I used to play ROBLOX: The Story

I used to play ROBLOX: The Story

Hello, everyone. Welcome to the video. Today’s video we’re going to talk about… What’s that noise? Oh, God… ohfuck… That’s right. Today’s video we’re going to be talking about Roblox a game I used to play long ago in a galaxy far, far away. Get it, it’s a Star Wars reference. (yeahok) Honestly I kind of have a love-hate relationship with this game. I’ve always wanted to talk about it, but I’ve always noticed there’s this negative stigma when you talk about a game like Roblox, but lately I thought to myself: fuck it. I felt like now would be a good time to kind of get it all off my chest, because last week, I went back and played it after not playing it for many years, and I have quite a few things to say about it. So today, I’m going to talk about said game, my experiences with it, and why I feel the game has changed in a lot of very bad ways since I left. PENGUIN TALKS: ROBLOX So… Roblox. You might see this as the next Minecraft. You might see it as the [oof!] sound effect. Or for its really confusing porn or for the cringy YouTube channels, but for me, it was much more than that back when I played it. I’m gonna be honest, I’ve probably been playing this game longer than some of you have even been alive. (Yes, I checked the analytics; no offense kids.) That’s how obsessed I was with this game. And it all started after my friend and I saw an ad on YouTube for this game called Roblox. You could build stuff, make stuff explode, make your own clothes: basically look like a really cool game, and this was around the early 2000s or so. So I played it for a few months, playing all the front page games every day. Shout out to the people who remember havemeat’s or person299’s video games, Contamination, SFOTH, A Perfectly Legitimate Chess Club or Apocalypse Rising. There was always lots of variety and interesting things to play every single day. Basically I had the time [of] my life until I realized: “Whoa! I can make an account and talk to people!” And that’s when everything went downhill. As soon as I started talking to people, the game changed in many ways for me. There are of course, a lot of positive aspects to being social like making friends or playing games with new people every single day or someone being kind enough to promote my God awful shirt on the forums and everyone bought it and supported it for some reason, regardless of… [how] terrible it was, like Jesus, just look at it. Also, just as I was recording this video, I realized that a very famous Roblox creator who’s Gotten millions of plays apparently commented on the awful shirt I made… so I even have a trading card with its name on it. So that’s… kind of weird to me. Of course, there’s the negative sides like the assholes, One in particular who hacked my old Youtube account and publicly shamed me in front of thousands of people, but we’ll… we’ll talk about that at the end of video. Basically this game became a huge part of my life and believe it or not, was actually a big reason why I’m addicted to the internet as much as I am today. Fun little fact: I almost mentioned the fact that I played Roblox so much in my internet addiction video, but I didn’t because I was afraid of the negative stigma I mentioned earlier, and you know, I played a day and night and even caused some issues with my schoolwork where it was so bad, but I’d be forced to stop playing it, so I would sleep more than three hours every night and actually do my homework on time. Hell, I was so obsessed with this game, I went to fucking Bloxcon 2013! (JFC I was sad kid!) I have a T-shirt. I have a poster signed by multiple members of the staff team and some popular creators at the time, and… I even have trading cards, [so a] pretty addicting game, or at least used to be at the time. I don’t know if it’s still addicting to people, but I just know that I used to be insanely addicted to it. I basically did everything the game had to offer. I played the game to join groups to build stuff. And I even spent a few months learning the programming language and tried making serious games with it. You can even [thank] Roblox are being a huge source of motivation for me to make content on YouTube and I’m not even joking. I learned how to edit by making videos for Roblox. A lot of people don’t notice, but Roblox has a lot of tools that made people pretty successful that are just a typical Dan The Diamond Minecart video. You know, I was inspired by so many other Roblox YouTubers at the time like [Fleskhjerta, Dayren, Firefox, Johan, Are92, PixelFlamed or maxthemink] and so many more you’ve probably never heard of. (epikrika) Eventually after being in that community long enough, gaining a total of 50 subscribers over the span of six years: I moved to the style videos you’re watching right now, but anyway: I tried to play the game a few days ago, and honestly it’s not the same. I know everyone says that about the games they’re nostalgic about but they literally changed pretty much everything. They removed their second currency, which basically fucked the economy and made it impossible to make any sort of virtual income without buying a membership. They made things all weird and modern. The games on the front page feel like gimmicks and cash grabs. Every event is just a corporate sponsorship and it’s just not as fun and unique as it used to be. They honestly did a Disney to their site, and so did some of the game developers as well, and that basically made it super bland and forced like every other social game nowadays. But hey, I’m happy that some of the people I used to know are getting successful at least. Hell, I still have Alex Neutron in my Skype contacts, the creator of Meep City and Roblox Dodgeball You may have heard of those, shame I don’t talk to him anymore. Anyway, yeah, some of you may have a very negative view of this game if you just recently heard of it in the last three years or so, and it’s understandable because honestly it has gotten way worse over time. But I promise you it used to be pretty fucking good. They made it so [much] more difficult to make any sort of money to buy clothes without a MEMBERSHIP!!! They changed their logo in an attempt to be modern and instead it just looks like a Cheezit on its side, and the forums… (Yeah, let’s not talk about the forums) All I’m going to say is that the raid the QuackityHQ did was fucking brilliant. If you don’t know he basically streamed himself raiding the forums on Twitch, and shortly after, you know, his Roblox account was deleted, his Twitch was banned, but the thing that was really impressive was that he made the entire forums go offline for multiple hours because the raid was so bad. The admins were forced to add a temporary 2-year account limit to the forums. I’d say this is a pretty dick thing to do but we’re talking about the Roblox forms here. So I honestly don’t mind at all. In fact, it’s a good message to the moderation team that they need to fix their shit because that community can be toxic as hell. Trust me. I would know, and the front page has barely changed in the last year or so. We still see Phantom Forces, Roblox High School, Prison Life, Murder Mystery, Work at a Pizza Place. You know, the same fucking games, a little to no variety at all. You’ve probably heard of at least one of these if you’ve ever layed Roblox before in your entire life. Seriously, go check right now. One of these games I mentioned will probably be the first game you see when you check the website. Not saying they’re bad, but kind of like chewing the same piece of bubblegum after a while, it loses its flavoring, you want to fuck and choose something else. A better example is only having the same two flavors of ice cream in your fridge for three months. Nothing but ice cream, and Sponsorships.
