Is Addiction Hereditary (Genetic) | Does Sex Addiction & Intimacy Anorexia Affect Children

Is Addiction Hereditary (Genetic) | Does Sex Addiction & Intimacy Anorexia Affect Children

Is sex addiction or Intimacy Anorexia hereditary? You want to stay tuned for that. Is sex addiction or Intimacy Anorexia hereditary? Now, most of you know what sex addiction is. It’s using sex in a way to medicate your
life, your past, not deal with issues, escape life,
feeling bad afterwards, all of that. Intimacy Anorexia is the active withholding
of spiritual, emotional, and sexual intimacy from your spouse. And if you need more information,
go to or They can help you with more of that. But is it hereditary? I have, especially women ask me that all the
time. You know,
“Dr. Weiss, are my kids going to be like my husband?” Okay? “Are they going to not know how to love
their spouse?” “Is it genetic?” Or, “Is my son or daughter going to be a
porn addict?” Or, “Are they going to cheat because my
husband cheated and his sex addiction involved cheating?” Well let me try to answer this question. There’s no research that proves that
marrying a sex addict husband you get sex addicted children. Okay? There’s no research that proves that
you get an intimacy anorexic child if you have an intimacy anorexia husband. Now having said that,
all addictions usually are reactions to disfunctions either in the family or disfunctions inside
their body trying to medicate the neurological disfunctions
that they might have inherited. So, when a soul is raised by a child,
now let me clarify what I’m saying, when someone has an active addiction,
alcohol, drugs, sex, food, work, they stay about 14 years old emotionally. So, if you’re being raised by an emotional
child, for whatever reason,
you don’t really get to mature at the same level
as if you were being raised by two emotionally mature adults. And if you have two parents with addictions,
you’re really going to be very, hmm challenged to discover maturity early
on. And so, because of that, the pain,
by being raised by one or two parents that are immature, is huge. So, needing to escape or needing to medicate
that does set those child or children up for wanting to medicate in some way. Now they might medicate by overperforming,
(becoming the best student or best athlete) they might medicate through alcohol, drugs,
sex, pornography, or food, or other ways of medicating. They might just play video games all day
or be addicted to their cell phone. There’s lots of ways that a child will medicate
themselves. So because of the disfunction,
yes, it can run in families. With intimacy anorexia,
when a child does not see attachment and does not experience attachment,
it’s not genetically hereditary, but what’s happening is
their soul’s not getting the nutrition from a primary relationship. They’re not getting the connection
or seeing the connection between a husband and wife. Sometimes an anorexic may feel like they’re
a good parent, but the role modeling of
the husband and wife relationship is very weak. And so in that case,
a child can experience a lack of connection with the opposite gender or both of their
parents. That can be a pain agent that causes disfunction. And they may, very early on, close off and
say, “It’s not safe to give my heart to my
family.” Generalize that relationships are not safe. Move down the whole road of mistrust. And yes, they might create intimacy anorexia,
they might create a sex addiction, they might be an alcoholic. Again, when you’re being raised by immature
people, that’s not hereditary and you can outgrow
your parents, and most people do if they’re raised in
that situation want to outgrow their parents. However, the pain that sets in the soul
sets those children up to have to manage or heal from. And they’ll be responsible for those choices. But I hope that just our short conversation. It’s not genetically provable,
but environmentally the soul has to manage based on the soul, or soil so to speak,
that they’re being raised in. Now, if you’re watching this for the first
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and will do my absolute best to do that. But I want you to know,
regardless of what the situation is with you and your spouse at this point,
you two can decide to mature, you may have to mature individually. You two maturing gives your children the
best chance of having a good quality of life.

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  1. My ex husband was a sex addict. He knew he had problem and struggled with it for many many years. The saddest part is that he was getting help and following the 12 step program. But when it came time to reveal this to me, his wife, he just couldn’t do it. In fact the anxiety of revealing this to me caused him to act out more and more. He never did tell me. I discovered this by accident. Thirty years, ten children later I found out he was not at all who he portrayed himself to be. I believe he was emotionally a fourteen year old boy. He never became a true man. The shock of all of this caused unimaginable trauma. I suffer from PTSD and he is the trigger. I cannot feel safe near him. All trust was lost. He never offered to get me help to deal with his deficiencies. Divorcing him saved my sanity and our children’s as well.
    Being near him causes me to literally tremble and he is clueless why I react that way.

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