Internet Addiction

Internet Addiction

the diagnostic and statistical manual
other mental disorders has decided to include something known as internet use
disorder in their next addition now they haven’t already considered as a mental
illness but they have them listed it in the manual as something that should be
research more and looked into more and part of the reason why is because
they’re noticing that more and more people are becoming dependent an
addicted to the internet so i just a few cases for those of you who won under sam
is a little better couple was arrested in twenty ten after they neglected their
child a child died uh… because they were playing of video
game require them to take care of a virtual
baby but that’s the thing that was so trippy
about that story it was that they were just plain doesn’t records online or
were craft or whatever you folks to right bouquet it was that they would
take care of ur still baby while they let their actual babies start that is so be on cooper-breaux go pups
and it is simply different category but i feel i gots obviously on the extreme end of the spectrum when i think about you notice that
outreach joe people were on the computer everyday they seem like they’re you know
high functioning people ob after noticing some differences people have a hard time concentrating
people have a hard time remaining unplugged like for me alice i was talking to you know it me short
attention span most most people do and i’m wondering if you know all of this
technology has something to do with it who wants to end i can’t concentrate on a movie without
like again ansi you know i i wanna know might
pmd essentially e-ticketing site yet look i don’t know that’s one of his
obvious of all we have a new generation the other life which is the confessions
of a few of the physics of things going on at the same time there the middle of a sense it was
another said this to go back a little uh… bright and several i see that i don’t know
maybe stiffen it uses order whatever you did the data or it could be developing straight but but what the part i’m not buying is
you all the sudden getting like dat dat none of it on the internet one it’s not
it’s not all of us i mean it’s a gradual change that i’m noticing if i’m in the
car i can’t just like if i’m a passenger car
i can just sit there and enjoy the ride and speak to the person who’s driving i took my phone a billion times i’m
wondering what’s going on with the email that’s going on with text messages i
constantly need to be plugged and when i’m away from the computer when i’m away
from technology i’d feel strange i’d feel like i’m missing out like that
there’s something that i’m missing and i gotta get mad as a whole group percent
real and that’s a lot of people feel that’s right now when you go to dinner
to resign from that inside of they’ll on right here with today like he may be applied to him for us not practitioner of active but at the hyatt on that and that’s a
phenomenon that is widespread right no question about it and looked at sometime experiment will
miss the story on this who’s gonna stay away from his as i put
a fasting or something to stay away from technology he like nearly lost his mind
like two hours into a blizzard myself on that day that right so we all need to come down but it’s too
late to separate where you just tell people would come down
once again put down a bit you know about it as anybody who’s ever been hooked on any
knows that doesn’t know


  1. That's actually true. I always thought of it as a slow process, which it is, and that it in the future it would happen completely. I was getting so focused on the end result, I completely forgot about HOW and WHEN the result would happen. Thanks man. I agree also. What really is bad is that now that they are trying to make it a mental illness, I believe there will be LESS technologically savvy than there are now… There are those weak minded people out there. Maybe that is suppose to be though.

  2. Ya, very slow. Started with the first time an ape used a stick to get bugs out of a tree stump….which they're still doing.

    I would't worry much, though. Evolution has a way of sorting things out. If we went hairless (and maybe some did!) before we figured out clothing, that mutation would've died out. Not a 'bad' mutation, just not timely.

    So, some technology, we're not ready for, yet. All in due time.

  3. I think she speaks the truth. The thing is that in my case I´m mainly addicted to staying up late and therefore use my pc to play videogames most of the time. Since I´m still in college, I can afford to do that. But during the day, since I´ve never been a great fan of smartphones (even though I got one recently) I always was more engaged with things actually happening to me, or just relay on my own thoughts, than searching the thoughts of someone else in the internet. Cheers

  4. There's really no "addiction" about it. Like with everything else, if you're hooked, it's your fault, not there's.

    Besides, the whole "being able to watch stuff, play games, listen to music, catch up on news, learn stuff about foreign cultures, etc. etc. etc. online" is simply a form of convenience. That, and it caters to many niches in a way that more specialized media can't compete with.

