HOW2: How to Master Pokemon Go!

HOW2: How to Master Pokemon Go!

– Pear and Orange here with a very special episode of “HOW 2”! Orange? [Orange grunts] – Dude, would you put down your phone? We’re doing an episode here! – Hold on! I’ve almost caught a Pikachu! WOOHOO! Alright! Okay, what’s going on? – We’re doing an epi- – Ooh, wait! I just found another one! [grunts and punches iPhone] – [angrily] Dude! Focus! [glass shatters] This week’s prompt is “How to reach level 25 in Pokémon GO”. – [Orange] Well the answer is simple. If you wanna reach level 25, don’t have a life! – Orange, that’s really mean! – But it’s the cold, hard truth aspiring Pokémon trainers need to hear! – [Pear] What? – [Orange] Listen, if you’re gonna catch more Pokémon than your friends, you have to have the app open at all times. Any time you walk, drive, fly, do the electric worm, skateboard, or run anywhere, that’s an opportunity for Pokémon! A “Pokétunity” if you will! [laughs] – Wait, wait, wait, did you just say that people should be playing Pokémon GO while they’re driving? – No! No, no, no, of course you shouldn’t play while you’re driving! So long as you’re okay with being mediocre and wallowing away at level 8! [Orange laughs and Pear groans] – [Orange] Level 25 is the big leagues, Pear. We’re not catching “Pokéboys” here, we’re catching Pokémon! [car slips and explodes] – [Pear] Well this seems like absolutely TERRIBLE advice! – [Orange] If you want to be great at anything in this world, it requires sacrifice. [man screams] HUMAN sacrifice! – [Pear] WHAT?! [record scratches] Really?! – [Orange] Well, no. But close! – [Pear] Huh? – [Orange] Listen up, audience! If you’re watching this video, it’s already too late. You’re missing “Pokéopportunities” with every passing second, and other trainers are passing you by! Have a girlfriend? A boyfriend? Pets? [dog barks] A family? Forget that noise, your life is Pokémon now! [man grunts offscreen] – [Pear] Dude, I think you’re losing it! [record scratches] People need to spend time with their families! – [Orange] Sure! If they wanna wallow away at level 15 like a total spaz! Pear, you just don’t get it. If you don’t care about accumulating more digital images of Pokémon than your friends do, then there’s no helping you! And then the light in your eyes has gone out! – [Pear] Dude! You are insane! – [Orange] Also, to achieve level 25 you’re gonna need to manage your thoughts! – [Pear] What? – [Orange] What are you thinking about right now? Is it Pokémon? If not, do you honestly believe you have what it takes to be level 25?! – [Pear] What the- – [Orange] DO YOU HONESTLY BELIEVE YOU DESERVE TO BE LEVEL 25?! – [Pear] That’s it. I’m leaving! [record scratches] Wait, I just found one! – Catch it, Pear! Catch it, Pear! – Okay, uh, whoa! Hey, that’s kinda fun! – I know! – Kind of addicting! – I know, right? – Okay, uh, maybe just one more! – [laughs] Yay, Pear’s hooked! Which Pokémon did you get? – Uuuh, it says “TNT”. Wait, this isn’t a real Pokémon game, is it? [dramatic sound intensifies] – Nope! [iPhone explodes, Pear screams and Orange laughs] – [Orange] Welcome to this week’s episode of “HOW 3”! With your hosts, Orange and Pear! – Dude, I think you meant to say “HOW 2”. There’s only two of us. – Oh, not this week! This week I cloned myself and brought an extra me along! [Orange laughs] KNIFE! [slices logo]


  1. 1:48
    All I can think of at that part is yet another addictive thing: the ten-dollar Founding Father without a father from the musical "Hamilton". So sorry, Orange: thought management has failed. Lol

  2. Orange's full team 1: pikachu 2: electrode 3: miktank 4: wabbufeet 5: charizard 6: eevee 2 cuz explotion 3 cuz he likes cows 4 it's annoying 5 cuz kitchenmon go 1 and 6 cuz I can

  3. This is how you reach lv 25
    1 find near pokemon
    2 use a lure
    3 explore the world to catch pokemon
    4 do not listen to orange
    5 TNT 💣💣💣💣💣

  4. Make an episode of annoying orange called:
    Orange go!
    Ideas for orangemon:
    1: pikafu
    Description: this pikachu decided to master kung fu
    2: golden Zubat
    Description: if you took the time to find this almost impossible to get orangemon, then you have no life.
    3: apple
    Description: his main attack is “don’t be an apple!”
    4: tnt
    Description: tnt is AWESOME ! KABOOM!
    5: charilard
    Description: special move is making the opponent sleep!

  5. My favorite game isn't Pokemon it is hatchimals and I can also spend time with my family while playing hatchimals if you don't know how to do it you can lay down on your mom's bed and just talk to her while playing hatchimals and every time when my mom sleeping and if I get a twin hatchimal I sent it to my mom on messenger and I almost have about four twins today I hatched a twin on hatchimals and it was a chipmunk hatchimal 🐿️

  6. Here is my top 10 pokemons
    #10 zubat
    #9 sandslash
    8# charmander
    7# squirdel
    6# ratata
    5# snorlax
    4# kakuna
    3# pikachu

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