IRL – In Real Life – World of Warcraft Addiction Documentary

IRL – In Real Life – World of Warcraft Addiction Documentary

I have ventured across vast landscapes exploring new worlds where limitless adventure awaits I have reached the highest of my level and I have risen against all those that have threatened the peace of my kingdom I am a hero I am a legend, I am Sevrin I’m Sevrin I am a level 85 blood elf paladin I am a Grand Crusader and I am a proud member of the Horde in my spare time, I like to ride around on my spectral tiger and stand around in Orgrimmar I have killed the Lich King, I am a lore master, I have over nine thousand achievements, hundred and sixty
pets, hundred and twenty five mounts exalted with 50 factions, master chef, an explorer sixteen dragons, blizzcon mount, realm first, light of dawn exalted, defeated, conquered and i enjoy long walks on the beach I used to wake up early, log on play all day and then go to sleep that was my routine for over four hundred
days of my life I wanted Sevrin to be powerful so I set up my guild, QT Yacht Club it was like… a community where people could be social
and raid together I used to run everything, lead raids, maintain the website, deal with recruitment raiding required a lot of time it was like a team sport you play together to defeat the hardest bosses in the game but when you win you are rewarded with the most powerful
gear me and my guild gained a pretty
good reputation people I didn’t know, messaged me and tell me how amazing i was I felt like a celebrity I even attracted girls one of them came to visit me in london
from norway and we hit it off pretty well after we met in london we talked and played all the time we had a lot of fun together and it really feel like it could lead to
something i wanted to visit her in norway but I couldn’t because I was about to start university a new expansion was announced so I decided to take a gap year I wasn’t ready for university it felt like the right thing to do I booked a flight and i was off to norway I was really excited to see her again hi, hi, guess what, what? I have fallen in love with someone else,
from warcraft you expect me to be happy? nope,
you havent met him and i just went to norway to see you my heart was shattered I wanted to go home I had other friends in Norway so I stayed with them and played Warcraft however I felt silly
because I was in this beautiful country and I was sitting in this guys basement for most of my gap I felt isolated from the world running my guild felt like a full time job i started making up excuses to
my friends to avoid going out I felt embarrased telling them I was raiding hello hello do you want to come out? I cant because my relative
died and i have to go to her funeral yeah that wasn’t quite true i didn’t really have a relative who died I made it up and after I made up a few more my friends stopped inviting me out instead of spending money, going up
and having a good time I spent it on Sevrin I spent five hundred pounds and got Sevrin a spectral tiger when university started it felt like
an opportunity to turn my life around the first few weeks went well the guild couln’t function without me I couldn’t cope managing a guild and starting a new social life I made the hard decision,
and disbanded my guild it wasn’t easy I felt part of me had been deleted It should have ended there I couldn’t stop another expansion was announced,
I wanted to play it it looked awesome one day i was looking through
my subscription history I realised I started playing on valentines day 2005,
I had been single for six years is what I wanted? to be alone and playing warcraft? and wasting my life? of course not so I thought screw this and I quit the game I screwed my head back on I joined the gym and when I noticed the results I knew it was paying off I started to enjoy myself again I had fun with people, I started DJing something I would never have dreamed of doing I couldn’t believe what I had been missing What of Sevrin now? he’s frozen in time Warcraft is going on around him the game never ends even when you are not playing,
when I was making the film people still told me how amazing
Sevrin was but it doesn’t mean anything
outside of the game nobody’s going to hire me based on my
gear score leaving Warcraft opened my eyes again I realised, it is far more rewarding to achieve your potential in real life Directed by Anthony Rosner Co-Produced by Arron Amo Visual Effects by Dave Novis


  1. Haha, nice typo… all I 'm going to say is, that I have a new film coming out in a few weeks, so stay tuned for that! 🙂

  2. Wow… Now I feel really lucky that I have a short attention span xD. No matter how long I play any game, I can never get addicted for more than 2 weeks…

  3. great video. i just thought about my going to bed experience : 1 quest and and im done, ok maybe this follow quest… 10 quests and 1 hour later… "ok last quest today!" 10 quest later …. oh damit … not much sleep this night.::D

  4. I live in South Korea. As you reach the summit in South Korea, and users like you are saying. However, coming down from the top, gave up and by the time a difficult and eventually came down slowly … but you give up on investing in WoW and came back to reality! You really are great!

  5. Overcoming gaming addiction while perusing university to get the dream job you always wanted can be tough. Although WoW is the most infamous for gaming addiction but there are tons of games in the world that can trigger addiction so it's not something new. Anyway that girl from Norway was a stupid bitch for braking your heart, you deserve a better woman than that, Maybe that's the next chapter in your life, to find the woman of your dreams, obviously not on WoW.

