Ibogaine Treatment For Heroin Addiction – John Fights Methadone Addiction, Depression & Anxiety

alright my friends what is your name. John
and then wait you know one of the biggest reason that wanted to listen to
you is amount of drugs you’re taking the what you have to examine the basically is
your face thank God to God’s medicine and it’s
gadget of you tell me what you think I was about to Gram a day heroin and a addict
hundred hundred fifty dollars worth of crack today after dosing in a methadone
clinic pretty much every day that psoriasis all over my face arms legs I came to cancun here David to to try
and get some help and it wasn’t easy definitely very rough road but four days five days
later 95% it’s just amount amazing amazing
drug-drug amazing plant amazing substance definitely ya got rid of the drugs
losses in my skin issues depression anxiety your plate is clean.. almost all mostly
and used to couple more days 20 miles blown up with gas everything was really rough shape and I
feel like a million bucks now and you’re so excited you started crying which is okay i want to tell everybody
that crying don’t listen to anyone that say that some a man is not cry a man
real man that’s why i cry myself I would probably crying expresses releases all
the anxiety and tension and toxin spiritual toxins from that last year and
a difficult continues and then the other no heroin, no methadone methadone no forgot to say with the part yeah just have a good life please don’t wait until it’s too late or
there is a tragedy call us now 888 462 to 1164 848 462 1164 or go on our website ibogain clinic. com clinic make sure you put the .com it . com

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