Ignition Coil Symptoms, Problems, Diagnosis and Replacement  – EASY DIY!

Ignition Coil Symptoms, Problems, Diagnosis and Replacement – EASY DIY!

it wasn’t on everybody its carofoley
here with FCP euro and today I’m gonna take you through the steps on how to
easily diagnose a basic cylinder misfire due to initial coil we have a perfect
example right here so let’s get started now there’s two ways to identify a
cylinder misfire you can either use a scan tool which we’ll just call it the
high-tech easy method basically just plug the scan tool in and it will tell
you exactly where cylinder is dead option number two is you can actually
disconnect the initial coils in the engine bay this is the low-tech approach
no scandal required but we’re going to show you both ways of doing it just so
you don’t have a scan tool or you do have a scan tool you know both ways and
we’ll get started on that now so we do have a check engine light illuminated
you can also hear the car definitely is not idling very smoothly currently we’re
showing a cylinder one misfire detected so that is actually the fault that is
triggered cylinder one misfire detected pending cylinder one misfire detected
permanent so clearly something was going wrong in cylinder one what can cause a
misfire could be mission coil could be wiring leading to the ignition coil
could be a defective coil could be a bad spark plug or it could be something
mechanically wrong in the cylinder number one it could also be fuel
injector two what we want to do is eliminate any possibilities quickly
without really going too deep into it there is another way that you can do
this manually in order to determine the misfire if you don’t have a scan tool I’m gonna pop the engine cover up now I already know it’s cylinder 1
that’s the problem but you can actually disconnect individual coils now I’ve
disconnected cylinder number 1 and nothing has changed in terms of how the
engine is running if you’ve disconnected coil and nothing
changes that’s pretty much a dead giveaway that something is going on in
cylinder number 1 if I were to plug this back in I plug it back in nothing changes now
you can go one more and will this disconnect number two and you can hear
audibly that it’s gotten worse and you could do that with the other coils all
the way down to see if the tone of the engine and the vibration changes but in
this one dead giveaway cylinder number one is
dead because disconnected that coil and nothing has changed the engine is still
running rough so that’s a manual way without a scan tool that you can go
about doing this so a quick and dirty way to pretty much isolate the failure
to the ignition coil is to swap the coil that you suspect is bad into a cylinder
that you know is good so basically I’m gonna swap coil number one into cylinder
number two and I’m going to take coil number two and swap it in cylinder
number one just to keep track I’ll just throw a little paint mark the coil that
I think is bad and we’re just gonna go ahead and pull it
these are easy you just basically pull the tab up it’s going to eject the
connector and then you’re just going to pull it up and out now this is cylinder
number two you can see the boot is in really good shape and if we look at this
one right here tiny little hole right there and that’s where our misfire is
probably coming from so you got the coil swapped see the paint mark is now on
cylinder number two verse number one and again you could start the car do it the
non electrical diagnosis route and just see how the engine sounds by
disconnecting and that way you can isolate it to you to the coil or
something else going on in that cylinder but we’ll also do the scan tool route
and see that the misfire follows that coil all right so the f30
that would just happen to be doing this on uses the Delphi ignition coil from
the factory it just happened to have a bunch of these Delphi coils in stock so
turns out to be kind of convenient and the Delphi coils are kind of a dead
giveaway because they have the silver protective sleeve on them there’s three
different coils in this style from BMW there’s the Bosch coil which is all
rubber all black there’s this Delphi one which has the silver protects protector
sleeve on it then there’s the El door coil which is newly introduced it has a
black plastic protection sleeve on it instantly enough technically you could
install any three of those coils and the work but I always kind of like to put
back in what came out that way you kind of keep everything consistent especially
if you’re only replacing one coil if you’re replacing all four you could
probably swap in whatever you want and it’ll be perfectly fine but if we’re
just swapping one I like to make sure all the coils are the same manufacturer before installing the new coil I’ll just
put a small dab of dielectric grease on the inside of the boot that’ll prevent
it from sticking to the spark plug and making life a real pain later on when
you go to remove it don’t want to put too much just just enough to coat the
inside go ahead and drop it down and since I did remove this coil I’ll do the
same just ferp in measure now some coils will come with a little bit of
dielectric grease in there if they if they have it
I wouldn’t recommend adding it but these are totally dry so it doesn’t hurt to
add some I’m gonna make sure the coils are fully seated
we know the connectors are fully seated because you wouldn’t be able to flip
that tab down if it wasn’t we’re gonna go ahead and start the car and see if
the idles moved out all right so as you could hear the idle is totally smooth
now hundred percent confident that that coil was defective plus it did have the
actual physical hole inside of the boot which is always gonna cause a misfire
instead of the electrical charge going into the plug and then going into the
engine it’s going to totally bypass the plug find the closest route to ground
which is gonna be the side walls of the cylinder head that’s just the reality so
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  1. It would be better to disconnect the injector associated with the specific cylinder in question as disconnecting the ignition coil pack cuts all combustion in that cylinder sending more raw gas downstream that isn't particularly good for the catalyst.

