and if I told you that you could buy a vacuum cleaner similar to the last dyson ma paying a third of its price you would believe it no well you would be wrong because today I am here for introduce you to the new XIAOMI DREAME V10 Hi guys and welcome to this new video I am Michele and today we are here together with the heir of one of the best selling vacuum cleaners a real best buy or loccioni dreamy v10 which replaces the old but beloved dreamy moon 9 but because this powder challenge is so loved well surely for its price and for its great relationship price quality costs about 200 euros from china 250 euros from amazon find all the links below in video description and offers full performance and functionality comparable to a ten or eleven suv that cost well over 600 curious euros well let’s go to find out together really super super large voluminous package that shows us the image on one side of the vacuum cleaner already assembled while on the opposite side we find another image of the handle and three characteristics very interesting techniques or 60 minutes of autonomy 99.9 percent efficient filtering is 0.3 seconds to start and with these premises I am really curious to discover this new one wireless wireless vacuum cleaner is modular modular because inside the package we will really find many accessories starting from the instruction manual which indicates some useful tips for both operation both for washing and incredibly the instruction manual is also in Italian and this thing has really displaced girls give us a reading because it shows us so many features important of this vacuum cleaner including the two filters completely washable but how much stuff is in here it looks like a child at Christmas I would say to start from the most important piece or the handle with turbine and battery handle I would say really similar dyson my mom and powerful boys her power is of 450 watts and 22 thousand pious this really b pulls on anything We then have the battery charger that charges its built-in battery in about three hours and allows up to 60 minutes of autonomy here we have the lightsaber no guys we have the main tube in aluminum and with this gray color it is really very premium here instead we have the tube extendable this is really comfortable look how it goes up Fantastico said it is very convenient to punish, for example, inside the drawers or in some area difficult to access even on the walls We have the head baby the brush baby forgive me this really is fantastic to go to suck for example from the rugs from the beds from the sofas and all those places difficult to access from the main brush and we see the therefore this beautiful Scrubbing brush as you see it is practically jointed then follows our movement while the brush itself is in this fabric very very soft and delicate non-woven fabric therefore really perfect to be used on any type of floor, even the most delicate, such as parquet or wood Below we have another tube another And finally the basis for anchoring our vacuum cleaner on the wall its convenience that you can connect both the vacuum cleaner and the various accessories without greens scattered around the house here we have the anchors to anchor the base to the wall the equipment really rich guys i have never seen such a there is really a piece for anything but let’s take a closer look the central unit the motor placed in this upper part below instead houses the battery while at the rear we find the speed selector with minimum power and a normal average power 2 e maximum power for normal use traditional is enough for you and mode 2 is the standard because he is able to adjust automatically the suction power based on the surface on which it is now show you how loud and noisy This is power 1 Power 2 power 3 then despite the great power is enough silent because xiaomi adopted a system multi layer seven layers to be exact for noise reduction and I would say that it has succeeded above we access instead al hepa filter will suffice unscrew et voila this filter as I have already said can be either cleaned with a brush but also washed by pressing this basket-shaped button instead we will open the tank and it will be this way easy to empty the dust and if we want we can also unscrew the second filter go to clean or wash him to start the engine we will have to press this single button and keep it pressed for all its operation very large half-liter tank instead mount an accessory such as this tube of strength forgive me guys I love star wars is really very simple match the contacts and put it in all the way I go with this gun you can suck Obviously nothing prevents you from going to compose further this stick this modular electric broom note that the brush Then turn it is also powered to remove components, just press its button ejection and pull an accessory that I really appreciate and this tube extensible is a great convenience we go immediately to assemble it I feel very James Bond now we can mount this head for example and go easily to clean on the walls or in the drawers but we now see power bridge Really fantastic guys it is very very very versatile and as you have seen it manages to reach without problems even the most hidden corners and to empty all this dust let’s pretend it’s dust we’ll just open it here In conclusion guys I recommend this dream xiaomi v10 well yes yes for three simple reasons it is powerful versatile and cheap so if you are looking for a vacuum cleaner like dyson but you don’t want to spend as much as dyson handsome schmidt dream I pooh 10 is perfect for you and melos between advice if you want to buy it find all the purchase links below in video descriptions together with any coupon coupons that I remind you are not eternal but that you will always find updated in our official telegraph channel also linked below in video descriptions together with the links to access our facebook group drones and technology Italy and our official channel and sandra, come in, I’ll wait for you and finally friends if you want support us I remember that all our videos and not if they are totally free for you but if you want we just need a simple and free lay a comment is a share subscribe if you have not already done share this video all your friends and activate it not to miss bell saw notifications in our new profiles if you have any question about a this product about anything else please feel free to ask by leaving a nice comment below and I would say this is really all we will see you at the next video always here on addicted to back hello guys


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  2. Ciao Michele sarà mio assolutamente 😄 complimenti per il video Xiaomi sempre nel cuore ♥️ le tue recensioni sono uno spettacolo assoluto 😁👍

  3. la Xiaomi e' davvero incredibile, fa concorrenza alle case piu' blasonate offrendo quasi la stessa qualita' ad un terzo del prezzo! bravo Michele ottimo prodotto!

  4. Io ho il V9 e confermo quanto detto da Michele, confezione premium e potentissimo, nulla da invidiare al dyson di mia sorella!

  5. "Leggere attentamente il libretto delle istruzioni… aspirapolvere molto potente, fare attenzione a non rivolgerlo verso il proprio uccello potrebbe essere risucchiato in un vortice quadrimensionale parallelo" hahaahaahahah 🤣🤣bellissimo questo aspirapolvere una vera figata spero che il predominio di Dyson venga scalzato sembra la Apple degli aspirapolveri ormai. Ciao Michele! ♥ ♥

  6. Ciao Michele e complimenti per la bella recensione. Per usare questa aspirapolvere, bisogna tenere sempre il pulsante premuto? Se sì, mia moglie non sì è trovata bene con uno simile. Aveva problemi durante l'uso, perché girando il polso per raggiungere alcune zone da pulire, il dito si staccava dal "grilletto" , e così si spegneva l'aspirapolvere.

  7. Sì ma basta di leggermi nel pensiero!!!! E la privacy??? 😂😂😂 Stavo giusto cercando una scopa elettrica seria ma a prezzo umano e tu mi hai risposto! Grandissimo!!!

  8. Bella recensione, ma mancano alcune info utili: la batteria di che tipo è? È intercambiabile? Nel qual caso è disponibile il ricambio?
    Se puoi rispondermi te ne sarei grato

  9. E anche questa volta mi hai convinto, l'ho appena presa su amazon per regalarla a mia madre! Ti farò sapere com'è 😁

  10. e se ti dicessi che non passo più aspirapolvere da 2017 con Roomba 996…….. ma mai più aspirapolveri che devo tirare a destra e a manca, rinato, rientro a casa e la casa è sempre pulita!!! prossimo robot lava pavimenti sempre IRobot!!! ciao michele

  11. Acquistato a fine gennaio il Dreame V10 su Amazon (229 Euro), confermo tutto, qualità-prezzo imbattibile. Riesco a pulire tutta la casa con una ricarica 120-150 m2, tappeti compresi. Dopo 3 settimane d'utilizzo sono molto soddisfatto del prodotto. Consigliatissimo.

  12. boh, a me sembra un giocattolo…. FUNZIONA SOLO a solo se tenuto premuto?????? boh… CMQ SIMPATICA LA RECENSIONE! magari sono io che sono abituato a quelli a corrente

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