Impeachment ‘Drug Deal’ Witness John Bolton Agrees To Testify At Trump Trial, Defying WH | MSNBC

Impeachment ‘Drug Deal’ Witness John Bolton Agrees To Testify At Trump Trial, Defying WH | MSNBC


  1. Considering Trump is giving him the war with Iran he's been praying for all his life, my guess is he'll perjure himself before congress.

  2. 9/11 And the entire middle east war was staged by Rino Bush Family, CIA, Global Banking and the military industrial complex..

    The Coup against Trump, Oath Breaking Generals turned against Americans then Against the president of the United States >

  3. Moscow Mitch already stated that he’s coordinating with the orange wannabe conman . Where’s the justice there?

  4. McConnell does not want first hand witnesses. He wants to sweep everything under the rug. Let him keep giving his cocka-mania excuses as to why he doesn't want to and the American people are going to see right through him and any GOP Senators that stand with him.

  5. "I'm Back" Trumps worst nightmare Bolten who has the keys to everything that happened is ready to testify. Trump has no loyalty except to himself like a mafia boss and will regret taking a turd on Bolten humiliating him. He will sing like a canary, and I may even buy his book. LOL!

  6. There’s nothing he’ll say to change outcome, trump’s acquittal. This Lorax could’ve testified in the house but this clown wants to come out now knowing fully that Moscow Mitch will not let him. Like trump said it’s rigged and a joke.

  7. Hmmm too late.. that bus has gone already bro… Maybe he will just come and try to defend Trump by not providing any straight answers… by the way Trump has done what he wanted … Start a War !!!!!

  8. Bolton is not going to help… He is going to lie and defend… He has been a warmonger since the start and finally got what he wanted… Not to mention all the money he is being paid

  9. John Bolton's been, to put it mildly, keeping us all guessing, for a month or more, whether he'll testify about the Trump Ukraine quid pro quo scandal; so personally I would only believe it if I both heard and saw him speaking the words, walking the walk. Come on, let's see that white moustache start moving!

  10. You gotta be kidding me..mitch still thinks Trumpski can pardon him and the Red publicans… Remember when patatohead asked if he could pardon himself…now i know why he ask the fool

  11. Yeaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!! Better late than never I guess. But it's good now, he's putting pressure on the gop to have a real trial ⚖️⚖️⚖️🇺🇸

  12. Moscow Mitch doesn't have the votes to prevent witness testimony, either. Trump is more desperate than ever before, we're all in danger.

  13. Bolton and other witnesses need to come forward.




  14. Is it possible that Bolton has dangler the positivity of a Trump friendly testimony as leverage over Trump to act so aggressively on Iran?

  15. I would suggest that the House call him in immediately an find out what he has to say. I wouldn't trust him to do the right thing in front of the Senate.

  16. Shoulda, coulda, woulda, All adieu about NOTHING!!! Deep state fake MSM , You are all in for a great let down . POTUS 45 will Triumph over your WISHFUL BS!

  17. I think this is the only way Trump will continue to live, with an 80 million dollar hit on Trump life.
    If impeached, he might live to die a natural death.

  18. After bombing and killing top Iran General, Bolton wants to testify? Is that not suspicious? A man who has always wanted war with Iran? He is not gonna provide anything. Trump just granted him what he has been graving for

  19. Although were just hearing today that John Bolton is willing to testify to Congress if issued a subpoena. I am certain the WH learned about this some time last week maybe earlier. I am not sure why the media is not tying this airstrike assassinated the Iranian Commander Qassem Soleimani to the testimony of John Bolton. This is exactly what John Bolton wanted and advocated before being pushed out by Mike Pompeo. Its not difficult to tie all of this to John Bolton’s testimony in an attempt to appease John Bolton and hope he would withdraw is agreement to corporate with Congress. They could have killed Qassem Soleimani at any time. Why NOW??? John Bolton could be the one person to take the President down. Why not appeal to him by taking out Qassem Soleimani something he strongly advocated for?

  20. Trump and Pompeo have screwed up when it comes to Iran. Bolton has no choice but to help get rid of Trump so as to limit the danger they have created, and hopefully minimise harm to the USA.