(It’s not good anymore, bring back the old Roblox. The circle stubs were better, the design’s not good anymore.) Seriously though, I kind of feel bad the game has turned to absolute shit lately because even though it’s kind of fucking awful at the moment there’s still some pretty fun stuff you can do in the game. For example, I just signed into my 9 year old Roblox account recently and I made a little T-shirt. I built a castle. I played that pizza game I used to play all the time, and yeah, it just certainly changed a lot, but to be perfectly honest, if you look in the right places It’d still be pretty fun. Not saying I agree with all the changes lately, but at its core the game itself can still be pretty fun, but fortunately I didn’t play it for nearly as long as I used to. I played it for maybe a half hour compared to nearly a decade ago where I play the game for over eight hours straight every single day. Pretty sure that’s how I got my addiction to Twitter by the way. Just saying, moral of the story: don’t get addicted to things, it’s bad. I’m not even joking, any sort of social media can be like a fucking drug. It’s so bad. However, it wasn’t just the game getting boring or stale that made me leave the game. Little reminder: I was a Roblox Veteran and with that comes a lot of stories to tell [one] of them. One of them in particular is a story about a war group and during my time… In the army. (oh god I’m gonna get beaten up for saying that holy shit) Something very interesting happened, and I want to share that with you today. Today I think it’s time to tell the story I’ve been telling for years about my experience in a group called Tactical Fighters. This is a real group by the way, and after its fall back in 2014 or so, I’m probably one of the last people who are around to tell the tale. Not saying they died or anything, probably just moved on to another game or something. I found this group one day when I was about 9 years old, and I got very close to the founder of the group when I was about 12 years old, I think. His voice was really fucking Deep. Long story short, after realizing I was pretty good with WMM and that I can make promotional videos for the group, and after a little training, I was also pretty good with the sword. He immediately gave me the third highest rank. the third in command, and this group is a group I was proud to be in for many years. We took on some of the most powerful and feared war plants of all time, like the F.E.A.R., the Roblox assault team, G.A.Y., and we defeated them all in a blazing glory. We were known as one of the toughest clans on Roblox until one day someone noticed there was a spy in our midst. Our private group chat had an unknown user in the group, who was sending mysterious messages and threats about a surprise raid on our most important base. The general formed a meeting at our usual spot and one by one, interrogated each of the soldiers of every high Rank about their whereabouts the last couple weeks, including me who at the time was a very respected “high rank.” Don’t judge me. We were stumped. The inspection lasted about two weeks until finally everyone gave up and moved on, then suddenly, our forward was being raided, and in the heat of the moment, we prepared our soldiers to the base and they were already halfway to capturing the flag, but it was too late. Vortex Security, one of our greatest enemies, had claimed our base. We had to mark a loss on our group page. Now you may be wondering. How did this happen? The inspection was clear, Our intel was in top shape and lockdown. How did this raid happen? Well, a secret between you and me, I did it. Basically what happened was a few months ago, some of the high ranks thought it’d be funny to hack into my cringy YouTube channel and delete all of my Roblox videos. They told me I was an embarrassment to the group and they were doing this “for my own good and for the good of the clan.” That still pisses me off: like, come on. And I didn’t really like that very much especially considering my age back then, I was just fucking furious. I wanted to do something about it. So I spent a couple months in my second account joining a little group called, you guessed it, Voretex Security, and you can probably guess back then I had a lot of free time, so I’d spend most of my days coming home from school, doing my homework, and being active in both groups: training every day, gaining their respect, and so eventually, I was a high enough rank to [sell the HRs?] of Voretex security that I had secret intel to bring down one of their greatest enemies. I told them everything I knew, I joined my private Skype group on another account: gave my old group a little warning of our raid and the job was done. And I was kicked from the group and the general deleted me from his friend list on Roblox, and I’d never felt more satisfied in my entire life. (I was a really sad kid back then, wasn’t I like hello)
So that was the story of one of my adventures on Roblox, I guess. So basically, all I have to say about the game for today: I had a lot of history on that site, and that story is just one of the many stories that came out of that game, but I probably won’t tell them here anytime soon. So thank you for watching the video. If you enjoyed this video, feel free to leave a like or a comment about your experiences in video games, and as always: good vibes, everyone. Also, before you leave make sure to check out our podcast. It’s called the Cooncast and it stars me, John Larson, Jailvian, and the coon himself: Zalgaloo, as we talk about a variety of topics in a forest. If you’re interested, feel free to check it out in the description. If you have any suggestions for videos, feel free to leave a comment down below. Once again, Thank you all for the support recently on the channel, I’ll see you guys in the next video. Subtitles by Bird Thoughts! (twitter.com/jailvian)


