately they’re a bit
busy right now those of you who know I’ve been talking about the beast from
the east this weather system off of off of Siberia came over northern Europe and
hit the UK in Ireland and is now wreaking havoc in parts of Europe itself
and I heard a resonator or something today the military the UK military is
about emergency services emergency forces to get hospital workers to work
to keep hospitals home to help people get to hospitals so they need to there
it’s a mess I mean it’s just a royal mess of course you know Britain is not
used to really bad Siberian type weather I mean it’s just it’s not the Gulf
Stream is usually keeping Britain in that 40-degree kind of range through the
winter but this at this moment the systems are all unaligned and that’s why
probably the east-northeast u.s. is getting its weather system all screwed
up and nuts and I guess happening in Britain too so what are you gonna do yes
it’s me she says though Sebastian says yes it’s me yes you’re the one I
definitely did to you that we’ve been conversing in you’ve been sending me
messages and I thank you very much for that I do it today I had a thought of
mentioning to you oh just one more thing I found you because of the crazy boxing
family in Australia you saw the reports that we were doing and what we were
following with the carnival legend with the 23 member family just duking it out
with everybody they could find all my gosh what a mess that is I still haven’t
heard any charges no police charges yet I think the investigation is continuing
but I did read a couple days ago the story that was about a week before in
Australia where there was a booze cruise going out of Sydney it was I think on
piano cruise line which is a Carnival Cruise Line and there was a there was a
brawl between eight people one of them was a woman and it had to do with I
think gentlemen cutting in line and the women’s line up for the public washer
the drink drink packages were drinks our flow and then people had to go and one
guy I guess had to go so bad that yeah well whoever you know didn’t take kindly
to that and a single passenger a female passenger took an empty wine bottle and
knocked over this guy’s and the melee was on and I guess eight people got
kicked off now I’ve heard there have been charges laid against some of these
folks folks by the police because the boat turned around went back to the
Sydney Harbour and they arrested them they just got him off the ship onto a
police patrol boats and onto Shore they went and they were immediately placed
under arrest charged and now I’m told the charges the formal charges have been
laid so we’ll we’ll see how this kinda turns out but the big brawl the rumble
the rumble in the South Pacific jumbo jungle we haven’t heard charges yet
let’s see how that you know works its way out and I was thinking of something
else to mention I wanted to say hi again to Sylvan Forest so then I was thinking
of you this morning because yesterday on my show yesterday I talked about the
difference between Costco travel services and vacations for
finding a cruise finding and pricing on a cruise and I I was thinking of you
because I was looking up this morning repositioning cruise on on on the
internet and I I had noticed there was a notice today that Carnival is offering
up again these specials that they were offering up last year some of us you
will note some of you know that they had a five offers and depending on the class
of room you if you could pick up to five of them but
to get maybe one or two or so depending on you know the value of the room they
they the carnival of the Norwegian people are offering this special again
so this morning I went on vacation Scot calm as I always do and then I went over
to the Norwegian actual Norwegian Cruise Line and first I’m looking at vacations and I’m finding a you know discount prices as always and I found
this repositioning cruise on the I think it’s the Jade heading from I think it’s
I think it’s Fort Lauderdale if I’m not mistaken mistaken going to going to
South Hampton and then I looked at the Norwegian website the actual corporate
website because vacations to go I couldn’t find the specials being offered
because I think they’re so fresh they just came out with that vacations to go
hasn’t loaded them up yet they’re they’re coming so I went over to
Norwegians line Lian website and I found the cruise and then I found the their
pricing and I found the specials and it depends on the room even even balcony
Suites if you took the lowest priced balcony that Norwegian is offering from
their own website you don’t get any of the deals on those five deals even
booking a balcony whereas if you booked a higher class balcony and in this case
I think it’s maybe one or two floors higher towards the middle it’s about
four hundred dollars more for the cost of the trip then you can have two of the
five specials surprise surprise and I’m thinking well
yeah for $400 more it’s like I’m buying those two specials I mean come on you
guys and if you take the the Haven suite and one of the havens then you get all
five well yeah the Haven is four thousand dollars duh you know like no
kidding so I was kind of put off by that and I
went back there vacations to go calm just to look at what they recording a
balcony for a balcony is cheaper on vacations to go calm and it is on the
Norwegian even the cheapest Norwegian balcony quote it’s still cheaper on
vacations to go cop so I I don’t know it’s good so maybe in the next 24 or 48
hours this will sort itself out and they’ll be a little more consistency but
this is what happens with cruise pricing sometimes cruise ships will they’ll do