  21. Sorry Bolton you are a coward. Why didn’t you testify during the House inquiry, when it counted? You should have turned in your crooked boss then. No praises from me.

  22. Why you guys continue to seek lie. MSNBC is looking for something to say against the great president. What do you think Bolton has to say when he was sacked by president Trump? Evil will not work!!!!

  23. I doubt it is anything worth hanging your hat on. This guy lies for money, just like the bulk of Fox political pundits. I would not put it past Trump to funnel a bribe through Hannity.

  24. I wouldn't Bolton because he is a war hawk! Trump may have Killed the Iranian general to get Bolton back on board and to make sure he doesn't tell the truth!

  25. What is Bolton up to I wonder? This could be good or bad 😩😩😩 I hope whatever he does he tell the truth and doest cover for Trump.

  26. If no witness is allowed at the trial as Moscow Mitch insists, Bolton won't be there even if he agrees to be there.

  27. Schiff's Inquiry is still active in the House Intel Committee. Call him to testify there and get his testimony on public record, even if McConnell doesn't want to call witnesses in the Senate.

  28. It’s easy for Bolton to say he’ll now testify when he knows the Senate trial will be a sham with NO witnesses called to testify.

  29. I wouldn't trust Bolton… He is a lifetime republican who is a war hawk, so I bet he loved the assasination of Iran's top military guy.. So my bet is that he will give testimony favourable to trump… He is a fekkin grandstander who can't be trusted IMO..

  30. the house can open another impeachment inquiry with new evidence and witness coming to light. and the house can pressure the courts to release grand jury material of Mueller investigation and other requested documents and witnesses thaw was stoned walled before. This will include Bolton if the Senate won't call witnesses.

  31. Nice work Ari. I see you’ve attracted the cream of society here. You have to read the comments …… what a movie!

  32. To be fair I'm just getting sick of this BS. I think both sides are lying to the American people personally. Know if you did something wrong they should have people testify so we can get this over with so we can move on. All I see is people arguing all the time

  33. So kind of him to agree to comply with a subpoena. Where do all these guys get off thinking its a personal choice? if they dont comply, send the marshals. If necessary, jail them.

    That is, treat them the same as you and I.

    PS: House should subpoena him because the Senate GOP cannot be trusted to actually ask relevant questions.

  34. I hope he doesn’t get assassinated and they find his body with a note written in sharpie saying the Iranian government did it.

  35. This is my opinion an if I'm wrong I stand to be corrected! Maybe Mr. Bolton has decided to step up to the plate because many lives are at stake and just maybe he's doing this to save himself from those who are raving in Iran at this time! He knows many Americans will be targets but top officials are going to be in the bullseye because the Iranian People have made that clear and correct me if I'm wrong he is a top official even if he doesn't work for the President at this time! Hope I'm making sense! Sometimes the media exposes too much of our business here in America and stuff that's really sensitive an important like where some of these top people live the enemy already knows that they can go online and find these so called top ranking individuals! Many have various Social Media Accts and so forth an it's easy access to their information…they had better wake up and fast because the Iranian People mean business! This is an awful mess! Shall we pray…

  36. The last chapter of his book is going to be called "I, as a witness to the Impeachment of President Trump." Pandora's box opens.

  37. Jetta B Jackson "Stop lying" #HipHopDontStop #Trump2020 #BlackPeopleforTrump #America1st

  38. Hold the line, give them nothing. Let the pressure build on the senate. There has to be witnesses. And more impeachable acts are sure to come.

  39. The Republican party is dead. Get used to it. Bolton's a liar. Come election day 2020 the lights will go out on the twisted empty Republicans. PERMANENTLY. It will all be over well before dinner time. Republicans have done little more than smear their excrement on the walls for a generation. We've had it. We're tired of cleaning up their messes, tired of turning the other cheek. Tired of their dead weight and fetid odor. END THE REPULSIVE AND UNNECESSARY UNAMERICAN REPUBLICAN CLOWNS

  40. NOW he has already been removed from Trump's staff, now he can't lose his job, so no more leverage from Trump. NOW he can tell all and upend Guliani's drug deal.

  41. ..Why only the women on both sides not afriad to hog tie President Donald peachy….when are the men in the Gop going to drop some wrinkly balls….they don't have much left bkus they all Grim reaper old..

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