1. You do not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious – Carl Jung

  2. You got this!!!! Thanks for sharing your past. Definitely touches home with me and makes me realize my inner demons.

  3. Thanks for posting this! The same thing happend to me but i survived by going into a subutex rehab program. Ive been in that for over one year now and never relapsed. You go there once a day, get your meds and some consuling. You also have to leave a urine sample two times aweek and breathalizer everyday. Its a bitch but better than death! Keep up the great work

  4. I dont think anyone that can get over heroin addiction should be ashamed. Its a very special group that can do that 21 of my friends are DEAD!

  5. I have had problems myself. big fucking problems. On two occasions in two different cities I was offered a book Srumad Bhagavatam, for free by a charity type of guy, I wasnt homeless or anything..just walking past, he could of offered it too anyone. First time I said no, second time I said yes. The book is all about the spiritual stuff these guys are getting into at the start of this video with the Indian Hinduism, I still havent started to read the book..Its like this video was a sign for me to read it or start reading it. Just wanted to say that. Its weird how things connect and your path will almost find you, like the universe wants you too do certain things.

  6. Taking responsibility for your own health and behavior, there's nothing more liberating! Thanks for the motivation! Peace.

  7. Good man! However John seems to be under the illusion that the next ironman contest and the training for that will free him from Maya.

  8. Good on ya Brian, inspiring. Beautiful brother, I'm feeling love for all out there going through all their challenges, this is life, we have to meet it. Love to all x

  9. Wow, undoubtedly one if the most powerful messages I have taken in from any YouTube video. I MUST change myself, sort my shit out, deal with my issues and most importantly, get to understand myself from the inside out.

  10. It's so great that you're doing that Brian. I've started reading Vedic scriptures 20 years ago. I've understood the Matrix described in Vedic books. I'm still working on loving myself fully and uncoditionally. Loved your interview with Anita Moorjani. Good luck and my love is with you.

  11. That is the most honest and geniune Brian i have witnessed after being a LR listener for years, well done man. That was really inspiring!

  12. So much respect to you Brian, been watching you for years and you lost me for a while back there but this new path is ON POINT MAN.

  13. I love these episodes. I was plant based for most of my life, then turned into a hunter and fisherman. Feel much stronger now. I don't think one is better then the other, you can do both the wrong way, and both the right way. I cycle between both, if I don't have meat that I haven't hunted myself, then I become a vegetarian again. In my opinion, it's better to be able to any food available for energy, and if you train your body to only accept one form of diet, than straying from such a rigid structure will mess you up. But I could just be an idiot.

  14. This series is just amazing… it's cinematography, the build-up, your story, the editing and the message… every thing is just so appealing to me. You are a great man Brian, you've come far, climbed out of the deep prison like Bruce Wayne and found the right track. Now you only have to keep following your innerst feelings… I hope to be as lucky as you and meet people like John along the way. Thanks for putting this stuff out, for being open and honest to the world, you are a true inspiration and it would be great to get to know you one day. New sub here.


  15. I'm not much for stuff like this… But if I am being honest, I really admire how you've put yourself out there like this. I really think vulnerability is an ultimate strength. Great Job. Motivation for sure. You ARE "London REAL".

  16. Suffer or pain may the truth about life. You inspired me be brave a little bit more and more. This series is real touching some part of my deep soul.~ Great mentor great work. Thank you very much.

  17. This series is amazing. I love Cro-mags, have been on a spiritual and fitness path this past year and have struggled with addiction. Thanks for making this content guys, it's so well done. Seriously, thank you.

  18. 18:22. "Did I slip up? Yeah. Did I give up? Fuck no. " That sums it all up right there. Mantra for life and every possible endeavor. ♥️

  19. The power of vulnerability. Thank you so much for sharing your story Brian and John! Awesome if you both finish together guys.

