I Had A Bad Experience With Drugs

I Had A Bad Experience With Drugs

So this incident happened when I was in
high school when I was a sophomore. My boyfriend at the time which is my
boyfriend still right now, had a weed brownie that he got from that morning
from his cousin. And he freaked out because he saw the k-9 unit in front of
the school and he thought that he was gonna be caught. So I said, “okay let’s take it. ” And I was foolish because I have never taken a weed brownie before, so I
didn’t know how they worked or how they affect you. So we took it and I took a
little less than half and I felt fine at the moment I thought it was an instant
thing. So we walked the first period and which was PE and we’re playing tennis
when I started feeling a little woozy and I was laughing at everything. And
once first period ended I went to the girls locker room and once I got in
there the whole room started going in circles. I started getting dizzy and I
felt like I was on a boat. And I told my friend, “oh my god I think the brownie hit.”
And she was like “really?” I’m like “yes” and I couldn’t stand straight. I was freaking
out so I walked a second period in my mouth started getting so dry instantly
as if there was sandpaper in my mouth. I sat down to my second period and again
the whole room started going around and around and in slow motion. My teacher
walked up to me in slow motion and he said are, “you okay?” And I said “no, can I
please go to the nurse?” I was just freaking out on the way. And once I got
to the nurse they sat me down and gave me ice cold water. And my arm just jerked
and I accidentally threw the water on the floor and the nurses got mad. And I
started crying and they asked me “what do you feel have you taken any medication?”
And me being in not the right state of mind said, “I took a weed brownie this
morning.” So they freaked out and they called the vice-principal in. And the
vice-principal was mad. She had a stern look on her face and I don’t remember
anything she told me to this day. All I remember was holding her hand because I
thought I was gonna fall off the two-foot chair I was sitting on. I just
remember seeing myself out of my body. Once my mom got there to pick me up, she didn’t know what was going on and when she
found out she was so mad. And on the way home I was crying and sobbing. And still
everything was going in slow motion. Me and my grandma at the time were in a
fight and once I got home I just ran to her and hugged her and cried and said
“I’m sorry I’m sorry I was wrong I’m sorry.” And the whole day and I just felt
the same way I did it in the morning. Do I regret it?
Yes at school. But do I regret it? No, because if it wasn’t for that brownie I
probably would have still not talked to my grandma and that helped rekindle our relationship. So please don’t do drugs kids especially at school because you
would have a really bad reaction like I did.


  1. Smoking weed is actual bad if you’re under the age of 21, It gives you exposure of THC, which will affect your brains development or slow it down, I recommend taking edibles rather than smoking it, It's still bad, I recommend waiting, but idk.

  2. I don’t think weed would make everything go in slow motion or the room spinning or you can’t be able to stand not weed more like shrooms

  3. I’m taking billions of these because everything goes to slow motion and it has many advantages in fights
    (Its a joke)

  4. i don't like the outer body affect with stativa heck i don't like getting high at all it should stay illegal use it for medical use cbd or don't use it at all

  5. Ha, funny cause i would go to school stoned outta my mind and never had a bad experience, it just made me better at it.

  6. I can't record my story but I'll use the comments. Ok I was in 7th grade at the time I was hanging out with my friends before school the were smoking weed I didn't mind I want a hit. What they were smoking wasn't just weed I was a blunt witch is weed and tobacco I took a hit and I was fine so I took a couple more and felt a little of it so I went to school and we were in the computer lab and it hit me I was faded. My mind was wondering if everyone knew I was high a couple kid knew that was it seconds period came a round it was pe and I had to do it because it would be suspicious so I did we ran so I did a slow paced jog and that when I got caught my parent were pissed I lost everything for 1 year a was suspended for 1 week let's just say I'll never do it again

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