Hey everybody, it’s LavenderTowne and today is the next video in the series where I turn random stuff
into cute character designs. A few weeks ago, I promised to do
all these zodiac signs into character designs
and this is the third and final video. So if your sign hadn’t been done yet this is your video,
thank you for being patient. Okay, so we’re gonna start with Capricorn. And Capricorn is our earth sign for the video. In each video I had been doing
a Fire, Air, Water and Earth sign because they’re all split up into four and it just seemed like a neat way to pick
which ones I was going to do each video. So I hadn’t done a lot
of older looking characters and that’s kind of what I was going for here
for a few reasons. One of the things
that caught my attention right away is one of the zodiac websites that I’ve been going to
through this whole process, described Capricorn as the “daddy” sign
with quotation marks around it and talked a lot about them having a
demanding paternalistic energy wanting to be taken seriously and generally
not being a very silly personality type. So that’s kind of what I’m going with here. I wanted him to look a little bit gaunt and serious. Like someone that you’d have
to try hard to impress and I also wanted him to look a little bit older
than the other characters that I had been drawing for this series. The animal associated with this sign
is the mountain goat. So I gave him some cute little
mountain goaty horns at the top of his hair, right above his very very serious expression. I gave him the little constellation face thing that I’ve been giving a lot of the other characters and I thought it made him look
more fantastical and I kind of had it cut through his brow too. So it almost kind of looks like an injury
or something, I’m not sure. I like his design but it definitely conflicts with how I drew most of the other characters
as sort of cute younger characters and that’s kind of what I wanted. I wanted him to be like the Guardian
sort of character to the rest of them. And he’s actually so different that I could not figure out a way
to have him seated in a way that seemed to fit the personality I was going for. So I just had him standing. I’m hoping I’ll be able to fit him
into the group picture at the end without too much difficulty. But I really tried every which way
to have them seated on the ground and have it not look super bizarre
or like it doesn’t fit his personality, you know what I mean? He just doesn’t seem like the type of person who would be seated on the ground
like all these other characters. So yeah, it was a real issue for me. I kept trying to put his legs
one way or another and it just, I just could not make it work. The description of Capricorn in general
really surprised me because I think deep down
I had this sort of relief that every one of the signs
would kind of align with the type of person who might be looking up
and taking serious, the zodiacs. So I thought most of the signs
would be kind of the same where they’d be like,
“Oh, you might be someone who’s very interested in like emotions and, and the occult and stuff like that”, because I was seeing that
in a lot of the signs and I was, like, “Oh, I see
what you’re doing here. You’re just trying to create a sign
that any person who might like the zodiac would probably be really into
so that you have like a 100% success rate with the type of person who would
like, you know, astrology”. But with Capricorn, it was not the case at all. This is a very distinct specific personality type that doesn’t necessarily align
with the type of person I think who is most likely to be into astrology. So I kind of appreciate that because
it feels like there’s some real difference between this, this sign
and a lot of the other ones and I also really like that
it’s just straight up described as like the difficult to get along with sign, while also being a sign
that’s described as popular with people. I am not really sure how that works. I guess, there are those people out there
who are relatively harsh and hard to talk to
but it still are inexplicably magnetic. So maybe, that’s kind of
what they were going for with this sort of sign archetype. Now our very scary mister Capricorn is done. All he needs is a name. Leave one in the comments,
if you can think of a good one. The names I picked from the last video are… I liked Aja for Libra because it is a palindrome and that’s perfectly balanced. Ari for Aries, Mimi for Virgo
and Catherine for Cancer. Thank you guys
for all the name suggestions. Next up, is Scorpio. And this sign really threw me
for a loop at first. When I was doing my research and I saw that this was the water sign
for this episode and not Aquarius, I was really shocked. Especially because Scorpions, I don’t really associate with the water. I mean, maybe a lobster or a crab or something but Scorpions are not really– Aren’t they usually in deserts? But anyway, I don’t really know why this one is a water sign
but I guess it has more to do with the energy associated with the sign. So let’s just go with it. My other assumption about this sign
was also totally wrong which was, I expected this sign to be sort
of more aggressive or combative but really the fundamental
feature of this sign in general that I kept seeing over and over
on every website I checked is that they’re super, super, super sensual. There was so much stuff about
like romance and like physical like affection and stuff related to Scorpio. So I had to make that a big part
of this character. I wanted to make her look very pinupy and I hadn’t really used this pose yet. So I was excited to get this one in the roster and have this sort of really cheeky