  6. No, it's not. It might be overwhelming because there are literally thousands of things to do but the secret is exactly there: take it at your own pace and enjoy it. Little by little, when you want, the way you like it. There's content for almost any kind of player.

  7. Nice vid man. Never actually played WoW but I had my fair share of video gaming. Quit playing 8 months ago 🙂

  8. How about you just play the game in moderation, like a normal person? This is the same shit 'alcoholics' go on about, all or nothing all or nothing all or nothing… Bullshit.

    Moderation, in all things, is key. If you can't handle playing a video game in moderation while also having a functional social and professional life I would guess that the problem goes a lot deeper than it appears and quitting the game is simply a band-aid temp fix rather than a solution.

  9. So even though you had lots of fun and made a lot of new friends through the game, you still consider it a waste of time? Cool.

  10. I have never been much of a gamer, even as a kid I would find myself more content sitting back as others play while I chilled or bullshitted with friends. I played a bit of Mario Cart and even a little 007, by the way I was just terrible at. 
    I found myself in some legal trouble, prison and what not. I have a bit to active of a social life one might say. Hook up after hook up, cheating on girlfriends, even had a few run ins with, well lets just say thank god for antibiotics and condoms. Anyways, I was a bit crazy of a man living in a party city next to at the time one of the top 3 party colleges, ASU. I got into fights, made trouble for myself and others, and even picked up a bit of an addiction I am not to proud to admit to. I had a great job and it paid very well, but my lifestyle was catching up to me. 
    Getting to the point here…
    I was released from state prison Sept. 2009 to a new lesser form of imprisonment, supervised probation. I was like fuck all when I 1st got out. I went right back to my drinking fighting and fucking around ways Knowing 1 screw up meant 3 more years in a cage. My brother was a devoted WoW player and I would bust his balls all the time about it. Well he ended up moving in with me and I watched him play a bit and he seemed to really be having a good time running around and casting spells and what not while talking to people all around the world. He convinced me to give it a real go and I did. I found myself loving the game. I enjoyed it enough that I was content staying home on a Friday and/or Saturday night which was just unheard of for me. I sit here today after just being released from probation the 1st of Sept. this year. I can say with no doubt whatsoever that without WoW to keep me busy and entertained I would be in prison and not sitting here a free man. To me WoW didn't screw my life up, it actually made it better, made me a better person. I don't drink anymore, don't revolve my entire life around sex and where and who will I be getting at it with tonight and who else tomorrow, and I still enjoy casual play on a somewhat daily basis.
    Wow didn't damage my life, it actually helped to improve it. That's correct, WoW made my life better and kept me out of trouble and out of jail. Strange how one person's live can be screwed by something that makes life better for another. 

  11. Standing ovation for you sir!!! i was just in the same adiction, i used to play wow everyday all day long, now i am a proud networker who is living real life at his fullest!! 

  12. Lol, I have found that only addicted WoW player regularly use the phrase "in real life"  It kind of brings the offline WoW community together in that we have all wasted a huge amount of time playing WoW.

  13. Very nice video. I found it by accident as I was searching about addiction and wow. I saw the 65% off sale and made me thinking about starting. What is your oppinion . Should I start , or not ? I have a similar story, like yours. Only in younger age and diferent game (lineage 2). cheers

  14. This is my life, but at a younger age and another game.
    I have been playing Runescape since 2005 when i was 8.
    I did stop exactly one year ago and never happenend to return to it, atm i am 17.
    I have over 345 days of playtime on my main + alt accounts another 100 days.
    I feel free again.

  15. Video game addiction is, to be honest a lot better than a drug addiction. I quit gaming a year ago, it was hard, but I just went for long walks in the countryside, it was hard to adapt to a life of my own, I always felt like the games were and adaptation of me, and that my hand were useless unless gripped to a controller. But you can give up/cut down. Its hard, especially when its pretty much the only guaranteed pleasure source in your life, but it can be done. I'm working on giving up drugs, but mental illness, constant over thinking, insomnia, stress and multiple other factors make me depend on them to an extent. I have an addictive personality, so I've been hooked on everything from alcohol to video games, speed to porn, to legal highs, red bull to James Bond Films, cycling to cigarettes, motorbikes to cocaine.. I crave a high, excitement or a different perspective, caused by an external source. But now all I use is weed, but I use it too much, and don't like smoking, so I'm gonna cut down, but its hard when you're awake for 35 hours, 35 hours of non stop thought, constantly trying to figure absolutely everything out, questioning everything, having multiple thoughts at the same time, just trying to plan out my entire future, come to terms with my past and somehow enjoy the present. But its like enjoying going for a jog as a paraplegic, you'll get about a yard then fall.

