I’m Addicted To Building My Massive Thighs | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

Bakhar: I am addicted to bodybuilding life. For sure, I can’t lie about it. I’m there every day non-stop. If I get like three days rest, that feels weird. Bakhar: My name is Bakhar Nabieva. I’m 25 years old. I live in Ukraine. I was bullied in school. Because of my legs. I was a really skinny kid. I thought that I want to change this situation I want a little different. And I thought to go, To the gym, I started. And I really loved it. Since that day I still train. I love Brazilian type of body. And those girls have small upper
body but big thighs and the glutes. So, I was like. I want to be like that. Bakhar: I think some people, find my body unproportional. And I mean, I understand why I have
no reasons to build up my upper body. So I like the way I look. Even though like there’s disproportion. Bakhar: I’m going to do. Squats today. I will definitely need this one. So let’s go. [Music] Bakhar: I usually try to
change my workouts. One week me and my coach are doing Heavy weights. Bakhar: And another week, its style dynamics. You don’t have to create new
exercises for building your body. You have to use basic movements. As squats, deadlifts, walking lunges. Leg press, Leg curls, leg extensions. Same exercises as most of the people do actually. Nothing special. Bakhar: There is no day for me without squats. So I work with the weight I feel comfortable with. 100 kg is Enough for me for 15 reps it’s fine. Bakhar: People constantly are asking me about steroids. And I’m not afraid to say that I’m one of the few athletes in the bodybuilding industry, fitness industry, who actually admits taking steroids because lying about it is ridiculous. I don’t recommend it to people. It’s their choice but personally I do take it. Most of the woman are scared because it’s stereotypes. Thinking that, if you’re going to start
lifting weights, you are going to look like a man. Bakhar: I do take steroids, My voice is deep. So some people think thatI look like a man, plus my voice. But if you’re a natural athlete. There is no chance for
you to look like a man. If you’re in natural, like no way. People will always find the reason. To negatively react on her. She’s a very dedicated and humble person. Anton: I learned a lot from her. And she motivates me. Anton: To go to the gym every single day,
and I’m trying to lose weight. Anton: I gained 20 more kilograms
extra — extra kilograms. So. She helps me a lot with that. Bakhar: When people
come up to me in the street. They don’t talk about my glutes. They don’t talk about, the pose I do. They talk about, How I motivate them. Bakhar: I remember I posted one picture. and it went really viral,
it was all over the feed. On every sport page, sport account. And they was always commenting
that she looks like a man. I’m not mad at them.
I don’t feel upset or, you know, I don’t have depression. Or stressed out about
it because I understand that. Not everybody going to like me, it’s fine. Bakhar: I know that, tomorrow
there’s going to be another girl. Who’s going to be popular. And everyone is going to forget about me. So I don’t want to be just the fitness model. I want something bigger than that. So, now I’m just working. I don’t know, to motivate people. You know, to make them Feel better about themselves. Some people go to theatre. Some people listen to music. When I feel too stressed out. Or like no mood. I’m always in the gym. It’s a kind of stress relief for me. It feels good. I love it. it’s the part of my life right now.

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