like a partial release of cabins on any kind of a special or a promotion or in
certain time frames you know the first if they know there’s a cruise like say
they’re gonna do a cruise two years from now for the Caribbean for say a week
they’re not gonna open up all five thousand or you know the four thousand
or two thousand rooms let’s say in one shot they’re not gonna do that they’re
gonna open up a couple hundred at a time they’ll open up you know thirty inside
rooms they’ll open up you know ten fifteen ocean views will open up maybe
fifty to one hundred two hundred balcony Suites various florists various rooms
and then they’ll have the Suites up there and travel agents will start
typing in and looking for accommodation for their passengers and I can tell you
that that you can’t just automatically say oh I only want this one cabin or no
deal if you’re going through vacations go calm or or some other sites just not
available and that’s what I’m kind of getting the IKE was getting a handle on
that from the Costco website that that there’s only select few available you
had to pick out of maybe five choices and I have a feeling this is not so
uncommon and as the months go by and we get closer to sale date you know like
every two months every three months and as the rooms sell out as you know they
go from a hundred and fifty two hundred balcony Suites
down to maybe seventy five they add another hundred and then they come back
down to seventy seventy-five then they add another hundred and so this way
there’s always rooms available but not a zillion and and they can slowly fill in
the ship you know bit by bit by bit by bit but it’s in the last 90 days that’s
where it gets interesting because now you’ve got cancellations from people who
booked a year ago you know grandma grandpa we’re gonna go on a cruise and
grandpa had a stroke can’t go so they’ve canceled their room and why cancelling
so many days in advance there’s no penalty or there’s only a 10% penalty or
but it with 90 days to go you’ve got to now come up with payment or 60 days
think what you gotta make full payment now and as this crunch time comes
that’s when cabins start opening up in various parts of the ship that haven’t
been available for a while and now it’s a kind of a you know a mini free-for-all
in a way but cruise lines are experts at limiting the choices to keep them down
and slight and so that when people check out for you know check out the deals
they can’t just you know freewheel up and down the hallway and pick whatever
room they want it’s not quite that simple that’s that’s the feeling I’m
getting and here we are now with in the case of Norwegian this Cruise is soon to
be departing you know between now in the end of this month and now there’s these
five offers showing up and they were last year available for three months
this year only three or four weeks that’s interesting now they are offering
this deal the five packages they’re offering you know any of these five
deals through Caribbean cruises and some Alaska cruises but I think it’s limited
numbers of cabins available but I’m thinking to myself wait a minute wait a
minute now if I booked this six months ago and I paid $850 for or 950 dollars
for my cabin and I bought this than that and now you’re offering this stuff
shouldn’t I qualify for that and I’d be contacting my travel agent saying hey
hey what’s the deal here do I qualify for this tube because they’re offering
these deals what’s going on so I don’t know how this is gonna go down and we’ll
have to just see how this goes anyway Bobby ah let’s see here Randy looks as
saying twenty-seven days until the next crew is right on ready Michelle Lucas so
Randy’s better Randy’s better one half here because you
use fire because you spider my man oh thank you so much Randy’s better half
here because you you inspire my man fantastic thank you where both of you
joining me still man for us i priced three different itineraries with Costco
travel and vacations to go Costco came up much higher every time I’m still
shopping there you go so man what yeah just like we so we’re talking about
yesterday wasn’t it yeah I I was surprised by that by how
much it was different to debbie Emmanuel’s here hey Randy
hi Bruce hi everyone late start but I made it welcome Debbie to the to the
group today welcome here it’s nice to have you back and then Pat Reed is just
saying I just booked the Norwegian cruise bliss I got four out of the five
free at sea deals I booked a balcony I shopped around but Norwegian had the
best prices for my particular booking also they’re running a one dollar
deposit special yeah that’s right they’re doing that as well
good work there Pat and Debbie is saying great researcher so then thanks for
checking because that’s what you got to do if you if you’re serious about taking
a cruise you know it’s your money it’s your after-tax money and you might as
well make it work for you and you know if they’re offering deals then you got
to find them and you got to be adamant to get those deals and if you have any
trouble finding the deal yourself if you can’t find it through vacation to go
calm or you can’t find it on the website through the cruise line or or Costco
comm or whatever you can always try to phone a physical human being
a travel agent and then see what they can do for you and they might be able to
tell you some of the policies of the ship line or they might be able to
explain to you oh yeah you know that special you heard about okay here are
the parameters so yours here’s the fine print on that deal and then you’ll
you’ll get from someone who’s you know in the industry or an industry
specialist because that’s what a cruise a cruise travel agent should be for you
