Impeachment Trial Day 6: Bolton revelations fuel fresh calls for testimony as Trump mounts defense

Impeachment Trial Day 6: Bolton revelations fuel fresh calls for testimony as Trump mounts defense


  1. When you think about it Donald Trump should be the number one witness and that is the person they should be interviewing next!!!!!!!!

  2. It's the trend in america for decades…
    when come to america,
    when it come to me,,,

  3. Dear fake President Trump in the words of Bishop TD Jakes!!!!!!!!!!!
    GET READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GET READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GET READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Without the Witnesses that were there, at the time of Trump's phone call and more, combined with Trump's Stonewalling it seems apparent that there is a huge cover-up with Trump and the Senate!,,,

  5. This trial is like the Super Bowl there are four quarters and it ain't over till it's over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So get your popcorn
    🇺🇸 AMERICA THE SECOND HALF IS ABOUT TO START!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO K.C.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. The urgency had ended when Trump got scared and released the funds, the House still went forward with charges to make sure that it never happened again,,,

  7. The House was stonewalled by Trump and couldn't get all of the Witnesses! but, the Senate can vote to have the Witnesses because the Chief Justice is sitting right there and can order it on His own with a Senate vote to get them,, the House did not have that option!,, that's why,,, brillant,,,

  8. Reporters give their opinion! that act like they know everything!
    they are a joke!.. Yet they think we believe them.

  9. Vegas laying odds starting tomorrow …. on Bolton getting "Epsteined" or not. Put your money where you think it'll pay

  10. OMG! AMAZING!…. He is Awesome. He must get Soooo. Laid like every day: by so many beautiful young female Law Students… on Campus. He is a BRILLIANT Mind.

  11. Democrats are so stupid, they haven't even realized impeachment requires the violation of an "actual law"… non have been cited, no reference to the legal code, just vagaries like "obstruction" and "abuse of power".

  12. Do you honestly think Bolton will tell the truth? He was p.o.'d for getting fired. Haven't you noticed the Dems don't have a problem lying under oath. It happens all the time.

  13. The one big difference between the case that the GOP presents with Obama, is that Obama was not holding money asking to throw dirt on any opponent. Big difference.

  14. I watched it without CBS or any other news agencies opinion. Trump has an excellent defense. You really have to watch this without the reporters or you will be greatly misinformed.

  15. Trump was just doing his job making sure Vice President Biden hadn't abused his power to protect his son. After all, we sure don't want a corrupt person in office do we.

  16. Democrats refused to subpoena John Bolton. They never ordered his testimony. Why? If it was so important to their case, which the said was "overwhelming and uncontested", why didn't they enforce a subpoena? Democrats said they were working on a voluntary deposition in the house, but then Bolton's lawyer threatened to take the matter to court.

    If Bolton wants to testify against Trump, as Democrats say, why is his lawyer threatening to go to court over subpoenas?

    This is another anonymous source who never saw John Bolton's book, but heard about it from someone who supposedly did.

    No one has blocked Bolton from testifying. The house could have subpoenaed his testimony at any time. They didn't. Why should the Senate clean up the mess the House made by rushing to impeach?

  17. Voices stilled because of fear of criticism of what we might say … is moral cowardice. And moral cowardice that keeps us from speaking our minds is as dangerous to this country as irresponsible talk. The right way is not always the popular and easy way. Standing for right when it is unpopular is a true test of moral character. — Margaret Chase Smith, 1952
    The greatest menace to freedom is an inert people. — Justice Louis Brandeis, U.S. Supreme Court, 1927,
    "The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything." — Albert Einstein
    "He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it." — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Stride Toward Freedom: The Montgomery Story, 1958

  18. You mean to say we are gonna be stuck with this peace a crap president for a year and maybe more? From this point on the only republicans I care for at all are ones that are dead.

  19. Dershowitz explicitly argues against the relevance of the Bolton revelations! Yet, CBS news is all over this manuscript. Their post analysis is all about the revelations and the title is all about the revelations. Did CBS or Romney listen to Dershowitz?

  20. My awful guess is that after all schiff & others talk s ended ..Republicans will vote they do not want to see documents & vote they do not want to hear witness ! And then vote NOT to impeach ..SAD (if so) All those voting NOT to impeach should be voted out of office!

    -all real usa citizens should carry proof & show it use public roads ,school, libraries ,get welfare & all things our taxes pay for ..illegal -have no proof and should not b able to use our public stuff =we paid taxes for….Tulsi Gabbard, Representative From Hawaii, for President 2020.

  21. CBS over the air broadcasting covered all 24 hours of the Dem's opening and only 4 hours of the Republican's opening. That doesn't seem to be fare or equal coverage. Biased reporting.

  22. As we say the facts don't change there was no quid pro quo my question is why do they keep jumping from one thing to another thing too it's actually a question why we have not removed these people from the government because they are corrupt and using any tactics they can to get rid of a president that we elected we need to stop the insanity and simply be happy we have somebody that's helping us we could have somebody like Barack Obama again oh my God no

  23. Trump is everything he is being impeached for and more….he will pay for trying to destroy his own country for a couple of bucks 🤗

  24. Alan beheaded the House Impeachment so hard, they haven't realized their head has been removed because it still sits on their necks. Dont move as long as you can. I feel sorry for you.

  25. Its too late for you shift,you had your turn.Its not for you say what you think anyone should do.
    Its the Senate trail know,stay out of it.
    Shummer the same you stay out of the senates trail.
    You had your turn,and you should have called him during your trail.
    Soooooo stop your crying and dont stick your nose and mouth where it doesnt belong.


  27. I’m strongly not support the congressman, because democrat have been complaint from the beginning of president win the election. We the citizens of us know so far president did nothing wrong that enough to impeach him out. I declare Democrat should not do that.

  28. This abuse of taxpayer funds, the attempt to destroy our democracy, to steal the people's vote and overturn an election, could have been avoided by the addition of a single word in the Constitutional text, even though without the addition of that word it is clearly understood by the average citizen, except for below-average, brain-dead Democrats. By adding the word "criminal" to this phrase, " … bribery and corruption, high crimes and CRIMINAL misdemeanours", the text leaves no wriggle room for iniquitous and partisan Congressmen in the House to PRETEND their phoney Articles of Impeachment are valid, when they know full well they are not. If they believed they were, why hold the proceedings in a basement bunker, away from C-Span cameras?

  29. What a disparate men. Mr Trump fires the guy , no surprise he has nothing good to say. Schiff and Schumer , heard a ton of info on the alleged possible corruption , but they are more concerned with getting the man that wants it investigated, than they are the crooks….Unbelievable , the times are a changin….

  30. Anybody notice trumps legal team didn’t even show up for his impeachment trial? He’ll, three of them we’re at Hunter Bidens impeachment trial, another one was busy at Barack Obama‘s impeachment trial, and one of the female lawyers/liars, busy attending Rudy Giuliani‘s man of the year award show, and ms Bondi, Who lost her job with the district attorney in Florida because she was caught taking a bribe from Donald Trump, and still under investigation for illegal campaign violations. She couldn’t seem to contest any of the facts. She just put on a show about a private US citizen who never worked for the government., and had a good job overseas. She also forgot to mention Trump’s children business and financial ties in Russia ,China, and North Korea. THE GLOVES COME OFF, and THE “TRUTH” COMES OUT

  31. The so-called President is speaking the truth when he says he is "very interested in corruption"…. we all know it is his own that interests him most.

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