Is Sugar Addiction a Sin?

Is Sugar Addiction a Sin?

Is sugar addiction a sin? Hi, I’m Kimberly Taylor
with Having suffered from sugar
addiction for over 20 years before the Lord set me free, I think that I have some
insight about this subject, and can answer it according
to Biblical truths. Now when you ask the question, is sugar addiction a sin, the first thing that we need to look at is what is the definition of addiction? What does it mean to be addicted? Well, when you look at the
definition of addiction, it says to have dependency
upon a particular substance, and you’ll have adverse effects when you remove it from your life. So that’s the definition of addiction, that dependency upon that substance to get you through life. And I thought about, when
I looked at that question about is addiction a sin, I thought about the definition also that pastor and author Tim
Keller had about idolatry. And I have it actually up here for myself, and I went ahead and brought it up, because I thought it was
such an important definition when we’re talking about the subject of whether sugar addiction is a sin. And this is what Timothy Keller says about idolatry and what idolatry is. He says, “What is an idol? “It is anything that is more
important to you than God, “anything that absorbs your heart “and imagination more than God, “anything you seek to give
you what only God can give.” And then let’s go ahead and think again about the definition of addict, or the definition of addicted, and that is having dependency on that particular substance
to get you through life. So really when you look at addiction and that addictive substance, then you have to ask yourself, is practicing this addiction
more important to me than my relationship with God? And that’s a serious question, because for many years part of my practicing of the addiction, first of all, I wasn’t
saved, that was number one, but then once I became saved and recognized that it was a problem, then I realized that in some instances, actually I shouldn’t say
even in some instances, that practicing that addiction
was more important to me than my relationship with God. And I just have to be honest with you. And then I think that
really in the first years of my relationship with God after I said the prayer of salvation, I had kind of a arms-length
relationship with God, as it were, but back in 2001 I came to
know God in a different way. And at a Christian women’s conference He revealed his love
to me in a unique way. And once I experienced God’s love, then I had a desire to know God’s word, and I wanted to know what God, as I came to know Him as my loving Father, had in mind for me. So as I started studying out the word, this scripture actually came to my mind, and it as James and I have
it here in front of me, it’s James 4:17, and it says, therefore to him who knows to
do good and does not do it, to him is sin. And let me repeat that, because that’s the
Biblical definition of sin, to him who knows to do
good but does not do it, to him it is sin. And for me when I was addicted to sugar, I did believe that it
was not something good that I needed to do. So I was convicted in
how I was using sugar, so to me it was sin. Now I will have to say that I came to start being dependent
upon sugar as a little child, because I had experiences
as a little child when I felt lonely, and I was a child of a single mother, and she used to actually go to work, and she would leave me with money to go get candy from the corner store when I was at the babysitter’s, and so I came to associate the fact that sugar made me feel
better when I ate it. It soothed that loneliness I felt when my mom wasn’t there. And so that association
was built into my brain, my brain became programmed with that association as a little child. And I did not know any better
at that particular time, so really, I did not get that conviction until I became much older. But once God convicted me
of how I was using sugar as a substitute for Him, then to me it did become sin. And then once God convicted me of that, then I had a responsibility
about whether I was going to follow God
in this matter or not. So that is the real issue, because I want to ask you the question, in your practice of sugar or using sugar, do you use sugar as a
means to soothe emotions that you don’t want to feel? And that’s a very serious question, because if you’re using
sugar in that manner, or you feel guilty when
you’re using sugar, or you try to hide it from other people, so they don’t know how
much sugar you’re eating, then all of that is sin. And that is part of the
practice of addiction. In fact, there was a Christian
author I read many years ago, and she said that the
strength of sin is secrecy. So if you’re using sugar and
you’re feeling guilty about it, and you’re hiding it
from your family members, or you’re keeping a secret stash, all of those things point to the fact that for you that sugar is a stronghold and it is a sin. Now we don’t want to get
all caught up in sin, because if you’re a
believer in Jesus Christ, then not only does He
tell you that convicts you that hey, this is wrong, you should not be using
the sugar in this manner, but then He also shows you the way out. And one of the scriptures,
and I have it also here, and it’s Romans 7:9, excuse me, actually I
have a scripture here and this is something that the