a travel agent a cruise ship travel agent that specializes in cruises they
should be totally dedicated to the cause and up on all the fine print or at least
able to get it so if you were to call them to say just saw this thing come
across the internet about these five deals on Norwegian with a dollar deposit
you know I’ve been thinking of getting a cruise I’m open to a no Alaska cruise or
repositioning cruise or a Caribbean cruise whatever can you tell me what the
deal is the limitations are and they might even be able to and they should
actually be able to just send you an email and say I’ll send you the email
with everything in there you can just read up yourself I’ll give you the
highlights but here are all the details for you to check out
I didn’t go from there that’s how travel agents should earn your business just
just me just that’s just me talking okay what do we got here
sebastian is also saying from france why in the u.s if you take the beverage
package you have to pay 18100 fee and if you get in europe no fee for beverage
package charge Oh 18 okay I think what Sebastian is asking here is the tip the
gratuity charge because it’s an 18% gratuity added on to the drink
automatically now as far as I understand things and those of you who can help me
out for it appreciate it if I know if you buy a drink one at a time like a la
carte you’ll have an 18% tip charged on most cruise lines used to be 15% now I
think it’s 18% it’s just charged to the price of your drink and it’s just
charged to your room account and you can look at your room account anytime you
want from within your room if you wish on your television screen or you can
always go to the front desk of guest services and they’ll show you a you know
a printout of your bill as you go every day for all your room charges now if you
buy a drink package you can buy a drink package before the cruise starts on the
internet through your booking of your of your cruise or when you’re doing your
pre booking you know check-in procedures emergency contacts your passport number
your home address you know all that sort of stuff and or you can buy the drink
package onboard the ship when you when you walk on on embarkation day and the
the you’ll find probably some staff members standing beside little counter
little table with a couple of brochures on it a little signage talking about the
drink package and then they’ll be there to explain it to you and you know what
the limitations are and you know all that sort of stuff now the tip part a
part of it the tipping end of it this is what I’m not sure of do you have to pay
an 18% gratuity on top of the drink package or is that built into the drink
package I’d be curious to know that I know a number of my viewers have told me
that they’ve had a drink package and they’ll be
they’ll be on their lounger by the pool and the the the server will come by and
want to nope and I help you with anything would you like a drink
and the passenger says yeah I have a drink package they show them their room
card they can either scan it on that little portable unit that they have
right there with them or they can scan it at the bar and it tells them yes
indeed this person has a drink bags they’ll order whatever beverage they
want the server will go to the bar come back and if they have the drink package
they won’t charge them won’t charge them for the drink obviously it’s already
prepaid but the the savvy and smart traveler has a couple of one dollar
bills with them cash and even though there may be a tip built into the deal
you’re you’re handing your server in cash a dollar or two for a drink for
yourself perhaps for your partner and you’re letting the server know this is
the happy place the surfer is gonna know I’m gonna take good care EU because even
though you have a drink package you’re tipping in cash this is great what can I
get for you and you may find that the second drink may not be orderable for 45
minutes or half an hour or whatever the time limit is but the server is back 25
mins later like you seem to be kind of low on your rum and coke they’re still
then would you like another rum and coke right now even though it’s a little
early to get one they’ll bend the rules and take good care yeah so I know that
happens but I’d be curious to know if any of you know whether or not there’s
an 18% charge on top of the top of the drink package in Europe everything is
included it’s it’s inclusive in in a lot of services are inclusive of this trip
but in Europe to buy a one-week Cruise is more expensive than in the States so
you get you’ve already paid the tipping built into your fare I think that’s how
this works and I’m kind of curious about that Karen
is Carolyn’s here hi Bruce from Phoenix warm here how about you Karen we’re at
35 degrees Fahrenheit the Sun just broke through as I was starting this broadcast
this side of my face was the same as this side not
now now it’s all shiny as the Sun is pouring in here although we’ve got
clouds all around us I’m expecting the Sun to disappear in a moment but it’s
been going 20 minutes so we’ll take it Pat Reid is telling me
Norwegian is an 18 18 percent on the drink package and on individual drinks
on the ship they get 18% either way okay so so there you go the you know if
you’re paying you know $100 a day or whatever it is 18 percent of that
already or force the other up is already tip money and so if you’re slipping them
a dollar you’re making their day even more even happier even better and
they’re they’re delighted to look after you so there you go today’s topic that I
kind of wanted to go on today and we’re touching on some of this already because