  1. i really don't see why people hate roblox that much ( i mean i don't see a lot of peeps but anyways) it's just a platform where u can create ur games and play other games , like for real , it's basically like gmod except it's more childish and lego themed. and yeah i remember when the game was better in 2013 ;-;..

  2. How was ROBLOX the next Minecraft if Minecraft came after ROBLOX are people that dumb?

    Btw og ROBLOX was better than fortnite.

  3. I play Roblox but for an arguably more cringy reason- I got interested in Roblox Myths. It’s a neutral community really, kind of toxic, but not to the point where everyone hates everyone- it’s toxic because there’s lot of drama. Other then that, one of the most notably disturbing side people (aka non myth but active person in the community) that goes by the name of Sinner is STILL treated with kindness, because even if they are extremely ‘scary’ they’re still a nice person. A nice person who talks about nsfw stuff a lot-

    But yeah, I’m interested in that, I’m the definition of cringe, what else is new?

  4. Atleast the simulator purge isn't in this video.

    God I miss going onto the front page and not seeing the word 'simulator' every time I clicked an arrow.

  5. FINALLY, A YOUTUBER WHO DOESNT JUST CALL THE GAME GAY(homophobic jerks who do this should die) AND WALK OFF. THANK YOU!

  6. my brother's group fought vortex several times, they've remarked them being their only equals on the field. So this raid is HIGHLY believable.

