If Zodiac Signs Were On Tinder!

If Zodiac Signs Were On Tinder!

Yes! That’s a perfect bio as per my Zodiac! Hey there! Oh, I was just checking my bio on Tinder. I recently joined it and some other dating
apps, and my oh my, after this new bio, my matches are on fire! Whether you are looking for a long term partner
or just casual dating, a good bio is the second most important thing to boost your chances
of getting a match. I mean, let’s be real, the first factor
is obviously your pictures. Zodiac signs can affect your love life way
more than you think. So it is no surprise that there exists a perfect
type of tinder bio which vibes with your Zodiac’s energy. So, to make your bio game strong and get your
super-likes rolling, bestie brings you the perfect online dating bio as per your Zodiac. Aries As per your Zodiac, you should have something
catchy and funny in your bio. I mean, that’s a great strategy for everyone,
but in the case of Aries, it matches their personality to a tea. Aries are usually adventurous, so you might
be into trekking, biking or maybe playing some kind of sport. Make sure you highlight this in your bio. Whatever you write should resonate with your
fun-loving personality. You can pair it with pictures from your last
trip overseas or having a blast at last weekend’s party. Taurus
Your knowledge of the Netflix catalogue is pretty unmatched. Now there’s finally a place where those
sleepless nights you spent watching every TV series won’t be a waste, a date! Use this knowledge of movies and TV shows
for your benefit. Try not to be too random though, unless you
want your potential match using google to understand your bio. Going as per your nature, your bio should
be welcoming and calm. Keep it straight forward with respect to what
you are looking for and your expectations. Being clear right off the top will make things
a lot easier for you. Gemini
As a Gemini you’re a natural at keeping conversations super interesting. Communication is your strong point but when
it comes to your dating profile you wanna keep it equally as interesting. You should try and keep it simple but sweet
with a pinch of wit. Don’t throw all your cards in the bio itself. Save some of the good stuff for when you’ve
found a match. Cancer
You might raise some eyebrows when you say what you are looking for on a dating app,
which is, an emotional connection. But, for real, chuck those haters and just
be yourself. Keep in mind dating apps can be fun, but at
the end of the day, it’s just an app. It might lead you to a potential match but
ultimately it’s up to you on how you behave and handle your love life from there. Oh, by the way, did you know that your Zodiac
has a deep connection with your love life too? To find out more, watch our video on “What
The Zodiac Says About Your Love Life” linked below. Coming back to the Cancer, don’t be scared
to wear your adorable heart on your sleeve and show your squishy side. Don’t worry, the right person will understand
just what you want to say. Leo
Your extroverted nature and confidence is the biggest crowd-pleaser so make sure to
let that shine Leo. Don’t go overboard on the confidence part
though just try to make a good impact with what you write in your bio. Don’t be afraid to show off those funny
pictures from your camping trip, or the time you went swimming with dolphins and you should
be good to go. Just remember that it’s not always about
you dear Leo, take suggestions from others on what your bio should say and you’ll be
all set. Virgo
Because you are so analytical and hardworking your bio will probably get you an A plus. It will be full of detail and chapters on
why you are a great person to date. However, resist the urge to make this a novel
that makes you look too perfect. We know this will be a little scary at first,
but have some fun with the bio and know that people want to see the real you. Even if it’s the one that carries an umbrella
every day – just in case. Libra
You can simply let your personality do the talking. Just control your urge to make your bio a
battleground for your political opinions. I mean, keep it a little chill. Try to not change your profile frequently
as it may appear that you are indecisive. One picture of you with your dog is good enough
– ok maybe two. Scorpio
You come across as a breath of fresh air with your high-intensity attitude. Remember you want your bio to reflect the
good parts of this go getter agenda, you don’t want to scare anyone off. Don’t be afraid to show that passionate
side and talk about your creative strengths. Afterall as part of the water trio you are
one of the most creative in the zodiac. Channel that scorpio bravery and open up a
bit. Sagittarius
You are anything but boring Sag, so you want your bio to reflect that without scaring anyone
off. Your love for travel and poetry are very attractive
qualities so why not show them off a bit. You can post your favourite travel photos
but just don’t go overboard. Make sure you shine the spotlight on that
sense of humour too! Everyone loves to laugh, and your ability
to joke around will be a fantastic way to break the ice. Capricorn
You pride yourself on that no nonsense attitude and like to get straight to the point. When it comes to a dating profile, you might
wanna go off the beaten path a bit. Sure you’re reliable, but try to highlight
some of your other strengths like how cultured you are or your love of good food. You can talk the talk Capricorn, you just
need to learn how to walk the walk. Post some pictures of your playful side, too. We know it’s in there. Aquarius
Finding a date isn’t usually a problem for you Aquarius. Your dynamic nature and this love for people
is very appealing. You’re a social butterfly and have many
things about you to love, however if your pets and family are already in your pictures
let’s try to steer the bio more towards you and what you have to offer a relationship. Pisces
You like to keep it descriptive and artistic. Be it your Instagram feed or tinder profile,
your artistic flare will be on full display. While this is very attractive it’s only
one side of you. Try showing your love for deep conversations
in your bio and how you see things from a different perspective. This will not only attract people who love
art, but good conversation as well. In short, whichever pictures you choose and
whatever you end up writing in your bio, be authentic. Pretending to be someone you’re not isn’t
fun for anyone and we’re sure people can’t wait to meet the real, wonderful you! So what do you think about dating apps? Have you ever found love using an app? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


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