this is just how it goes with cruisers if you see the Sun fading now folks
because that shine is disappearing and the light over here is taking over Sun
is going behind the clock it maybe it’ll come back later anyway today’s topic is
how do you know if you’re hooked on cruising what are the symptoms that
you’re hooked on cruising and the first one that for me that I know is and some
of you are already mentioning it your life is consumed by the number of days
between now and when your next cruise is so if I can sock to you I meet you and I
say hey how long until your next cruise you’re not gonna tell me oh yeah I’m
booked in like September you’re not telling me that you’re not telling me oh
yeah five months from now I’m booked in a five you’re telling me how many days a hundred sixty-two days until my next
cruise that’s what you’re telling me that’s a sign you’re addicted to
cruising because your countdown and if you’re like really addicted you’re
telling me how many hours 160 days eighteen hours 42 minutes the 68 seconds
that’s how long it is until my next cruise I can’t wait til on my next
cruise that’s an addiction that’s what I’m kind of like that not on the hours
but on the days I sure AM Dylan roux is saying so many things to
say yes I just got back from the Ruby princess went to Cabo for princess
no more lifejackets for muster drill ah see you don’t have to wear you have to
bring your mustard to your jackets down to the muster drill anymore
fantastic Dylan how was the food and what kind of room were you in inside
ocean view balcony and how did you like it
Charlie bomb is saying hi to me hi Bruce it’s 41 days till my next cruise not
that you’re addicted not that yeah you know you gotta get your fix Samantha for
Miriam you’re addicted when you live on a cruise when you’re living on a cruise
full-time yeah that’s right dilaloo said I did get the drink package
I used the room credit to help pay for it the 18% goes on top of whatever the
fee was for the base fare there you go I was right on top of there still van for
us is saying you know you are a cruise addict when just about every Cruise Line
known to man emails you daily in three different email accounts in boxes fill
up quickly at that rate yes you know Europe they got you man they got I got a
heavy I gotta have it oh yeah yeah they’re they know you gotta have it yes
there’s most of these folks know what I’m talking about
for you newbies out there who don’t know you go on that first cruise chances are
99.9% of you are gonna be hooked Contras it’s it’s over a land-based resorts are
done for if you’ve taken a cruise and you’ve had a decent cruise here and
you’re not going back uh yeah another one of these another one of
these signs for me is your entire body and your brain light up when you’re
getting close to an embarkation day like we’re leaving the house in three days to
go to the cruise ship and it doesn’t matter if you need two flights and you
gotta spend you’re gonna rent a car spent a night in a hotel do your running
around every second you’re getting closer you just use lighting up you just
you’re all pumped up because getting there is actually the
because you know when you get there you’re on that cruise ship uh yeah it’s
it is good stuff yep let’s see what you got Dillon saying love the food
I’m definitely hooked I can’t wait to go on my next cruise I had an inside never
slept better see it gets dark in there it’s cooler in there it’s quiet
usually very quiet in there and you use that inside room that’s just a bedroom a
place to crash and you got your bathroom there for you brushing your teeth or
whatever but yeah the rest of your ship is your living
room your rec room your breakfast room lunch and dinner room it’s where your
pool is located it’s where your exercise facilities are the workout room
you got the decks to walk around on the top or around the around the promenade
deck fantastic though it sounds like you’re having a great time you had a
great time there Pat Reed is saying unit you know you are addicted when you watch
reruns of Bruce’s channel Oh y-yeah of course you’re hooked you can’t help
yourself right you just get I want three runs of myself I I do that I go what do
they see in this guy I say to myself oh geez you know I should have done this I
could be better you go with what you go Pamela Jordan is
saying I’m saying 287 days until our next cruise I know this because my
husband Charles Jordan reminds me all the time he’s addicted laughs out loud
it’s not me it’s him he’s the one who’s hooked your honor it was his fault
it wasn’t he just dragged me along he made me do it yeah 207 days not that anyone’s counting
fantastic Oh embarkation Day isn’t that the day of base I tell you I don’t care
if you’ve gone on 10 or 20 cruises embarkation days a special day I mean
you just you just you’re just lit up I I find that I generally don’t feel bad on
embarkation day I feel pretty good embarkation yeah I might be in a so-so
hotel ten miles away from the port the pier itself
I don’t care and I I have a so-so cup of coffee in the the lobby of the so-so
hotel I don’t care and the breakfast is so-and-so you know I don’t care don’t
matter me I’ve checked out of that room I’m out of that room by like 9:30 10
o’clock I’m ready to go and let’s load the car up with those suitcases did we
pack our did we go to Costco last night or Walmart last night we packed our
provisions and our suitcase everything’s backed up we got her we got her carry on
one for each of us perhaps all ready to go and let’s get rid of this car or you
know and then take a shuttle bus to however we get to the ship if you’ve got
a really good rut car rental arrangement you’ll get a free write to the ship of