  16. I know it's what people want to hear and what you may believe, but it's clear that your time with WoW was not wasted. It seems you developed some real computer skills, not to mention leadership and management skills with your guild and perhaps gained some other psychic benefits from the experience. 

    And it's perfectly fine to move on with your life, but it doesn't mean that part of your life was a waste. People "waste" plenty of time in sports, or hobbies or watching tv or reading… I've never played WoW before, but this is more a comment on the logic of the argument you are presenting.

    That said, otherwise I found it very entertaining and appreciate your openness.

  17. This is Why I MMO: Why I MMO

    I really appreciated this video.  Very well done sir.  You really could mention how much of a community there is in MMOs.  It's the main reason I play still to this day. 

  18. If Warcraft wasnt a MULTIPLAYER MMORP game it would be one of the most boring games EVER made… But because its online and you feel you need to compare all your gear at stats and archives with thousands of other players in your realm and millions around the world its so addictive and thats it. There is nothing else behind it , take the {social} and multiplayer aspect outta the game and its over done. 

  19. world of warcraft was a good game even my brother made me had a try at 5 years old but i wasn't that good at it until i hit 10-11 it brings back good memories however i don't want to go back you know why? mist of pandiara didn't appeal to me the game mechanics changed and that really got me annoyed and as i got to cataclysm it got to around 70 in a month and a 60 twink in no time and a level 85 hunter it just had gone to a challenge to a easy game…

  20. The thing is you don't have to exaggerate. You can stil both play and have a social life. But, it's a thin line between addiction and casual gaming and most people can't handle it. If you can handle it, you can have both the virtual and the real life. That's the real achievement.

  21. Time spent doing what you love is never wasted.   I had a Counterstrike 'addiction' for about 5 years… had a blast, no regrets.

  22. Amazing man. i saw the thread on neogaf. i havent been accepted there dunno why so i cant post there, but you did a great thing with the doc, simple elegant creative an really get the message across. Congratulations.

  23. The issue is when you have nothing to go to because you already have no friends or social life and there is nothing you're good at or overly enjoy. Then you just fall back on playing the game. It's really shitty, you want to go out and have fun but because of the 'no friends' barrier there's nobody you can do it with, or at least nobody you would feel comfortable doing it with.

  24. I've played since BETA. I have a wonderful husband and an annoying daughter.(Jk, not really) I get told often I'm not bad to look at (I don't believe it) and I am working on starting my own company. My husband played WoW with me but has grown bored but I keep at it sometimes. He works his butt off re-plastering pools and has even made foreman to his own crew. We are all in shape and would never change our gaming experiences. We have met friends online that we hang out with in real life (that means a lot because I'm anti-social) and talk to others on a daily basis through other sites. Not everyone who games is an out of shape, out of work, lonely nobody and it ticks me off that that is the stereotype we are given!

  25. Quite and interesting video, i used to be quite addicted myself, playin for around 15 hours a day, many things really kept me interested in this game. Im still playing WoW, but unlike most i have combined it with real life…a hobby of sorts, something i liked since i was a child..summer, agriculture and fresh air, the growth of plants has always fascinated me and earth is an element i find comfort in..alone and undisturbed. Im 22 and unlike others around my age i dont sit in bars or clubs drinking alchohol and having fun, such things never interested me and still dont, thats how i differed from class mates back when i was in highschool, active social life doesn't suit me either, you could say it bores me, despite that it sounds unusual…for a human being. I despised the fact that i was always visually the smallest and youngest looking in comparison to others of my age( at 18 i looked like a 10 year old ;p), so i was rejected, sadly, and so i learned to have a partly solitary life, having only parents and couple of relatives at my side. I wasn't scewed by WoW..i was screwed up by other ppl and while i could still have friends, after a short time i simply turn away to be alone.

  26. This guy was happy. He probably needed more moderation and self-improvement in his life order to be happier, for sure, but he was still happy. So what I took away from this video is "Hypergamy doesn't care."

    A high-status male in a social group attracts the most female attention in that social group. The act of traveling all the way to another country to visit a woman, probably with a lot of groveling that young men tend to do, only broke her perception of his status. His greatest mistake wasn't loving World of Warcraft, it was loving a parasitic stranger more. This is what most men do out of fear of doing anything else, they put women over the hobbies that they love thinking that female beauty equates to intelligence or compassion, and they destroy their lives much more because of that than the pursuit of their passions.

  27. This is why I put limits on how long I play games. To be honest, I don't even play games that often really, and when I do, it's usually on weekends. I'm a student though…hopefully this will stay the same when I graduate in 3 years.