character involved in the lineup at the end. So my design for her was focused on
these two main things. One, I wanted her to look
like a pinupy sort of character and then two, I had to involve
the Scorpion in some way. I also gave her these pentagram earrings because I saw that Scorpios, more than any other sign are supposed
to be connected to the occult and I thought that’s the easiest
mainstream shorthand. for that for most people. I tried to give her these little
like scorpion tail stingers in her hair and I think it looks really cute. It’s kind of like a horn
but a little bit, a little bit different, a little more unique than just a standard horn. And I just had to give her
a more modern sort of approach on what a very sensual outfit would be. And that is exercise gear. It seems like a lot of people who are taking
a lot of more pinupy shots these days are usually wearing like yoga pants
or exercise gear. So I decided to give her that in this shot and I’m sort of mimicking
those kind of yoga pants that you see that have the writing across
the top waistband of the yoga pants and I also give her those weird little,
I don’t even know what you call it, they’re like stirrups basically
on the bottom of her feet. Is that what it’s called? I don’t remember, I just honestly thought
that would look cute and interesting. There’s no really higher thought
process involved in that. And the only colors
that were associated with Scorpio are red, rust and like two other
descriptions of red. So I decided to just generally
stay in that super warm color palette. Even her skin, though it’s relatively pale is actually just a very, very,
very light pinkish red and then I gave her a sort of more pink hair and then I gave her rust
for her yoga pants thing and her top is red and then,
of course, her eyes are the brightest red. And then, of course, I’m still continuing
on with the, putting the like sign in there. I, I think it really looks quite cool and again, it really helps them all look
like they belong to the same series in world, despite having drastically
different personalities, body types all that kind of stuff. She’s definitely suffering from a bit
of that Snake Torso syndrome but I think it works for her, okay. Next up, is Aquarius. And like I said it’s somehow
not a water sign. Aquarius is actually an air sign and rather
than being associated with an animal or something like that
it’s associated with the Water Bearer. I guess, the person who would bring water
to your community or something like that, she’s, she’s represented by the culligan man. I’m not really sure what that means but since she’s an air sign, I tried to focus less on the water aspect and more on giving her a sort
of floaty look to her and that’s one of the reasons
I gave her this sort of fluffy floaty hair and I also wanted to give her a dress
that was lighter and fluffy as well. It doesn’t make sense, I guess
air kind of brings us water like when it rains and water
builds up in the atmosphere that’s when we get water,
we get water from the sky. So, is this making any sense? I don’t know, I’m trying to figure it out. So Aquarius is mostly associated with people who are a little bit withdrawn
from others, from other people but they care deeply about the world. It literally described the sign
as the social justice sign so that gave me some idea about
which direction to go. As well as saying that Aquarius’ are often
like I said, very shy, a little bit withdrawn, have a hard time sort of expressing their feelings
and emotions to other people. So this is clearly someone who’s more introspective, spends more time thinking about big problems rather than being able to sort of communicate, like you know smaller scale
personal problems to other people. So I kind of understood that. So I tried to have this little character who seems relatively withdrawn
but also quite intelligent. I didn’t want her to just seem
like a sort of cutesy character who’s by herself just to be,
just to be cute but rather someone who’s sort
of locked into their own little world and it’s really hard to communicate all that through just one pose and character design but I did my best. All the signs are also associated with the different parts of your body so the one for Aquarius was ankles
and for some reason, I did decide to feature that here even though I’ve kind
of been ignoring it other signs. So I gave her a little anklet and because her pose
was showing off her ankles anyway, I thought I might as well
make that part of the design as well. The colors associated
with Aquarius are blue and silver. So I tried to focus that around her outfit mostly. Though, now that I’m looking back on it, I think she’d look really cute with silver hair so I kind of wish that I had done that. But I’m, I’m, I’m far in the future now so there’s nothing I can do about it. But I do think that would look very cute. Though– Oh, wait I just remembered
why I didn’t do that because I didn’t want her
to look too much like Pisces, who also had dark skin and silvery hair. I just really like that combination, apparently. But yeah, she ended up looking very cute. She has– Her legs look really soft and I like how they sort of turned out, it made her feet look really small, which are also very cute. And I gave her these glasses
just to sort of push forward that like very basic. She’s an intellectual, she has glasses kind of thing. And then I just sort of highlighted her and she was pretty much done. I had to try to fit in the extremely complicated
constellation for Aquarius. Some of these are so easy
