Inside a Home DMT Lab Run by A Chemistry Teacher | High Society

Inside a Home DMT Lab Run by A Chemistry Teacher | High Society


  1. Warning: there are flashing lights and images throughout this video.

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  2. You don't need to be a chemistry teacher to extract DMT. It's actually a very simple process which requires no special equipment and regular household supplies. I suspect most of his setup is for show. He's actually using a low-yielding technique too.

  3. This guy is a chemistry teacher?… And he's talking about using hot, highly volatile and flammable solvents without a simple fume hood? I don't think he's a real chemistry teacher, there are some very basic precautions he should be taking that you learn in high school.

  4. I wonder if the fact that he makes it and in effect helps other people to experience it has a positive effect on his trips….you know like the elves approve….?

  5. Im curious as to if Dmt can be used to intentionally enter different dimensions. Ive only heard of people using it to get rid of their ego, but what if we can actually use it to access the ether? Like what if theres a knowledge library in there? What if you can visit with people?

  6. That dude is making some seriously harmful DMT! At 45 seconds in, you can clearly see that he has his solvent in a plastic water bottle separated floating on top of the root bark mix! 😲🤢😝😝😝 If you don't know what the solvent is, it's pure paint thinner that will eat away at that plastic, dissolving it within the product! No plastic should ever touch your product once the solvent is added. I feel bad for the people who are buying that guy's product! No wonder people say they're DMT tastes like plastic! This is why if anyone wants to try it, they should just extract it themselves because this is proof you should never trust an outside source for anything worth consuming!

  7. This is by far, hands-down the worst, horrible example of any extraction video I have ever seen!
    He uses so many plastic containers that the solvent will pull chemicals from into his product!

  8. The fact that this person is actually a chemistry teacher… it scares me to see that he uses standard plastic containers in the process. When SWIM did the same extraction, he/she took the effort to get proper chemistry glassware and equipment for the task. I'd also point out there seems to be a lack of good ventilation and lighting here as well. He should also not have been using Naphta bought over the counter at some tobacco outlet, but instead Heptane that is known to be pure and available at the pharmacy. That said, I've seen far worse than this.

  9. I am curious. I want to try pure dmt. I would be worried about the chemicals used which must be poisoning to the body like crack. (I am not a drug user at all) Make since anybody?

  10. Bruh you ain't need all that to make DMT lmfao. Its really simple, you can get all the supplies you need at your local grocery store, as for the Mimosa hostilis, just buy it online pre shredded or powder.

  11. Great Vice video as always, but who did the captions for it? "Christmas grandma without a mascara" What? Probably a person on lsd

  12. I believe one's conscious awareness is able to instantly disincorporate from the body, to be thrust toward what's theorized to be within a cosmological black hole, only through a sufficient dose of 5-methocy-N,-N-dimethyltryptamine.

  13. The camera man can jus snitch and blackmail these guys he knows there base location howd u get them to agree to video lol

  14. I believe there is a hidden hand at play. just because the trip is so profound and real dosent necessary make it truth. question everything. the elves are not what you think. be careful it is a slippery slope. I believe the beings are demonic. if you decide to "go up" and immediately regret your decision, listen to the woman and do what she tells you. she will help you ground yourself. That's all I have to say about that.

  15. Did he just say his fellow cooks name? Probably not a good idea…and she immediately interrupts him like "yes let's change the subject!" 5:30

  16. Bro nice seizure graphics I really like the style please keep doing more drug vids like his this is soooooo cool

  17. For the ill informed, no you do not need a distill apparatus or fancy lab setup to make it. You can boil the mimosa and b caapi vine together three times slowly and make a tea out of it (make sure to follow diet guidelines), and you can make the vaporize crystal using lye and naphtha or something.

  18. The war on drugs is the biggest crime, it creates a black market where they are hugely expensive and its families like the sacklers, clintons , the rich lawyers, judges, criminal dealers at the top making fortunes and the poor users that do prison and die through quality strength issues, prison, addiction. The hypocracy with alcohol being so easy to get, cheap, and accounting for more violence, deaths per 1000 people than any other drugs including heroin anxd cocaine. Crystal meth is very bad as is spice and education on riscs is so needed

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