Intervention: Jade Is Reckless (Season 19) | A&E

Intervention: Jade Is Reckless (Season 19) | A&E

Get the [bleep] out of here. [squeal] Oh my God, man. [bleep] [bleep] My body hurts. I’m sweating. It feels like there’s like
razor blades in my legs. I need my drugs. It’s Jade. A lot of the drug dealers
around here are old. And all good guys
like young girls. And they don’t even have
to really hit on you. They just, like, act all weird. And usually, they’re creepy
as [bleep] Thank you so much. [kiss] [laughter] Have a good day. I have hydromorphone
in my pocket and I want to bang it in my arm. Here, I’m gonna try this one. I used to think that it was a
selfish act to kill yourself. [bleep] I missed some of it. But now I– I don’t care. I don’t even know
how much is in there. I’ll just be a memory. Like, eventually,
they’ll get over it. I’m probably gonna
drop [bleep] dead. Oh my god, I hope so. [ringing] Hello? ROGER (PHONE): Hi. JADE: I feel like [bleep] crap. ROGER (PHONE): I
can understand that. Yeah because I’m [bleep]
sick, so [inaudible].. [honking] ROGER: You could– don’t
take things so seriously. Just– you don’t
have to tell me. I understand. You got to take her
with a grain of salt. BRITTNY: My dad is struggling. You know, he’s really
worried about my sister, and that really wears him down.
– Toodaloo. Daddio, would you
like a [bleep] beer? I’d put my shoes on,
but I don’t have any. I’m going to put that up. It’s probably a needle.
Duh. No, I lost it. OK, I wanna get high. Oh my God. Oh yeah. [bleep] We’re right here. JADE: [bleep] No, it’s not. No, it’s not. OK, OK, cry. And then if you can– [bleep] Your pulse is
still going strong. You’re still alive. You’re good. I don’t even
know what happened. Like, I’m so [bleep]. ROGERS: I feel like I’ve– I’ve failed them all, really. But one of these
days, says– she’s going to get the combination,
the supreme cocktail that’s going to kill her. And– and that will haunt
me for the rest of my life. I’m sure.


  1. I got hydomorphone in my pocket and i want to bang it in my arm she said. God ppl like her make addicts look even worse then we already look ill tell u something when i used i had a full time job.

  2. I'm rather apathetic towards addicts, and humans in general as im a big supporter of natural selection. But I just cant help but feel bad for the parents and family who had absolutely nothing to do with it but still take on the guilt.


  4. Her dad… Bless his heart… So sad.. he loves her so much. She doesn't even know how lucky she is. I'd love to have a dad who cares about me.

  5. She’s gorgeous if she gets cleaned up I can see her being a insta model with drug related storytimes on YouTube 🤷🏽‍♀️

  6. So she talks about killing her self but then gets scared of an od clearly she doesn't really want to die

  7. That’s pretty embarrassing how she was faking that od so obviously that her sober family members could tell

  8. This girl is CRYING OUT for attention. I so hope shes clean now, shes way to beautiful for that fast life.

  9. Aww man, i recently came out of detox fror heroin and methadone (25 years habit) i met a girl who was alot younger than me in there and we had a brief but intense romance. I feel almost fatherly as well as a lover to her. She reminds me of jade….i felt so sad for her and young self destructive behaviour. I want to be there for her but im struggling myself… Lifes tough when you care about people….

  10. This girl is doing Dilaudid smh. I take that when I'm put in the hospital for a sickle cell crisis. This is exactly why I'm doing a video on this so called "Opiod Epidemic" especially since I have a disease that will cause pain for the rest of my life, sickle cell is no joke.

  11. I feel so bad for her family and her father who said he's failed on all his children broke my heart. She hurting everyone but herself. I hope something good happens for that family

  12. One time this happend to was a usual day .wake up amd ahoot up and I got a weirs tingling feeling after i pulled the needle out and I thought i was oding too but turned out I was just really…

  13. I bet you her dad has a life policy in her. What kind of a dad let's there daughter shoot in the house. And he knew

  14. My youngest son is fighting addiction he over dosed on heroin in February and I nearly lost him he over dosed again on meth about a week ago and I can't take anymore I pray to God and Jesus Christ that he stops. My heart is shattered. The night after he over dosed on meth my oldest son Bobby was n ICU with alcohol poisoning and suicide attempt please pray for my family for my babies

  15. It's NOT selfish to kill yourself. It is a noble act..ITS EVERYONES CHOICE!!!! and if u have the balls to do it. I commend you.

  16. Oh honey you no you dont want to do that..there is help out there you just have to want yourself your to young to die..I will be praying for you.

  17. “I’ll just be a memory. Eventually they’ll just get over it.” Sis. Same. But at the same time, that broke my heart. 😩

  18. "Im probably gonna drop dead. Oh, i hope so" Spoken like a true junkie (I say this from personal experience) 💔

  19. Unreal … im so sad for her but nothing i can do but it hurts me so much i have tears in my eyes, watched only 2 of these videos with jade and i don't care what you or anyone believes or thinks .. i have a problem with emotions and i just care too much for others i hope Jade gets help before its too late !! This Beautiful young lady has destroyed her life for drugs .. and im asking why ? Is it so hard to try get clean its a drug to stay away from , it has takin so many lives already …
    please understand i am praying for her safety and to get her life back on track!! There is a will and if that there is away !! Lock up or something just get her help !! PLEASE!!

  20. How does she still have her teeth? and if she ever wanted to get pregnant would that be even possible? So sad to watch…

  21. Weed, "WILL" always be good enough, ( * DONT DO DRUGS * ) 💕💔🤗😥 peace and please get HELP!!!!!!

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