1. Let her screw up her own life. She'll be back on Dr. Phil in a few years as the new wife with his new underage fling. I feel bad for the current wife and kids, but the lowlife and this disrespectful girl deserve each other. They will both mess up the others life even more. And honestly, I'd believe the fling if she told me she's not even the first one he's cheated on her with. Why lie about that? If I was ever low enough to do this to a family, even if I wasn't the first one he cheated with, I'd be like "Yeah, he's had the chance to cheat, but he always turned them down. Until me. I was the only one good enough to sway him" or something like that. Poor wife is in denial. Hope the best for her and the kids.

  2. Omg wifey needs to grow up and throw the so called husband to the curb. And quit stooping to the teenagers level. And the teenagers mother is just as pathetic! What a circus… wow

  3. The wife doesn’t look like 32!!!! Please take care of your self and love yourself rather than crying over a cheater

  4. The younger girl is such a loser, married man with kids that looks 10 in the pics even if the face is blurred he looks like he cant even handle half a woman let alone 2 LMFAO, and the wife…. pick up your dignity, take the kids and leave.

  5. Yeah, this kid is ruined for life. She proudly admitted being a married man's mistress in national TV. Nobody's ever gonna stay with her.

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