  2. Great! I had an identical issue on sons 2007 e83 X3. We needed to fix it right away so bought one from Autozone as they had an equivalent in stock. It fixed it but given the high mileage of his car I’m going to order a complete set from you. The one I took out looks like Bosch unit. Do you have these in stock?

  3. Great video… Excellent information on diagnosing and replacing a coil pack. Right up until the goofy swag promo 😉 . I still had a good laugh. Subscribed! Thanks again!

  4. Would it be possible for you to do a DIY video on changing the rear driveshaft or changing the pick up rings, reluctor rings on a bmw e46? I have an ABS issue problem with my car and I've been told to replace them but the price they are charging me is crazy!! if you could do a video please i would be able to give it a go myself!!

  5. my b2200 will run for most of the day then it will turn off like a switch and and wont start again. and then the very next day it will start again, and repeat the same process. could that be a bad ignition coil? i am completely stumped. PLEASE HELP!

  6. In this particular example, could not just the rubber insulating boot be replaced since it clearly had the defect? I imagine the coil likely could still be operating correctly, but the spark was exiting through the defect in the boot instead of down to the plug. I could not really make out any discoloration in the boot around defect though in the video to support this possibility. It makes more sense in my mind to repair the part with a new boot at a fraction of the cost of a complete coil if that is the failure. It was $5 for a boot vs $60 for the coil on my Volvo. Maybe that is not possible with the coils on these vehicles. I don't know. I'm just researching frequent failures and repair/maintenance on these cars because I am considering a purchase next year. Regardless, an easy fix without specialized tools and the car is running correctly again, and that was the point of the video so well done.

  7. Good vid, I am likely going to use this on a BMW bike to puzzle out a fault indicator that I believe is a coil going bad. But I will order a fault cod reader first.. Best guess till then is the fault code is likely a slow failing coil.

  8. FCP Euro
    I owned a bmw 320i 2007 and suddenly my car started jerking in all gear position P,R,N,D. Especially when i pressing the brake at fully stop the cars is jerking heavy and i also noticed that the gear lights on the dash is flashing when it jerking. Can this cause by a defected ign.coil? Please help

  9. When one ignition coil goes bad, is it better to replace all the coils as well or should I change each one as necessary? Also, should I change the spark plugs (the whole set has been replaced within the last year)

  10. I was looking for that problem on my car for a week, I change the spark plugs, the air filter and valve cover gasket. But I didn’t check the coils!

  11. My car went in safe mode also wont change gear faul and i change the coils and erase then woks fine , is that is normal ????

  12. I am using a hyundai elantra and it jerks intermittently whiles driving. can it be a faulty ignition coil?

  13. can you tell me how to reach 5th and 6th ignition coil (which are very inner side) in 2011 BMW 535 ix drive?

  14. My car is in the shop right now for bad coil and other stuff. The total is over $600. My car would jerk, hesitate and shit off while at the light. There was a ticking sound and smell of gas. I live in Miami, Fl

  15. I just change the spark plugs on my 2003 honda civic but when i was putting the spark plug back it crack when i was tining the crew do i need to change the coil or its still good i just change the coils like 3 weeks ago

  16. Misfiring Its definitely gonna clog that catalytic converter sending raw fuel causin it to smell like gas i did that with my 2003 Escape ford v6 it fixed alot of issues

  17. I’m subscribed. I need the diagnostic tips, the easier the better. I have an owner of a 2001 Land Rover Discovery, the vehicle will crank but not start. I asked the owner if the tach needle moves while attempting to start and he said “no”. I suspect the crank position sensor. The owner had someone else look at the vehicle and a scan tool was connected. That revealed an ignition coil to possibly be bad. I’m going to the owner’s house Thursday to check both of the possible problems. A wiring schematic I obtained does not show which of the three wires from the connector are what. I noticed upon looking at a connector for that ignition coil there was a red, a black, and a blue wire. I would reckon the red is for the power, black is for the ground, and blue is for the signal to the computer. I want to properly diagnose the coil with my multimeter and I want to check the proper terminals that the connector plugs into. What do you reckon? Also, I attempted a spark test but after testing three of the eight spark plugs I wasn’t getting a spark at all. To me that didn’t seem right.

  18. When an ignition coil fails completely, isn't the injector automatically shutoff for that cylinder by the ECU DME module ? I would of thought there was some fail safe mode built into the engine managment to prevent the injector firing unburnt fuel into that cylinder. In particular a 2004 BMW E46 I have a dud coil and worried about any unburnt fuel that could upset the pussy that lives in my exhaust :).

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  20. Thank you! With the OBD scanner it was hard to tell which was bad because the "firing orders" are different for certain cars. The manual way saved my ass just now!

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