Instagram’s Most Famous Eight-Pack

Instagram’s Most Famous Eight-Pack

COMM: Bodybuilder Chul Soon has one of the most famous eight-packs in the world. A staggering 328,000 people follow the ripped South Korean on Instagram. COMM: Known to his friends as the ‘Asian Arnold Schwarzenegger’, it’s taken 15
years of work to get from 125lbs to 220lbs. COMM: But not everyone’s a fan. COMM: Girlfriend Su admits that the attention he gets can be overwhelming. COMM: Being so well-known has forced Chul to defend the way he maintains his muscles. COMM: The bodybuilder has already won a number of titles. But has no plans to take it easy.


  1. Yeah he is not on Growth Hormones is visible as visible as he on steroids.
    “i know country’s where they use “ 😭😂 Come’on mate , dont be a hypocrite .

  2. What hahahahahahahahaa he said he prefer nice diet and training and basicly … his natural ? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA
    Come on man, we're not eating grass you know! Im sure you work pretty damn hard but …. come on man….. why are you even trying to lie like this ? 😀 😀 😀 😀
    You made my day honestly!!! Long-term plan > Steroids.Period.

  3. He still got chicken legs, and then there is something unnatural with his shoulders.. i dont know, maybe i am wrong.

  4. All of these comments hating, because you guys could never achieve what he has. You lack the required ambition and dedication.

  5. how the hell is this man even getting clothes in south korea. he stiching together 4 regular size clothes. please

  6. I always wonder why people go to such lengths to get superfit and muscular. It really serves absolutely no purpose in modern day life aside from bragging rights.

  7. As a girl, this is not attractive at all to me and I know that I am not the only girl who thinks like this. Like good for him, he is obviously very dedicated and disciplined but this is not necessary at all to be attractive to girls.

  8. As a skinny guy who was looked down on, he didn't cry out like the pathetic Obese Body positivity movement instead he worked on his body and not only is he a media sensation but also HEALTHY!

  9. His last name is Joestar . It has to be Joestar. I won´t believe you if you say his last name is anything else then Joestar.

  10. People like that ? That’s WAY to much for me ahah. Like good for him but it’s Way more then i would like on a guy lol.

  11. Hmm, it’s the small things that make me wonder how natural he actually is. Something about his proportions are off, could just be from poor form, those curls were atrocious. Chest looks a bit weirdly smooth, would have expected more muscle striations, but with all the sugar he’s getting in from the oj and bananas, it could just be excess fat. If he’s bulking, there’s going to be a bit more fat than usual, but even in his competition photos, they still look way too smooth. And speaking of diet, all that sugar in that smoothie would make me vomit, even as a post workout shake. Also, another thing thats strange to me, if you’re showing off a body builder, why film his curls, tricep extentions (is that what those were? Never seen them off to the side like that) and bent over row? Why not film something more visually impressive like a squat or deadlift? Those weights get really heavy, so why not show that? Unless he can’t actually life that heavy? These are just some questions I have

    Edit: wait, he’s actually pretty cut in those completion photos, so maybe he is bulking in the vid, if that’s the case, then it’s possible he is “natural”, or just using legal supplements🤷‍♀️ either way, people who laugh and assume he’s not natural as if they know just don’t know anything about bodybuilding

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