  20. Sorry but that dude is a slave to his own persona. Less of him on the show please, he’s becoming unbearable

  21. Thank you! I agree this sport brings out the things we need to deal with or confront to allow us to get thru the shit but is good therapy to help us deal with it…

  22. I've been watching this series for a week again and again. This is very inspiring! And I've read Meat is For pussies, the book written by John Joseph, twice. This was also very amazing book. I am not 100 % plant based though, I know that the word "You are What you eat" is true. Thanks !! From Japan

  23. yep, well done Brian, though I dont know you, I feel proud for you, love what John brought out of you…good for you and for him and I think John is probably right, you can look at an Ironman in a spiritual way, you have to go to the depths inside of you to find the strength to finish…love it

  24. I recommend to all runners to check their knees. I've run the marathon 5 times, and got arthrosis as a result of something doing wrong.

  25. Wow, I never expected you to have had a heroin problem, I have so much respect for you sharing this because I know how hard it is to talk about these things. I'm 30 years and from Holland and smoked weed for 15 years but never used something so extreme as heroin… until last year. I was so lonely, so unhappy and soo tired of working a meaningless job that all barriers I had against these strong drugs, faded away. I just wanted to feel happy again which I didn't even remember how that felt. From my deep depression I ordered the 2 most extreme drugs I knew, crystal meth and heroin. The meth kept me awake for over a week and after that I never used it again. The heroin almost killed me because I took too much, for 6 hours I was sitting in a chair keeping myself awake because I had to breathe CONSCIOUSLY. If I had fall asleep I would have died.

    I kept doing heroin on and off last year. In between I kept myself moving with kratom. I've quit cold turkey once which was pure hell for a full week… fell back in old routines and then I did an Ibogaine treatment to quit once and for all. This was 2 months ago. I'm clean now and stronger than before. Although it was the most stupid thing I ever did in my life, I have no regrets. I now know what it is, I understand opiate addicts and I would NEVER take an opiate again knowing what the consequences are. Now it's time to stop being a snowflake pussy and grab life by the balls. I need to build everything from scratch… no money, no house, no friends or degrees… only debt and dreams. I know it's gonna be hard and painful to get where I want to be but I don't have time anymore looking for shortcuts or escaping with drugs.

    Wish you the best Brian, you're doing GOOD!

  26. I don’t use drugs but want to …. I have wrote my letter say good bye … I have not told my husband
    Would it help for depression, the high lol … whose to tell . We workout about 5 days a week together, he is my inspiration. This is my husband e-mail I use , he can’t read this .. Christine

  27. Fuck this is so hardcore 😂😂. All the best Brian 💪 💪 💪 🏋️‍♀️ 💪 💪 💪. Fuck yeah !!!!!!

  28. I have to say, I think Brian's work has some really important and positive potential. Here, an actual 'Wall Street type' going through this kind of 'spiritual' transformation, while realizing, with the help of the brilliant Gabor Mate, his desire for wealth and success was largely a substitute for his repressed emotional trauma he had never dealt with from early in life. This could be a crucial level of conversation our society needs in order to begin healing from related phenomena that might also be considered symptomatic of the collective manifestation of individual trauma, ie cultural trauma. Specifically, the unnecessary and disturbing level of disparity we're seeing that continues to grow, and the shallow, persona level of identification that leads to group think, and childishly divides classes of people, with unintegrated childhood trauma at the root of it all.

  29. God, I hate the hardcore scene. They act like they've figured out the right way to live and literally think they are better then everyone else. There's no one right way to live as long as you're not hurting yourself or anyone else.

  30. I’m so touched by this video. I can definitely relate. I am trying to help myself and others battle this horrible epidemic, Opiate addiction on My Channel. People only talk about their ADDICTION years after recovery and after achieving abundance of Success. I’m trying to be different, and REAL like you. I hope this brings me success, fulfillment and a Peace Of Mind. 🙏🏽. You truly inspire me brother. Thank you for opening up !

  31. The purpose of life… Most people don't even know why they are here… I'm 53 and just started to figure out why we are here… It took a while and I'm still trying to wrap my mind around it but it's pretty simple… We aren't here to enrich ourselves and have a nice life with lots of stuff and money… We are here to do a job for Elohim… To be obedient to the MOST HIGH and do what he wants of us while we are here… the work we are to be doing for ELOHIM is also an exam or a test that you will be judged for later… most will fail… the Bible says my people will perish for lack of knowledge… so quit chasing your dreams and stuff of this world that you can't take with you and focus on what you are really supposed to be doing while you are here or you will die the second death

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