Is Google Glass Making Internet Addiction Worse?

Is Internet addiction a thing? Scientists have treated the first patient
with internet addiction disorder brought on by overuse of Google Glass. Or as Google’s
calling it “phase 1 complete”. Hi, welcome to the new show, I’m Ross Everett
and I’m addicted to the internet. Ebola, move aside, there’s a new fear in
town. Internet addiction, and chances are you might already have it! Do you find yourself
clicking in and out of tabs? Constantly checking your phone? Having such a poor short term
memory you forgot what this video was about already? that’s what it’s about. And if
you thought “yeah, that sounds like me” to any of those questions, you may have it. Any hardcore World of Warcraft or League of
Legends players can attest to the irritability and anxiety that sets in when not playing
the game. You’re telling me you haven’t offered a sexual favor for a pair of shadowcraft
gloves. Yet psychologists are divided as to whether or not Internet addiction is a thing,
even as they’re treating the first patient showing withdrawal symptoms from his Google
Glass. The 31 year old navy serviceman was actually
admitted to a recovery program for his alcoholism, but when part of his treatment required him
to stay away from technology, including his Google Glass, doctors noticed him tapping
his right temple as if he were still wearing the device. Or as it should be called: Professor
X-ing. Turns out, the patient was going through withdrawal
not just from alcohol, but from his glasses. In fact, he said the Google Glass withdrawal
was WORSE than the alcohol withdrawal. And it takes a special kind of someone who’s
been through some shit to make that comparison accurately. Which, while seeming outlandish,
makes sense once dr. science weighs in. With technology, and Google Glass especially,
it’s incredibly accessible. There’s very little time between fixes. While you might
have to wait for a drink, technology is just a tap or click or touch away from giving you
that sweet, sweet, dopamine release in your pleasure center. That kind of pleasure you
can only get from clicking like on a friend’s facebook status. That fix that comes from
retweeting a buzzfeed article about commercials that only people who grew up in the 90s will
understand. That rush of goodness that can only be supplied by googling how to make fresh
guacamole with california avocados! YOU DON’T KNOW ME! And then when you remove something
that used to be so easy, so normal, so readily available, of course you’re going to miss
it. Take air for example. It’s everywhere. Imagine it’s not anymore. Tada: withdrawal.
God, I want guacamole so bad right now! The patient claimed that when he was without
his glasses he felt irritable, argumentative, and had memory problems which are also symptoms
of being Larry David. Internet addiction isn’t in the 2013 version
of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, which is the big book of
recognized crazy, in fact, the only non substance related addiction in the book is gambling.
The rest are chalked up to symptoms of other psychological problems- not dissimilar from
being Larry David. I think it’s time to reexamine this, don’t
you? I mean, there are studies showing similar brain abnormalities in those who use the internet
in excess with those who are addicted to substances such as cigarettes or alcohol. Internet addiction
is a very serious thing, and if we don’t take action now, the effects could be disastrous.
Take a look at the possible consequences of Internet Addicition withdrawal going untreated: What do you think, is Internet addiction a
real thing? Let me know in the comments below.

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