  5. Really? People carried printing presses in their pockets, had them on their desks at work and at home, and used them for everything from communication to entertainment? Most people in those days couldn't read and among the people that could a majority would never see a printing press. It's not even close to being the same.

  6. One good thing…bus rides are much quieter. Remember back in the day how loud they were. I looked up one time and every single person was checking something out, I remember thinking even that toddler was using some easy grip device. People don't even talk on cell phones anymore cause they are texting 4 people at a time, listening to music, checking twitter and reading the news all at the same time.

  7. I know few that take the internet to I suppose you could say unhealthy ways I use the internet when I'm bored and at home. Most the times I try to get out of the house and go do something more interesting that sit in from of a computer screen.

  8. stupid, for starters i am not Mexican nor from anywhere in south America…i am white as bread, or milk, so if you are going to insult me, threaten to stop picking up after me…i must say you do a thorough job scrubbing my toilets and keeping my laundry fresh and clean…so next time do your fucking research…i suggest you take your lumps and move the fuck on, you knuckle dragging mouth breather you…lmfao @ you

  9. yea,, all of the technology is distracting. This is something quite new. It's kinda why kids have a harder time paying attention in school. To sit still while everything around them is flashing, and everything is instant. It's insane. This is something my parents never dealt with even as young adults. This is something young adults and younger are dealing with..

  10. That's rather disingenuous and not at all a valid comparison. Look up the topic before making such a comment. Or are you an authority in brain chemistry and biology with years of research and peer reviewed publications in the subject? If so, I am so sorry.

  11. ugh this process of classifying everything as a disease or illness is pathetic, just another way for pharmaceutical companies to make more money off of prescription drugs.

  12. Christ, I'm on the internet roughly 10hrs a day on average. The days where this not true I feel NONE of that jittery need to get back to the internet. Sure, I may talk too much about ponies or the funny shit I saw on Reddit, but I can watch whole movies without once needing to check something. I can relax reading books for hours on end. I can enjoy rides in vehicles just fine. And I have an addictive personality. If I can handle this, the rest of you should be just fine. Find another excuse.

  13. No, I never said we shouldn't or should, that merely our physiology is meant for a different environment. It is up to human society to make that decision, but whether it is harming us is definitely true. You cannot fight your own human body, just like how you cannot cure stupid in some people.

  14. this is stupid
    people like being connected to eachother, the internet makes this incredibly easy

    it's not a disorder

  15. "IUD is an addiction to Internet gaming. Its symptoms include a preoccupation with gaming, withdrawal symptoms (such as anxiety and irritability) while offline, the need to spend increasing amounts of time gaming (called "tolerance"), loss of other interests and hobbies, inability to limit gaming time, use of gaming to improve mood, deception of family and friends about extent of use, and jeopardizing opportunities because of gaming."

    Are they experts in "brain chemistry and biology"?


  16. Yes it is. The internet is a MAJOR part of modern infrastructure, entire corporations, ways of life, nations, how people live is functioning around networks of computers. Being addicted to the internet is a meaingless concept. Heroin addicts are not addicted to needles, they're addicted to heroin.

  17. Whereas sitting down at a desk and reading a book, is NOT unhealthy?

    But if it's an e-book…BOOM….now that's unhealthy.

    This is needless anti-computer nonsense.

  18. Ironically, that analogy would only work now rather than 500 years ago, because we do in fact have a printing press in every home, more or less. Down to choice rather than cost.

  19. That's not how evolution works, I'm afraid. Our internet usage is practically entirely habitual, and learned traits don't get passed to offspring, and that leads me to the next point: evolution follows whoever's having the most sex and making the most babies.

    That said, you could very well argue this is SOCIAL evolution, like how our sense of morality and cultural priorities have evolved over time.