course or you know you had a car and you dumped it off with the hotel there might
be a rental agency right there you drop it off there and now we’re taking the
hotel’s shuttle bus to this ship you can’t wait you stand in the wait for
that bus to go and you know it’s just a rickety little old bus you know they’re
not like giant Greyhound buses there they’re like vans with extended things
on the back the whole twenty passengers you don’t care get on that Bay and what
are you doing you’re looking as you know the windows are only here right on on
bands you know and you’re getting closer to the port
and you you see it you get a glimpse of just a portion of this behemoth that
you’re about to go on the resort the floating resort and the juices are
flowing and the puck blood is pumping it’s just great that’s that’s what
wonderful in it you get out of that thing and the driver the buck or two if
you do that grab your bags and join me yeah we’re all looking at get our bag to
the sky cab guy throw them a couple of singles and a hand up into the into the
and probably take the escalator upstairs to where the check-in terminal is you
know and yes sir get me my get me my room key I’m ready
oh man what a feeling that day is it just doesn’t go away it just gets better
all the time and if you’ve done it before you know what’s at the end of the
deal you know you get to go through that in that
gangplank and you might be going around and around up and up
you don’t care and you can see the ship over here you can see the ship over
there you just with is happy oh happy because we’re all starting this
week-long whatever it is Oh fantastic and then you step in you
step in on board that ship and bingo you’re on the eighth level tenth level
whatever level that is there’s the members waiting for you you get your
hand under the Purell machine get your hand off sand at us and it’ll brochure
while I’m whatever and maybe they have a welcome thing for you right who knows
and you’re probably in the atrium you’re probably right near the hmm and you eh
yeah I’m here I made it where we landed and those of you who know know what’s
coming those of you you’ve never been you’ve just started a whole discovery I mean you’ve got you got a
week to discover this ship and you’re not gonna discover all you think you are
you think you’re pretty savvy yeah you’re not gonna do it you’re gonna see
a lot of the ship but you’re not gonna see everything because it’s that big 15
decks thousand feet long that’s 15,000 feet that’s three miles on side of the
ship three miles on the other side if that’s six miles of walking to see it
all and you didn’t stop yet to look at anything good luck getting it all in
good luck you’ll have a great old time fantastic oh I love it
let’s see that here what’s called a comet’s are coming fast and furious
brandy Lucas we are cruise addicts 27 days to our back-to-back-to-back
Caribbean east-west and then stay on the ship for a transatlantic car crossing I
mean come on yeah got that’s that’s how you do now that’s that’s fantastic
Wow that’s gonna be awesome what ships are you on or is it all same line or are
you on different all three cruises on the same cruise line one of the names of
the ships we’d love to know fantastic great that’s awesome stuff
Debbie Manuel under 19 days it’s almost under 18 and a half I mean if you’re on
technical it’s really 118 and a half not 119 anymore okay until the next and we
and spend all time I can watching cruise videos Oh fantastic Debbie that’s
awesome stuff Deanne hi everyone 31 days until my next cruise not that we’re
being particularly specific but it’s 31 days until she’s going on her next
cruise you know addicted when you’re making plans for the second cruise of
the year before you’ve left on the first that’s right that’s right 3-1 days were
on this cruise okay enough of that let’s let’s just put
that over here now let’s talk about the next cruise because there’s a lot of
other Cruces out there and we should being a look at the next route because
the worst is you get off a cruise ship and you haven’t booked another one yet
cuz now it’s an open-ended question what are we going on cruise I feel naked I
got nothing to count down for this is terrible
drunk depression considering you don’t have back feedback it’s Samantha farmer Andy Lucas you need
to join us and going full-time Samantha’s rounding everybody up let’s
do it let’s live on a ship for the whole time and let’s never go back come on
till then Forrest you are addicted if we’re on a cruise you meet with the
ship’s future cruise consultant to plan the next one yeah that’s right you’re on
a cruise and you you see them over there and they got those bottles of those of
some of their ships that they have and they have all the brochures hanging on
the wall you know and big posters beautiful pictures they’re gone come on
in let’s talk about Chris come on yeah I have offers we can make deals what else
you doing you’re on a cruise ship come on over let’s talk some more cruising
you betcha you’re addicted yes you are that Reed is saying Randy that sounds
like an awesome trip yes it does Randy sing all same ship same cabin on the
regal princess so three back-to-back cruises same ship
two Caribbean cruises and then going across fantastic oh that is awesome
stuff that’s gonna be a great great trip where are you ending up in Europe what
we’re where do you end up are you heading to Rome
Southampton Barcelona where are you going let us know and then how are you
getting back you have to fly back eventually I guess too bad but anyway
awesome stuff man that’s fantastic but now what happens when you do get off the
ship in Europe have you got a cruise booked six months after that or are you
