Inside the opioid industry’s marketing machine

Inside the opioid industry’s marketing machine


  1. What you people are doing is making it harder and harder for people that depend on these medicines to be able to get it… Any medicine can be abused… Don't make a person in pain suffer more just because some people abuse the medicine…

  2. What a bunch of BULLSHIT! “Less than 1% become addicted”??? What a bunch of lies. Opioids (long term use) don’t resolve or help problems. It makes it worse! Why not tell people the truth?! These companies sent their minions to doctors all over the country and paid doctors to prescribe their products. Opioids are highly addictive, PERIOD!

  3. Comes as no surprise. Historically speaking, every Empire in Decline had its opiate of choice. In the days of old, the Roman Empire reached out to the grape, the Brits reached out to opium in China and since Vietnam the U S of A has seen dependency on a variety of drugs grow. You cannot hurt the world – plot, plan and overthrow candidates of the peoples' choice in the developing world ad infinitum ad nauseum and "sleep like a babe" without a "pacifier" on the bedside cabinet….hahaha!

  4. Pharmaceutical company's should be paying for replacement therapy and for treatment counseling, as this is life long illness.

  5. Yeah, American doctors didn't have a clue that opiates were addictive? Pharmaceutical companies have been bribing doctors to prescribe their crap for years.

  6. A doctor prescribed opioid for my mom, who could have used a mild temporary aspirin , he did not tell her, she took one, felt wierd, and asked my "chemestry" brother to look at it. He figured it out, she threw them out, the doctor was casual and unrepentant.

  7. Shamefully, all of those spokespersons involved in the propagation of opioids causing these American epidemic societal problems, now claim of being duped and used but they DID all to gladly cashed all those checks!! Claiming ignorance after the fact is not a defense!!! All those Big Pharma Corporations that acquired other smaller pharma companies, at the time of their purchase, they knew about those purchased companies profits, how they made them and had attained them. THAT'S WHY THEY BOUGHT THEM!!!! So to now claim that they were not involved in the opioid propaganda, is irresponsible, unethical, immoral!!! How capitalist of them!! Nevertheless, they bought them because they knew and wanted a bigger piece of the opioid drug sales pie!!!! Am I wrong??

  8. As someone whose family has been affected by the opioid crisis, it's painful (no pun intended) to watch this story. So much destruction so that top sellers can drive a Beemer. I hope these sales people feel guilt over what their greed has caused. The overdose deaths, the families destroyed, that's on you. Live with it.

  9. Wwhite like Dave Chappelle said I know how white people felt during the crack epidemic, “I don’t care” 🤷‍♂️

  10. Who's drug companies needed to lose their patents be prosecuted. Torturing people with chronic diseases and pain will never save the addict.

  11. For those of us in chronic debilitating pain if you need them to function your not addicted ! Now your murderous fentenol brought about by govt rules and regulations is another story! Bet you haven't a clue the living nightmare we are forced to go through to get relief!!!! Legally! You going to start holding liquor stores and cell phone companies accountable for people's stupidity next? Probably.

  12. What the guy said at the and fell a bit flat on me, because holding them to account is a bit more important, then to just make them throw some money back at those people and call it a day. Even if they have to put up with a bigger settlement this time, ..well those penalties to what we will compare these, weren't that big of a deal for them in the first place. (think about, idk… like 8 hours to some days worth of profit)

  13. Only wish there was a way that those of us who lived through those treatments had some sort of personal reimbursement for the toll it has taken on our bodies.
    If anyone has ideas PLEASE contact me personally. I like many others suffer terribly every day.

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