  20. Always be suspect of an elite intelligencia, dictating their ideals of what is normal and acceptable for the masses – especially with the 'Shock of the New' effect where all things new = dangerous.

  21. Well, I've been unemployed now for 2 1/2 weeks and I went 6 days straight without seeing or speaking to another human being. I was online though so maybe that's what is keeping me from going completely insane. I don't know. I would much rather be at a job with real people, but what am I supposed to do if I don't have a job? Life sucks.

  22. TOO MUCH electrical Stimuli is the cause! phones, tv, etc. We are way too exposed to constant stimulation coupled with radiation and radio waves. To act as though these things aren't effecting us is juts STUPID!

  23. I feel like Ana. Just came home from a week in Norway – no internet – ARRRGGGGHHHH

    At least a hundred TYT clips to watch now

  24. 24. In other words, a good age to know what the new generation is about.

    Care to disclose your age with that traditionalist, fear-of-change dribble?

  25. Traditionally, no, evolution is a non-conscious system. But consider that maybe evolution itself has evolved. We've taken control of it by innovation of technology. We've created our own environment. As such, we control our own evolution now, to a degree. Call it "conscious evolution" if you will.
    Sex isn't AS MUCH of a factor as it used to be, what with longer life-spans and it being our innovation that will ultimately lead us now, not so much reproduction and genetics (while still important).

  26. i went on vacation to small village in the South-East Asia for 4 months without using internet.. yes for 4 months straight.

    For the 1st 2 weeks .. it was so hard.. but trust me.. life is so much enjoyable without checking the internet everyday of your life..

    and trust me.. you wont miss a thing like you though you would.. life just goes on

  27. I love the slippery slope and the chicken little routines… Goddamn people. People with an addictive predisposition can get addicted to all kinds of stuff. Just for perspective though… Ancient Greek and Roman scholars worried about excessive writing dulling the memory of new generations. As long as there has been new technology there were people making these arguments about how it would hurt society/culture.

  28. So many people these days are addicted to their phones. It's rude & pointless to invite a group of friends out to dinner then spend all evening on phones. Someone created a new game where, everybody puts their phones face-down on the table during dinner & the first one who checks it pays for the whole bill 🙂

  29. Reproduction is by far the biggest issue though. No matter what else you do (short of genocide) the state of the gene pool is going to be dictated by whoever's making the most babies. Advances in technology and such won't have as substantial an impact. Even if the poor are less genetically healthy due to less access to medicine, if they're making more babies than the well-off it'll be their genes that come to dominate the pool.

  30. That is normal behavior. However, if it is killing your grades, you probably should separate work from play. In other words, study in a quiet place with no distractions – phone/TV/computers/electronics turned off and stowed away. Take breaks as needed by stretching or walking around while leaving the electronics off.

  31. I've been told I'm an addict. I'll forgo food, drink, and sleep to play a MMO, a game on Pogo, or check my forum posts for responses. I would go days without sleep on my days off and I'd wear my mp3 player if I was forced out of the house for classes or work. I play it to, from, and during I'm reading. I don't think it's an addiction to Internet or technology. I think it's more of the fact that I'm usually surrounded by a-holes and so a place where I can hit an iggy button becomes a utopia.

  32. It's certainly a sociocultural & technological evolution, one that's taken a huge leap in the past few decades. As it continues to ramp up, we continue to adapt and conceive of news ways to communicate – and interact. Soon the internet will become a completely immersive virtual space, that will eventually actualize the concept, or a form of, oneness. In some ways technology is an untold emerging evolutionary state.

  33. I'm an internet addict. I spent at the very least half of my waked time online.. But hey, at least I'm not South Korean hardcore. Those guys have a serious addiction.

  34. Evolution isn't "survival of the most numerous", it's "survival of the fittest". Steve Jobs didn't change the world by having kids. He changed it with ideas and innovation, which spread far wider than DNA.
    The US military isn't the most powerful military in the world because of their numbers. It's because of their technology.
    One rich man has way more influence in the world than a million poor people. The "gene pool" isn't the be-all end-all of what defines the human condition.