naked how are you gonna handle it I mean coming back that’s gonna be depressing
we’ll have to find out matt saying hi Bruce for a minute I forgot you were
alive when I I could comment I am here Matt man oh man yep sometimes people forget
so far 17 thumbs ups 1 thumbs down as usual we are doing great thank you folks
for giving me thumbs ups if you want if any of you want to give me worth they
please do every we get I appreciate very much I also want to say hi to all you
join in lately and any of those who aren’t saying anything and thanks again
to my super chats I’ve had to today $5 super chat at about $20 super chat thank
you for that still demonetised and this is my only form of income and I’ll take
any donations I can get thank you folks let’s take a look at another addiction
you know a sign that you’re addicted let’s see here
yeah you you look at a menu when you go to a restaurant and you’re disturbed to
see prices on the menu you find that offensive because when you’re on a
cruise ship you’re generally in a restaurant without prices on the menu
especially in the main dining room you’re on a hall in America cruise as
chances are if you go all in America you’re gonna be in the main dentist five
of them I would think five because I don’t that’s how good that dining room
is oh there are no prices on me on the menu and the other thing you’ll be used
to yoyo you’ll be addicted to and if you’ve been around cruisers who cruise
before you’re going like it like two couples are going the other couple
who’ve been around a while they’re they’re looking at the menu in a
different way than you are you’re looking at it all wrong you got to watch
what these folks are do it you got friends you’re sitting there and they’re
pointing at all kinds of entrees and you’re asking yourself well why are they
doing that why are they one why doesn’t he look at his menu and what does she
look at her menu why are they looking at a menu together everything what what’s
that all about well well let me tell you what that’s
all about you’re on the right Cruise Line uh you
kind of figure it out that you can order whatever you want
and you can kind of order more than one
entree and so you can do like split entrees because the cruise line is there
to make you happy and you know you get the you get he gets a salad and and and
she gets a salad that’s normally and then and then he likes prawns but she
doesn’t care for prawns so he gets fries she gets her it’s all normal nothing
unusual about that but then it’s tough and he’s ordered he’s ordered a New York
steak she’s ordered some some fish and and then it all there’s there’s a third
dish and that could be anything I mean another main course and they’re
splitting that between how about them apples and there’s no price and then
it’s dessert time and well what’s the dessert that way you get the dessert
menu and they’re comparing notes on the dessert menu and next thing you know
they ordered three desserts because you know like she liked that but they kind
of both want a little light over there too no problem here there’s that’s what
veterans of cruise lines are doing that’s an addiction that shows you how
addicted you are because when you go to a real world restaurant back on land
those officers behind all those selections you look at the numbers you
know I can’t afford that do you want me to paint won’t we pay $8
for salad then you want me to pay $7 for some shrimp or the other way around and
then you’re expecting a $94 for this entree 28 for that entree and and and
and 26 for that haunt you I mean it’s a fortune dessert you want me to pay for
every piece of cake are you kidding me that’s ridiculous
can’t you just give me a dessert price somebody at home another sign that
you’re addicted is when you do go out to a restaurant for the first time since
you’ve been on the cruise you’re sitting there looking at the menu and you’re in
shock you’re good you see how much money this is you’re doing the math and you’re
going this much this much it’s gonna run us $150 to eat like we ate on the cruise
ship every night you do then Wow
we’ll split a salad I’ll have the burger I’ll have the beef dip
no dessert thanks we’re okay and you get out of there for like 38 bucks or $42 a
tip what 20 percent more on top oh no you’re addicted you’re addicted oh man
you know you’re addicted let’s see here Dylan loosing and getting on the plane
to fly back can’t wait to catch up cruisin was one of the best experience
I’ve had my whole life Dylan I’m looking forward to talking to you when you get
home you talk to me on Monday we will be looking for more info from you but but
do you have a good flight home be safe Karen Lipson saying planning it’s all
about planning the meal we are we’re guilty of this that’s right you’re
talking about us for us and saying you’re talking about us Andy Lucas is saying just embark in
Copenhagen and fly back to Fort Lauderdale for two nights and then fly
home and tastic trip Randi that’s gonna be awesome
Samantha farmer you can just order multiple entrees for a person you can of
course or you can scheme it you can plan it out you can figure it out Dexter
could you throw an extra lobster tail on with that steak place or could we have a
little extra this or we have another side of that and oh yeah that’s called
planning it out then putting it together the right way stuff you would never be
able to do it you would never do it in a regular restaurant because you’re
looking at those prices going are you kidding me for the amount of money this
this meals gonna cost us at this restaurant that’s like two nights two
nights on the cruise ship it’s unaffordable that’s two a cruise man you
