I Was FORCED To Take Drugs

I Was FORCED To Take Drugs

– Hey, Crystal. – Hey, David. – Did you know I used to be in a band? – I did. – Did you know that the band broke up? – I did. – Okay, but did you know
we accidentally did drugs? – I did. David, we’ve been
together for a long time. – Gosh, just go along with it, alright? They don’t know about it. – Well now they do. – They do? – [Crystal] Yes, that’s
typically how words work. (funky theme music) Okay, so you were a cool
dude emo boy in a band. – [David] Sort of. More like, a cringy, why does your hair
look like that type of boy. But we’ll go with what you said. – And you accidentally did some drugs? David, you don’t accidentally do drugs because drugs are bad. – I know, I know. Just listen to the story. – Spill that tea, that’s
what the people want. – Hokay, so our band was pretty good but also, our lead singer was pretty bad. Well okay, she wasn’t bad. She could sing, she was just extra. – I only want purple jelly beans to match my perfectly purple hair or I won’t do it. – Uh, you realize we’re just 15 and a garage band, right? – Purple jelly beans. – Anyway, she was dating our bassist and they had a huge fight. – [Crystal] Ooh, about what? – [David] Well… – You put the milk and then you put the cereal. – No. (gasps) – Uh, but they both stayed in the band? – [David] Yep. – Oof, that’s awkward. – Yeah, she later wrote a song about him that we all played in a show. It didn’t last long. I went to the leader of the band like, “They break up, we don’t
have band members.” – Oh. – But the leader of the
band was one of the ones who left, though, right? – Yeah, he did. Yep, yeah he did. (cries) But the three of us that were left didn’t want the band to end so we said, “Let’s hold auditions.” – Cue band montage! – No. (record scratch) No, we weren’t that cool. We just went to a party. – Oh. – [David] But it was a crazy party. Not only were there drinks, it had razin jazin in it. – [Crystal] I’m sorry, what? – Some whoopy coop, you know? Some call it razin, some call it jazin, whoopy coop, whatever you call it, it turns you into a bear. – You’re so fluffy. – I ain’t about it but
I’m chill, I’m cool. I mean, we need new band members. It’s no big deal. I do this, baby. But I fooled them because the truth was I didn’t do this, baby. And I was really nervous. I ended up getting a little drunk so I decided to chillax on the drinks. (gasps) – You were in high school. – Oh, like you never drank
anything in high school. – I didn’t. I wasn’t cool at all. – Oh, okay. Yeah. I was a bad kid. Was I a bad kid? – Yes. – [David] So I’m slowly
trying to disappear into a corner of anti-socialness. – [Crystal] Ugh, mood. – [David] And one of the
band recruits suddenly next to me like… – Hey. So like, you want a sandwich? – Uh, what? No, no, I’m, I’m full. – No, man. Do you want a sand witch, you know? That powder. – What? Ah, no way, man. You can get addicted to that stuff. Then I looked to the left at no one because no one was there. – [Party Girl] Oh, how bout a sand blast? – A what? And she shoved the sand in my mouth. I don’t remember what happened after that. – [Crystal] Oh my God, really? – Nah, I remember. The sand witch bewitched me really fast. So I was thinking really
fast but my body was going really slow. Dude. Shoved it in my mouth. – What? – Witched. Bewitched. – I love that show. – Have you noticed people
starting to act weird? (party music) (screaming) – [Crystal] Wait, wait, wait. Why does she scream? – [Party Girl] That guy is a turtle cord. – Hmm, that’s funny. – We need to leave. – I mean, I’m assuming it all worked out. Like, you’re here and not a sandwich head, so I mean. – I don’t remember how he got me home or anything else about
that night, to be honest. – Oh my God, David. – But, they got me home. Also, I never saw those people again. – Then what about the band? That was the whole point. – We were famous and
partied with Brendon Urie. (gasps) – No, really? – No. We never made it. Also don’t do drugs. If you wanna change our next story, leave a comment below
with one of each prompt. – [Crystal] Come up with any name. Name an esteemed social
status or achievement for a teenager. Create a new medical term
and how it effects a patient. You should subscribe, and hit the button, and also notifications. – Notifications are good. Watch another video and then more and then share it. – [Crystal] Okay, thanks, bye. – [David] Bye. (mellow music)


  1. Remeber kids Drugs are not okay unless your Dootlez
    1. Torito
    2. Sporty Emo
    3. Kornaria (Makes people eat in a excesive amount corn.)