  35. "Survival of the fittest" assumes those that are most suited to survival will have the most numerous offspring. If we're talking about biological evolution, and what traits we should expect to see in the coming generations, technology doesn't matter. If one group of people are having significantly more offspring than everyone else, genes from that group will come to populate the gene pool.

  36. lol sorry. i didnt understand who i was talking to. ty for making it real clear. my fault. i was expecting more. 🙂 but really its my fault for even replying to you. take it easy.

  37. It could be your fault for replying to me… or it could be that you're a scientifically illiterate dunce with an understanding of evolution equivalent to that of a five year old child. I'm wagering it's the latter, and given your repeated failure to produce even a remotely convincing argument in reply does somewhat support my wager.
    As I said before, you don't have a clue about evolution and playing "pretend I'm smarter with a facetious comment" doesn't make you any less ignorant.

  38. not even reading anything your saying just get it clear. i thought maybe you had a point but clearly trolling. anyways take it easy. good luck in your bubble.

  39. Look, if you want to bury your head in the sand, call dissenting voices trolls and project that other people live in bubbles when you're the one saying, "i feel like we are just agreeing here" before saying the polar opposite, because you're so full of bias that you couldn't see I was disagreeing… well that's up to you, you go for it. I don't think we're going to get anything else out of this conversation either.

  40. because on your internet and your cell phone, shadow government send out an mind manipulative waves to get you hooked on a machine, make you to be robots. later on, they will implant a chip inside you to monitor you…….

  41. Are they experts in "brain chemistry and biology"?
    Sorry, but medical doctors, namely psychiatrists, working in academia etc ARE experts on the topic. "Damn it, man, I'm a doctor, not a physicist!". You won't see medical doctors analysing, interpreting results from particle colliders and publishing them, will you? Did you not read the article and what came of research? Do you dismiss other disorders in the DSM? Perhaps depression not an illness?suicides and gaming is irrelevant in psychiatry?

  42. "Studies show…"

    You need to be critical of studies.

    Like in that article…

    " In a study published last year, for example, Chinese researchers found reductions in brain volume in 18 young people who were addicted to the Internet compared with the brain volumes of non-addicts."

    That's just hilarious, very poor reporting. The facts could be, people with lower volumes in executve regions in the brain HAVE addictive personalities. The causation being suggested is amateur reporting.

  43. "Another study published in 2009 found that when online gaming addicts were shown screenshots of the games they used, they exhibited brain activity associated with the feeling of an urge or craving. This is what happens when substance addicts see cues of their drug of choice."

    That is quite funny too, show a snooker player a game of snooker, a wine enthusiast a description of Merlot. The studies ASSUME two possibilities, addiction or non-addiction. That is a fallacy from the start.

  44. if i cant have my laptop or go online for a few hours i get really depressed (unless i am completely occupied by something else) i do have an addictive personality tho

  45. i am so addicted to youtube. I dont have mobile internet but i when i am at home i am watching youtube videos all day long. I already spend around 1 1/2 year of my life watching youtube videos. i mean 24 hour days. i have a account since 2007

  46. I was born in 1998 I've never been with out the internet or google! xD I've been on the internet since I've been 4 years old…

  47. When im off the internet, im not jittery or anxious but im usually bored, unless I simply… play a video game or… read a book, listen to my Ipod etc. something like that.

    Is the human race becoming special or what!?

  48. When people say I'm addicted to the Internet..
    Internet is awesome, i like being on the NET and having a phone…

    But i can throw that crap in the wall and take a hike. Which i do.
    It's awesome to just go somewhere without a phone, or at least never answering it while you are out.

    Me and some of my friends do that from time to time.
    We have phones with us just in case we need to call 112. (Same as 991)
    Otherwise we put 'em on silent in a backpack.

  49. It wasn't a virtual baby simulator, it was a "Dungeons & Dragons" style MMORPG called Prius that just so happened to have a story line about raising a companion.

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