gotta do it other addictions let’s see what else we have here
yeah like here’s one that uh that I have um because of my because of my style of
taking your cruiser I’m sitting here at home thinking about a truth said I’m
gonna go on and I know weather when I’m on that cruise ship because Chantry
that’s how I roll and my my planning is something you know
what I’m looking for to on day three or four or whatever is I’m looking forward
to my morning walk I’m gonna have a walk in the morning around the ship then I
didn’t have another walk in the afternoon and we have another walk in
the evening and I’m thinking about the fact that today I’m gonna have at least
three strolls all over that ship whether I’m walking the promenade deck or
whether I’m walking up on the top where the where the pool deck is looking down
at the pool deck walking around the back I’m plotting in my mind already oh yeah
I’ll be doing at least three walks a day I don’t do three walks a day when I’m at
home I always have an excuse not to do a walk when I’m at home well you know it’s
garbage day and I’m just gonna take the garbage that’s my little exercise for
the day I took the garbage ah well you know we’re gonna go grocery shopping
later so you know I’ll be pushing the curtain pieces into the curtain pizzas
out of the carton putting him on the Scout stand and then putting the bags in
the cart and pushing the cart to the car and unloading the cart into the car and
put it in the cart where the carts supposed to go I mean look at the
workout I’m there I still got a drive home I gotta unpack all that stuff uses
after excuses not to take three walks today where you live at home we’re on a
cruise ship you kind of look forward to you kind of go yeah I’m gonna get out
but I have a morning walk after my breakfast you have canoe and after that
buffet you know I’m gonna walk off some of that buffet that I had to me and then
hey well tonight after that meal yeah I’m gonna need uh I’m gonna need a
walker on that promenade that goes it’s gonna help you get a good night’s sleep
you’re don’t do that anywhere else it’s just saying that’s the other thing
Oh Karen is saying your princess used to have appetizer size pasta daily that we
would split and try there passes up your experiment you can’t do that in a
restaurant can can I have can I have like a sampler of your sampler of this
dish and sample of this did like four of them and just bring them here put it
between my husband and I okay Matt we’ll see what we like because tomorrow night
you know we remembered our last night we had that feta you know those different
faster dishes and one of them was really good we like that could we each have one
could one of us have an order of that and the other one have an order of this
couple samplers over here on this other stuff you’re addicted you’re addicted
screws there’s another one that that I liked waking up every morning and
getting out of bed and if you’re like you know this one you know this one
you’re you waking up in the morning and and yet your partner’s still sleep over
here you don’t want to disturb you know and you kind of walk over to the and you
grab one part of the curtain here and the other part of the curtain here and
you peek your head through the curtain just to kind of look outside but the
reality is it’s so bright because you know it’s daytime it’s morning and your
eyes are like the light is so intense you you’re trying to figure out where am
I what’s my view like today and as your eyes get used to it you’re opening up
and you got the curtain on either side of your head here and you’re looking
around going oh we’re in port we’re in Cabo San Lucas and oh I can see the
water and the beach and the resort oh there’s a guy over there getting a
parachute ride behind a powerboat and oh there’s somebody get enough ride in a
two-seater glider type mini light ultra light plane and oh that’s pretty cool
that’s your view in any closer and then you could take care of some bodily
functions and the next morning you a can you do the same thing get back the
curtain it isn’t usually because you find it you
went to bed early and getting up early supposed to be holiday this is a holiday
and your furniture and curtain open opening up the curtain and you’re
looking outside and go oh we’re at sea and you’re seeing the ocean for it’s
just land there’s no land anyone it’s just water water everywhere
and you could see some white caps in the distance and you’re looking around and
then you see something over there what’s that way over there oh that’s a cruise
ship going the same direction we are we’re going with another cruise ship to
a red and any close the curtain every
good morning the same thing nope Oh
okay but did never the same MB
you use like to make my morning coffee and I think every day now I might might
be snowing it might be sunny but see in view every to do what not a
Christian predicted you’re addicted to the change of scenery ship because you
just gotta have it you just gotta have it it’s gotta be sonic sting hi Bruce hi
everybody tonight is about going to be too cold
II blush what’s called playlist and yes sorry
good today or I’m moving too much there it is yeah I haven’t got very good
looking picture there I don’t think I can do much about that if I I don’t
think latency issues or whatever that might be I’m not exactly sure so yeah I wonder if it’ll get of control room
let me take a look here see if I can make any adjustments to my thing here
live control room Bruce so you know as crews know you’re turned on I let’s see
what the folks still see me and me I think you can and average view duration
in total our time for you Carter the current frame rates too high please