Apostle Paul said in Romans, and actually let me give you this one, it’s Romans 6:14, and it says, for sin shall not have dominion over you, for you are not under
law, but under grace. It’s the difference between
conviction and condemnation. Condemnation says you’re bad and you’re not going to get any better, and that comes from the enemy, because he wants to
steal, he wants to kill, and he wants to destroy, and he wants you getting into
that feeling of hopelessness like you’ll never change. But also from Romans 12:2, which was one of the
most hopeful scriptures that I got a hold to when I was seeking to
overcome sugar addiction was not to be conformed with this world, but to be transformed by
the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is
that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. So Romans 12:2 is proof
that you can change, and then Romans 6:14 tells you the manner, the power by which you change. And once again it says, for sin shall not have dominion over you, for you are not under law,
but you are under grace. And one of the names for the Holy Spirit that once you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior the Holy Spirit came to
live on the inside of you, so one of the names for the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Grace, and God gives all of you power to overcome sugar addiction, but it requires being willing to walk it out with him
step-by-step and day-by-day. Now one of the things, and I’m going to go back
to the original definition that we talked about concerning sugar, the definition of addicted, which is that you cannot
remove that substance to which you’re addicted
without adverse effects. Well as a Christian, the
very basis of our faith is knowing about the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for us. So He is the author and He
is the finisher of our faith. And as you’re withdrawing from sugar, as you’re saying to yourself, you know what, I do want
to get this out of my life, I want to have a right
relationship with food, then you can pray to the Lord, and say, Lord, I’m so thankful, and make that declaration to yourself, Lord, I am so thankful that by your Spirit I am free from sugar addiction. Show me what is the next
right step for me to take so that it’s not convenient
for me to practice this. Show me the people who might be around me that may be influencing me
to practice sugar addiction, show me the things that I’ve
been keeping in my environment that’s made it easy for me
to practice sugar addiction. And above all, show me the
negative thought patterns, the destructive thought patterns that I’ve had in my mind that have convinced me to continue, that it’s okay to continue
to practice sugar addiction. So you really want to look
at those three things, what’s in you, who’s around
you, and what’s around you, what you’re keeping in your environment, because all of these things have to work together in
order for you to change. So once you get that wisdom
from the Lord in your prayer, then the Holy Spirit
gives you the strength to walk it out. Now am I saying that
it’s going to be easy? No, not at all, because it wasn’t easy for me either. There were days when I had headaches, there were days when I
would just have low energy, but you know what? One of the things that
that convinced me of was if I’m removing this substance, and it’s making me feel that bad, then it was bad from the very beginning. And in fact, I’ll put a link to my article Your Sugar or Your brain, with this video, but there are actual physical changes that are made in your brain when you practice sugar addiction that are very similar to the same patterns in practicing drug addiction. It makes actual physical
changes to your brain, and that should be proof enough that this is not a good habit for you. And you know what? One of the best things to know when you’re overcoming sugar addiction, to know when you’re breaking
that habit in your life, is knowing that you serve a good God, and His plans for you are better than anything that you have for yourself. So you have to recognize that I’m going to remove
this sugar addiction out of my life, I’m going to
break it with the Lord’s help, day-by-day, step-by-step,
walking in His wisdom, and I believe that because
I have a good Father, that as I remove this from my life, He’s got something better for me. In fact, I love Jeremiah 29:11 which says, and that’s the Lord’s promise, I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you hope and a future. So you have to have that vision that the Lord has something
better in store for you with the sugar addiction out of your life, removing that sugar idol out of your life, let’s just go ahead
and call it what it is, knock it over, remove it, break it, so that God can be first in my life in every single area, because His blessings
are bundled in obedience. I hope this was helpful, God bless you. If you want to know more about
overcoming sugar addiction and experiencing freedom
from emotional eating, then please visit my website, which is God bless you, have a great day.


  1. Hello, I do have let's say a sweet tooth, I feel bad because I do need to lose weight, and I am having a hard time. I stopped smoking 3yrs ago thanks to the holy spirit, and feel so good for that, but now I am going through this Pre-menopause,and sometimes feel the need to eat something it wrong. Thank you bless you.

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