HYPEBEAST in a Mexican Household [Part 2]

HYPEBEAST in a Mexican Household [Part 2]

– [Tim] Who put my new
Yeezy 700s in the trash? These are exclusive! – They’re ugly. That’s where they belong. – Dad, are you kidding me? How dumb can you be? My name is Tim, and I’m a
hypebeast still living in a Mexican household. My family doesn’t understand
my hypebeast life. My dad thinks it’s just a phase and that I’ll grow out of it. But it’s not a phase. It’s who I am. – Are you kissing your shoes now? – No, I’m just making sure
it doesn’t have any scuffs for the buyer. – Buyer? (laughs) Stop wasting your time
and go and get a job. – This is my job. – Look how soft your hands are. Get a man’s job. – I don’t want to work construction. – Ah, when I was your age,
I had five full-time jobs. – Whatever dad, I gotta go. – How much money you gonna make anyway? – $1,000 cash. – I’ll drive! – Ever since my dad
found out how much I make from reselling, he’s been
trying to get into the business. – I’ve got some shoes we can sell. – Where did you get those? – At the swap meet. – That’s not Supreme, no
one’s gonna buy those. – The ones you sold earlier were These have to be worth at least 5,000. – No way, and I can
guarantee you those are fake. – The guy told me they’re real. – And you believed him? Whatever, I’ll sell these
myself on the OfferUp. Why does Tim dress like a… payaso? – I don’t know. I think God’s punishing me – Oh hey dad, hey tio. What’s up? Why do you dress like a clown mijo? – I told you tio, this
is the style nowadays. – You call that a style mijo? That’s why you’re single. – Why don’t you dress like your younger primo? Now that’s style. – He’s wearing a $5 Walmart tank top. I’m wearing a $200 CDG shirt
and $150 Supreme headband. – Okay, and? He still looks better than you. – Whatever, I’m a hypebeast. This is my style. – Okay, okay, okay I get it, I get it, I understand. You like your shoes,
your clothes, your style. Hey, but he makes a lot of money. I’m actually trying to
get in the business. You trying to buy some shoes? – My family isn’t about
the hypebeast lifestyle, so they don’t understand
that I need to keep my items in pristine condition. Okay, coming. – What’s up? You gotta poop or what? Why you walking like that? – I’m trying not to crease
my shoes or get them dirty. They’ll lose value. – They’re shoes, they’re
supposed to be worn! If they mess up just buy another pair. – These are Nike Off-White
Prestos, they’re limited edition. I can’t just go to the
store and buy new ones. – I’m going the fastest I can. I know at times they tease me
and like to get on my nerves, but I think that deep down,
they understand my passion. – Oye mijo, seriously? You look like a clown, un payaso. You should change. You’re never gonna find a wife like that, or a husband, whatever
you’re into, it’s 2020.


  1. The dads like mine but I have a small business building airsoft guns and he doesn’t seem to care till I tell him I sold a gun I spend $2500 on for $4500

  2. Find F



  3. Hey crazy gorilla i am a really big fan i have another acc that is a youtube channel the name is “the jester” i don’t have much subs but i see you as an inspiration. Keep up the great work

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