say frame rates or less okay let’s see if I can change the frame rate stand by
people see if I can make this work frame rates where am I gonna find the
frame rate let’s go down here I’m on here it’s there and back up here let’s take a
look here highlight ad insertion slates broadcast alert none of what where can
we do this can I do it Stream current bitrate low and
recommended by trade recommend you use a stream bitrate of 25,000 thank you for
all these messages YouTube but how do I make it work okay okay let’s see if this works folks current
views playbacks duration and total stream chat view I have I have all these
charts and all these wonderful things but I’m not being shown what about
resolution here to the 23 stream that’s not it camera angle playback locations
location stream filters I can’t find anywhere where I cannot just the picture
is it any better yet folks let’s see connection was on my unban connection
here to Pat was saying I am I want to we got maximum use I looked at the screen
connect to the stream saying feedback watch on page still turn how like adjust
info and settings don’t know if I can do any from this end I’m trying to figure
out how to do it being the new youtuber on going live try to feel what the
bitrate might be and or how I can do it there’s nothing there okay
applied to fall to cancel watching the Advanced Settings here we are here let’s
take a look recording or finding all kinds of other links and whatnot not
showing there yeah I don’t know where I can go
to make this work any better for us folks that’s my issue here love to know
if you are still receiving me okay or not at the moment here I am here and
over here let me take a look at this setting and this setting here hangouts
on air yeah still not showing anything about any actions I can take or any
changes I can make there sorry to be so slow about it trying to figure out the
logistics the logistics yeah nothing there back to here for a
minute how does it saying I’m not showing any new chats let me just double
check can yes yes better carrying saying getting better not perfect like normal
Debbie man manuals saying it’s better J sonic come on YouTube stop doing this
fat read better yes better but for a while was phasing out again it’s better
charlie is saying again I you know I don’t know how to adjust it it tells me
you should adjust your bitrate you should do this you should do that I’m
going really how do I do that you tell me how to do that and I’ll you know if
there’s a button that tells me to do it I’ll do it but I can’t anyway yeah you
know you’re addicted when you need to when you are waking up every morning
looking at your curtain and you need to see if the view has changed from
yesterday you know when you know when you’re not on a cruise when you’re
looking on going oh yeah it’s the backyard or it’s the side yard or it’s
my neighbor raking is lon what a depressing scene this is what are you
gonna do now another one that you’re addicted to
cruising is and if you miss me for you i N you don’t mind strangers in main
dining when you come to the front desk to is and you don’t mind being a table
for eight and you’re you’re the law so ready rolled at home you know where hey
you wanted to sit the restaurant that’s some stakeout some table we’re on a crew
yep sat down let’s guess what you’re talking you’re talking cruising with
other cruisers come is this your first cruise have you ever cruised before
what do you think of it screw you man in the past I mean the discussions are on
with everybody they all the time I’m it’s getting better but again there’s
oh we’re getting let’s come over here again settings pay is long my goodness I don’t know how any other team they wish to breaking up
and now I’ve got a terrible little picture so there I have it
I can’t handle this what should I do looking at this these feeds here we go
primary stream okay and configuration birds have different formats you need
this streams have same frame rate I sure would like to know how
I can do it streams time saying he I prefer being
and it’s you to add a closure yeah let’s see what
see here like so Guinea in your chat oral Bruce rest
for the wicked oh my gosh take a little drink there could could be his internet
connection you never know everything seems to be
working uh I don’t seem to have any problems with my my other streams or
what not um I don’t know you on watch P let’s stop it here it is sure people
come sure yeah it’s still logs in here sort of a fuzzy looking picture isn’t it
folks could be the internet connection just the way it is twenty-two watching
now and very dedicated twenty two are watching this lousy screen now twenty
one were slowly losing folks I don’t know how to how to work it I’ll tell you
what I’m gonna do I’m gonna kill this I’m gonna kill this broadcast right in
its feet I’m going to turn right around and I’m going to log in on a brand new
chat to see if it just goes live instantly and we’ll see if I go live
with a better picture it might be the better way to go so I’m gonna kill it
here and if any of you want to check back with me in like a minute or two
just go to my page and you may find that that I’m that I’m back on I’m just gonna
do one quick look on a settings page default default default voice yeah have
no idea okay these buttons so yeah okay here something I’m gonna kill it for now
and try to come back okay here we go


  1. I am. 306 days 15 hours and 33 min. Thanks Carnival App. Look at it everyday!!! Only way to vacation. Less stress than land vacation.
    Little stress getting once on board!!! I watch a lot of cruise vlogs and cruise on you tube.

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