It’s time for the AOK After School Special: I’m On Drugs starring Marvin Lenny. Warning: The following film contains scenes of a controversial
subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised. But to be honest, doesn’t that kinda make
you want to watch it more now? This test is gonna be tough. I can’t believe Teach sprung it on us last
minute. I know. I’m gonna be up all night studying. Me too. There’s just no way! Hey. I got something that’ll make
studying a breeze. What is it? Drugs. Oh, I don’t know. Well how will you know, unless you try? I gotta pass this test. This is high school. High school’s everything. My whole life depends on it. Don’t- Shut up. Gimme some drugs. No way. I’m out. I would like 100 dollars of drugs, please. Hey For a first timer, I’ll give ya drugs
for 50 bucks. Deal. What do I do with these? Take em. And get the F out of my face! What should I do, boy? [Whimpers] [Fart] You’re right. I’m gonna take drugs. [Rock Music] Oh! Hey son. Is everything okay? Yeah Mom. Everything is the best! You seem… cooler. Thanks Mom. We need to talk. [Record Scratch] [Ominous Music] Everything on this test is perfect. I don’t know how you did it. But you better do it every day of your life
forever. Really? Yeah. You’re smarter.
You seem cooler. I thought you were going nowhere. But you’re really going places. Told ya. Hey Andrew. You’re the man! Thanks Teach. And now you’re the man. Keep it up. I can’t believe you did drugs. What can I say? I’m the man. I feel like you’ve changed. I’m still me. But you’re too cool now. And really smart. It makes me wanna do drugs too. Listen. I can sell you some of my drugs. I’ll just go buy more. Okay. Give me some drugs. I’m gonna be cool now! Can we speak with you? Maybe later. What are these? They’re-
They’re DRUGS!!!!! I’m sorry! YOU WEREN’T GOING TO GIVE US ANY!?! WHAT KIND OF SON ARE YOU?!?! You see this? This is my brain. THIS IS MY BRAIN WHEN IT’S NOT ON DRUGS!!! Awesome. Really smart. Cool. The best. These are a few words used to describe
drugs. And they’re right. So if you or anyone else you know is even thinking
about trying drugs. Just do them. Do a lot of different kinds. And do them as soon as possible. Because life sucks. And it ain’t gettin’ any better. And there is no God. Duh. So don’t expect him to magically fix things for you. So no matter what kind of drug you’re doing, whether
it’s Yammers- Choo-choos- Go-boys- Sexy K- Smeech- Konji Pharboobidol- Magic Dirt- DSL- Cralk Zoo Gas- Bugfart- Fruitstomp- Wizard Face- Debbies- Or even a harmless amount of Skink. Just know Never do Heroin. Because Heroin’s Fucking Bullshit!


  1. I really don't think the dog said do drugs… he's looking at you like that bc you're being ambivalent, indecisive like "I'm the dog you tell me".

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