  28. Dear Anthony, i hope you read my comment! I sad to see this video because this video is inspiring peoples to stay in the game, with the belief of they can play it in moderation, even if they not can. You clearly know to gaming, and specially world of warcraft is an a harmful,dangerous habbit, causing an choking addiction. Evryone know this, after seen your life story. And after all you just want to the peoples just keep playing it? > ["Therefore, i suggest the idea, of you just get payed by somewho's for this WoW advertising film."] Probably that dirty job is good for your filming carrier. An example for your immorality: "If you have been an alcoholic you not can drink agin safely, because the hight risk to you become an addict agin.
    Yes,not all peoples are turn to be an alcoholic from one single beer. Or turn to be a world of warcraft addict from 1 hour/day casual playing, somewho quickly get bored of it. "Because we are different,our genetics,psyche,upbringing,personality are different". But the point it is, to not make a risk. World of Warcraft is the most dangerous/addicting game in the world, causing suffering for many family's. (I from hungary. English is not my national language, sorry for my grammar skills)

  29. I played WoW for a long time. 4 and half years of hardcore playing. After I finally killed Deathwing I quit the game right then and there realizing how alone I was in real. I did get back on WoW for 2 months at the beginning of last year then quit again right after beating Grommish Hellscream. My characters name was Yomamma. A Human Pally. You might still find him in the armory. I might play again someday but only when this expanison is done updating so I can play through it all very quickly. Then I won't play for another 2 years. I love the WoW story and how it progresses as you play but thats the biggest part of the addiction. The need to find out what happens for yourself. Have fun players still in the game. Enjoy life People who have freed themselves! 


  31. I've been playing for seven years now. I've come to the point where if i want to continue playing i'm going to need to buy a new computer which is really hard for me to afford. It's just so hard. Even watching your video made me want to cry because the game and the music are just so beautiful and i relate so much. When you lose your characters and your online friends it's the saddest thing. When you say goodbye to your character it's like grieving for an old friend. Even my Wow memories with friends are precious to me and it's hard to let go . But your friends quit and it's sad because then you are all alone again. What would my life have been like if i had never played Wow? Would i have deeper friendships that lasted? Would i have more hobbies and accomplishments? I need to see beauty around me and want to feel accomplished. When i get up from my computer i see a crubby apartment and do not like how i look. I've even started to have some knee and circulation problems from playing the game so long. I've struggled with money. The things i want a nice house, my own property are beyond me. I struggle in life and this game gives me what i can't seem to reach irl. I want to quit, but i don't know how i won't be bored. What do you guys do for fun? I play dungeons and dragons with friends, go fishing and watch tv, but get bored easy. How do you do it?

  32. 감동적이긴한데…개격변에선 끊었단 얘기네. 그후부턴 와우의 흑역사니까 타이밍 하나 오지게 맞췄군..

  33. +Tyler Durden "you could have done this, you could have done that, you could" You could have read all of +Jonas Westberg's comment instead of talking down to him like an ignorant shithead thinking that because you were addicted to WoW that EVERYONE must be addicted. You could have said the exact same bullshit you spewed about a LOT of hobbies in this world like gambling, watching TV, any sort of competitive sport etc . You could also fuck off.

  34. This video make me cry to think abaut old time.I was a casul player but i can remeber old times man what life and when i see you siband guild i was near to cey because my guild disband recently and i lose lots of friends from that guild

  35. I remember watching another video of a man quitting WoW which he burnt his WoW CD at the end, anyone remember the name of that video or the link?

  36. Pierdolenie … Gram w WOWa od ponad 4 lat jednocześnie nie zapominam o realnym życiu, zdałam maturę, studiuję, mam faceta, spotykam się ze znajomymi … A jednocześnie kocham świat Azeroth i jego historię, gram i nałogowao czytam książki i inne rzeczy dotyczące tej gry. Wystarczy umieć pogodzić świat wirtualny z realnym, da się ;d

  37. he still plays in wod if anyone wondering, his armory –

  38. I dont think time is "wasted" if u just having fun and enjoy what u do. I think if u just have no more fun anymore and it fells "like a fulltime" job – thats the point to start asking yourself. If a game is no more fun. Dont play it anymore. Sounds easy. But i think, thats the key.

  39. This video got me addicted to wow and whenever i was getting bored of it i came back to watch this video and found new life in the game.

    Seriously thats not a joke

  40. Minecraft is nothing like World of Warcraft but actually I've been addicted to Minecraft throughout most of middle school and the first half of high school. I stopped once it didn't become fun anymore, I wasn't getting enjoyment from building or playing on servers anymore, so I slowly just phased it out of my life and did other things. Now here I am, in university. Minecraft still has a special place in my heart and memories, but now I have moved on and I am glad…

  41. I remember watching another video of a man quitting WoW which he burnt his WoW CD at the end, anyone remember the name of that video or the link?

  42. thanks a lot for making this video. Was playing wow private server wotlk for a long time and finally quit. All i gotta say is thank you. things have been so much better

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