and then some of them are so like there’s just so many points
and they end up getting cut off but you, you get the idea. All right, all you Sagittarius’ out there, I know what you’re thinking. Why did LavenderTowne have to make me
actually the last sign to be done? And honestly, I have no real answer for you. I’m sorry that you had to be last but when you see the saucy gent, who’s representing you, I feel
that it all will have been worth it. So Sagittarius is represented by the archer and over and over is described as a sign who loves travel, adventure and flirtation. All over the place I was seeing that Sagittarius’, while they are loyal, once they do settle down are considered the bachelor sign. So they’re known for,
you know, hanging out, hang out with a lot of different people. And I decided to give him a really, obviously saucy sort of outfit. Gosh, I’m saying saucy a lot for,
for not being a Food Channel. I gave him a cut out
in his little cropped sweatshirt. I just thought it would be really really cute and I thought that there’s a lot of outfits that have a distinctly flirty vibe for girls not as many for guys so I decided
to just give him that outfit. They’re considered so adventurous that I feel like he probably wouldn’t care. Either way, like what department
his clothes came from ’cause he’s so super confident in himself. And I decided to give him
some long curly hair. I just generally wanted him to look
like somebody who would go backpacking, just out of the blue, just jump on a plane going out of the country or something like that. These are all sort of the attributes that I wanted him to sort of have
glowing forth from the single illustration. And I gave him a super pinupy pose and I also tried to just focus on making him
seem pretty confident and cheerful. Optimism was also something that
was really associated with the Sagittarius. So that was also something I had to include. Honestly, doing these signs is one
of the hardest character design challenges that I’ve had to do so far because there is so much
that you’re supposed to include in each of these characters. Obviously, when you’re talking about something that’s supposed to represent tons
and tons of different people, there’s a lot of subtleties and things and a lot of the time
I had to just sort of reduce it down to the easiest to communicate sort of traits but, hopefully over the course of this series, I’ve done a sufficient job representing your sign. I hope that I have, anyway. So the colors associated with Sagittarius’ are– Is blue, which is tough for me
because I really wanted to give him lots of brown and warm colors but in the end I actually
kind of like how he looks. He looks like a crazy anime
protagonist with that hair. And honestly, now all I want
is for him to have his own, his own show. I don’t really know
what the heck it would be about but he looks like he could carry a show. You know what I mean? Like I feel, like you could get like at least… probably like 13 episodes out of this guy. And without running out of material right away. So that’s good. I gave him a really obvious tattoo, like the arrow on the underside of his arm. A lot of people get arrows tattooed on them. So I thought, I mean for the archer,
it just makes a lot of sense. My original idea for his pose was him like holding the bow with his foot and then pulling it back with his hand but I thought it would look a little,
a little too crazy compared to everyone else
and everyone else didn’t get a prop so I felt like it wouldn’t quite be fair. But yeah, once he was done
I honestly, I think he’s great. He’s got a lot of charisma. He’s, he’s really glowing. And I really like how he turned out. And I was able to fit most of the actual
Sagittarius constellation too, which is nice for a change. So that’s it for the Zodiac
Character Design series. Don’t worry, I’ll still do lots of videos
turning random stuff into character designs. But yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed this series. It was really fun for me to do and I’m always looking out for new ideas. I will be picking names for this
video next time I do a cute girls or guys video in the future. So feel free to leave those in the comments and that will be featured in a future video, even though the zodiac series is finished. And sorry for any of you guys
who wanted me to do the 13th sign. Its to like random what people say about it and honestly, I just really liked how easy
this was to break into even parts. But if any of you guys want to try drawing the 13th sign to go along with this series, please tag me in that so that I can see it. Because I love when you guys
add onto these challenges or drop Fan art of the characters
I design in my videos, it really makes my day and I really love it so my Twitter
and Instagram are in the description, if you want to find a way
to send that to me. Thank you so much for watching till the end and I will see you in the next video. A big thank you to all of my patrons including Bella story, Calponpon, Cassitarius, Clockwork Construct, Dionysius hagGorillaz, Dr. Casket, Elizabeth Alban, Hope Chilsome, Imagine Creation, JJJ, Joseph Copal, Carla Tapia, Katdid Thatcuter, LeBlehBlehBleh, Megan Claire, Midnight Doodles,
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    You have no idea how often I make some kind of cult joke.Very often.
    For example;drawing a pentagram on the floor,putting a banana on it,and being all like "THE RULER OF THE DIET HELL,LEMME SUMMON YOU WITH THIS SACRIFICE AND GIVE ME MY SKINYNESS"

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