  2. To get featured in the next episode, comment with you answer for these prompts with #dootlelibs:

    1. Come up with a name
    2. Name an esteemed social status/achievement for a teen
    3. Create a new medical term and how it effects a patient

  3. 1.) Princess Rosalina
    2.) most introverted person of the world
    3.) Staroclitis if can cause people to see stars (star shapes and actual celebrities)

  4. 1: Abraham Van Chatsling
    3: hunhungness- it leaves the patient in an addiction to hanging stuff on the walls and ceiling

  5. Ooof okay so
    Name: Shouko
    Social status: skater boi (or gurl) (or non binary peep)
    Medical term: weeby fiver (fiver that causes the patient to say “sugoi” or “desu” twice in every sentence)

  6. #dootlelibs

    1) Ruby Tibner (named after my friends doggo)
    2) professional dog masseuse (you see the inspiration)
    3) pawrinitis- a strange rash that appears in shapes similar to paw prints in a range of colours (rainbow rash)

  7. #dootlelibs
    1. Mr. Chips and Salsa
    2. The cool hot kid that everyone wants to date
    3. The Scream of the Cactuses, makes you scream and feel a thousand needles stab you (like a cactus)

  8. 1. Idun
    2. Having lots of name brand stuff
    3. Acrosis (akros, Greek for highest and -osis, the medical suffix, meaning disease progress): causes the patient to continue growing taller forever, which then causes a lot of endless growing pains. The patient will also experience acceleration in the speed of growth, which naturally gives them lots of stretch marks, since skin can't keep up with the rest of the body.

    Yes I just made that up. If anyone wondered where I got that from here's my thought process:
    My favorite dinosaur is Acrotholus, so I decided to use acros as a prefix and then I searched for medical suffixes where I found -osis which fit great together and made a decent amount of sense.


  9. #DootleLibs

    1) Mumflr Fumperdink
    2) Door Opener
    3) Chivalritis mortuus: a condition that causes the complete and utter disappearance of all chivalry.

  10. 1. Juliet Pinksly
    2. Got a full ride scholarship to an ivy league school
    3. Vocaphobia. Irrational fear of hearing the human voice


  11. #DootleLibs
    1. Gerard
    2. Complete discography of [insert band name]
    3. Mom syndrome- The ability to do something that normally causes you anxiety because your friend needs it.

  12. Carlos
    First love
    Hugalosis-the term used to describe someone who must hug someone at all times or they will die. #dootlelibs

  13. name: selentrina (like selena and catrina mixed)

    social status: supreme socialist (not like the government, but like popular wise)

    med term: hebeegeebeees- social anxiety around bees and other large insects/birds


  14. 1. Karen
    2. Druggie
    3. Uhhhhh syndrome, patient is very slow, and responds to almost everything a minute after it happens

  15. 1 Paull with two “L”s
    2 Eagle Scout (boys) Gold Award (girls)
    3 satanic possession a mental illness where people begin acting possesses due to a psychological problem that occurs in the Frontal lobe.

  16. 1 – Mylasssssss
    2 – Be the ultime FortNite player.
    3 – exposetonia, when a person get exposed to, to much or people they don't like, it damage the patient brain, he can't think straight, isn't responsible for any of him / her actions.


  17. #dootleLibs
    1. Georgeeeee Washington
    2. Memelord
    3. Snuffleitis: it transforms the patients nose into an elephant trunk like shape and makes them incapable of blowing their nose.

  18. #DootleLibs
    Medical Term : The tripping term
    Effect : It makes the patient tie their shoelaces to each other so they keep falling

    It has no cure
    Or maybe it does
    You choose 😛

  19. Quenntoob, got 100 likes on a pic!!!! (For a loner like me ;-;) , linktosis – makes everone think ur a minion named link. With a green hat. Makes parient look. A.m.a.z.i.n.g. #DootleLibs

  20. 1 Patricia
    2 Not a loser
    3 Nerd – the effected are smart and know things but everyone else makes fun of them

  21. #DootleLibs
    1) Buucheen
    2) Prom king / queen
    3) Volpenyophism : extreme anxiety followed by muscular spasms in the form of a permanent grin.

  22. Bobbydoddle
    The awesome dude
    The floppy pops, it turns you really flabby and floppy and u can’t control you silliness

  23. Charles
    Party host of the century
    Jelly Blood- the condition causes ones blood to become jelly. Happens from eating too much jelly and not enough peanut butter.

  24. 3.Ahogesyndronium,this disease is a disease that makes someone grow an ahoge and the person who has that goes super sane every 2 mins and super dramatic #DootkeLibs

  25. #dootlelibs
    1. Prof. Dr. Dr. Eringhourt van Wattenhouten
    2. The kid that can actually lick their elbow
    3. Buttusdermatosis Barenaktic
    (Your butt hair falls out and your butt cheeks make a squeaky sound when you walk.)


  26. #DootleLibs
    1. Chicken Tendie the III
    2. 1 friend!
    3. Chiria – Slowly destroys every living cell in your body (You will die within 3 weeks) [Reply if you get the refrence!]

  27. Josh Dun

    YeeYee (extremely southern person)

    Jesidus, saves millions of peeps with the power of Jesus


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