  7. I'm gonna rant real quick. I joined Roblox back in 2011 when I was around 3 to 5 years old, and my user was named "tito911", 911 being part of my birthday and "Tito" is what my family gave me as a nickname. I joined and didn't expect much, and played a few games. The community was really nice and giving, and I appreciated them for that. I really felt welcome.
    The first ever game I played was a game named something around the lines of "Welcome to Roblox Building", and then another game "Robloxia", when it was on the front page. I played with my brother a lot, and we had a lot of fun.
    But then 2015 rolled around and ruined Roblox and its entirety. Tix was removed back in 2014, they customized the front page, added in a game filter, and changed a bunch of the script language (Which broke a BUNCH of old games that to this day you can't play it how it was supposed to. Roblox messed up the scripts, and/or the owner had already moved on to script other games or just play other games in general.), and even deleted the Forums (Not too long after Quackity's raid). This left me quite disappointed, but I still had hope for the platform and kept playing- (as you can see on my videos. Also, they are bad as hecc.)
    The developers of Roblox began to change even more and screwing up all the categories, (like how Popular isn't even for popular anymore, it's just what Roblox feels like what should be popular, being that all the games had either a lot of likes but not a lot of joins, or it had a lot of dislikes but had a lot of joins. (like how games like "Bloxburg" have around 60k people playing I checked as I made this but then the game ahead of it only has like 30k people playing.)) And I knew the "Popular" with HUGE " 's category was based around how many people were playing at the moment, and/or how many people play it on average. So that was messed up, but again, I didn't think much of it.
    To this day, I DO think a lot of it and I'm starting to get bored of Roblox and am looking for more games that I can play. But none are different and is which of what I like, so I am deciding to make games of my own with a few friends I made over the years that also know how to script or build-or even animate!
    My story just goes to show that some things old, (like Club Penguin, which I also played and enjoyed but then got messed up,) isn't always going to be the same and you should cherish those games for what they are now before some other people come around and mess it up. And also part of the moral "If you want something done correctly, you should do it yourself". Like how one of the developers in the Roblox community remade the Old Roblox website and published it as a game, named "Super Nostalgia Zone". And again, like Pengicitis said, props to anyone who knows all those other old games that were messed up by Roblox's new stupid ideas.
    Big old thanks to anyone who decides to read this rant. And I applaud you if you understand and even went through what I did.

  8. Hey why did you bully Robles like that its such a high quilting game and you have to bully i like that and you should really think what you just said you fool. and you swearer and you called it mine craft and you named it quote on quote "Crying" and he always played as a guest and you swearer and to add to that you spend months learning coding like who does that (i totally dont) and he said it want the same time as he played before, and once a avian hes not vitrified and still swearing W Hat do you have against MODERN like they're some kind of ugly people like what is your problem dude it is very fun it just because you were a kid back then so you found it fun whats the problem with fidget spinners you resist it is not A CHESS -IT not like thatch a under used joke or what ever you complaining about how every game is the same well play games that aunt popular the new rob-lox is still good the old rob lox was a broken lag kinda good game the only reason you like it is because of organist circle studs are worsted because of sponge bobs acute gale and plutonium car battery and they would of got sued because of that, why did you not play it for 45 hours straight im so triggered you moron its great to get addicted to things you fool now begone thot!

  9. There’s a game called Super Nostalgia Zone on roblox and it’s litterally old school roblox it has its own servers to make it seem like it’s a whole other game check it out


    Me: Just Use A Decal And Put It On A Part And Boom Round Studs!

  11. Friend(iirock_gamer)*: **Talks too much*

    5 Hours later.
    Friend(iirock_gamer)*: **Still talking*
    Me: /mute iirock_gamer
    /e dance

  12. 2015-2016 was boys and girls hangout/dance club but the very old version not the one today and wow there so was much oders there lol 😂

  13. you guys ever noticed how all of our social medias have been changing and restricting us making us "Don't be a meanie" and all these vague rules and it's just for money. . Idk that's just what I see. .

  14. man having actual raids would be fun
    i'm pretty sure we do still have raids and wars between our military groups now
    but it's mostly just training for the next time that a raid or war happens

  15. Believe it or not war clans are still a thing. The original FEAR (the one made before the FEAR you mentioned) is about to hit it's 10th year anniversary on August 3rd. Though, war clan communities are a lot more chill than they used to be.

  16. why can't you just like roblox? its still the same and that makes people really upset to the thing you said against roblox…


  18. Honestly with roblox you really have to find hidden gems of games the front page is terrible at the moment but this game still holds a peice in my heart

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