Israelis: How common are drugs and alcohol in Israel?

Israelis: How common are drugs and alcohol in Israel?

How common is drinking alcohol
here in Israel? Vladimir
Bat Yam Hard liquor or soft? Soft Beer and wine? Beer is common and hard alcohol? Hard? People here don’t like hard liquor They don’t like it? Do you? Not so much Maybe on weekends, maybe If there is a reason to celebrate Do people here get drunk a lot? Generally? Yes I wouldn’t say that Is smoking weed common? It’s common More common than alcohol? It depends on the age It depends on the age I assume you mean that
younger people do it more smoke more No No? No You are trying to generalize… No, not at all
say what you want So, no in my opinion you get to an age, an understanding
that alcohol is less less effective and more dangerous so you move on to….
Grass Is there a lot of alcohol drunk in Israeli society? Among young people? Yes They drink The majority drink Do they get drunk? No They don’t get to such levels Nadav and Yael
Kfar Saba hurting themselves What about weed?
How common? Common Everyone smokes It goes up with age The older you get
the more you smoke grass While you are rolling
a cigarette How common is weed in Israel? In Israel? I think very common I think it is very common Where do you live? Here in Beer Sheva Is it very common for all ages? I don’t really know I think so Is it accepted? Let’s say In your age group
people smoke What about your parents?
Do they know? Know what? That people smoke weed They know people smoke It’s not such a big deal There are those who
make it a big deal and those who don’t Depends on the age Usually the younger generation
is less makes it less of a big deal Alcohol? Do people drink? People drink alcohol Do they get drunk? Yes A lot? Yes I guess you do How common here is it
to drink alcohol and smoke weed? Ben
Tel Aviv Drinking alcohol is not that common It is common but at a social level Let’s take you. How much
do you drink every week? I drink one or two beers a week How common is weed?
I won’t ask what you do Don’t ask about me Weed is common
More common than the rest of the world Than the rest of the world? More than the rest of the world I believe it is because of the army What do you mean? After the army, people need
a reason to fly to another country and to loosen up Is it only weed or other drugs? No, actually I think weed is common and other drugs are much less common Only in Tel Aviv or the entire country? Mainly Tel Aviv but also
on kibbutzes and moshavs How common is drinking
alcohol in Israel? Common, daily What do you drink daily? I don’t drink every day but I see people drinking every day What are they drinking? Vodka and Redbull, beer How many times per week do you drink? Sofia and Yana
Bat Yam It depends on what is happening for long periods I might not drink I don’t know
once or twice a week and you? Once a… I like beer I drink when she comes to my place You’ve been warned Do people here get drunk? Yes sometimes, in Tel Aviv mostly Weed, how common is weed? I am not asking about you Weed is the best I wish it was like Amsterdam here
I wish it was open that we could sit here and… leaving the airport and immediately there is that smell and you could come here
to the beach and it would be amazing you don’t need to watch youself It should be open So it is pretty common I see I really wish it was very common How common is it here
to drink alcohol? and smoke weed? Tom
Tel Aviv I think pretty common Do you want numbers? How much do you drink in a week? I drink a little What is a little? One? Two? No, once every two weeks maybe three weeks Is weed common? I am not
asking if you smoke It is common It is common The guy behind me
Among Arabs, is it common to smoke weed? Mohammad
Tel Aviv Yes, of course it’s common Do you live in Jaffa? No, Tel Aviv Among the Arab youth here in Israel is it common to smoke weed? I was 16 when I started to smoke Do you smoke a lot? Everyone smokes More or less true What about harder drugs are there? I am not the right person to ask Do you know of any? It is less The hardest drug that I
have seen around me is weed Weed How common is alcohol
in Israeli society? Orly
Oranit (West Bank settlement) Difficult question For example, how many people
do you know who drink daily? Every day? Very few I don’t know many people
that drink alcohol every day but there are those who drink
on weekends or when they go out What do they drink?
Beer? Wine? Whiskey, beer and wine all sorts of cocktails and how much? How much on average? What is the average? Weekdays people are more careful
especially if they need to drive but on Shabbat when they are resting people drink a lot What is “a lot”? I had an Irish guy at my place
drink 12 beers an hour So not that level If we are talking about the Irish… We sit and drink a few shots a glass or wine So light My light is two glasses of wine my non-light is drinking more
a lot more I can get to the twelve
that your Irish friend got to How common is weed in this society? Do you know people who smoke? Do I know people who smoke? I am very against it and I prefer not to talk about it Do you know anyone who
does harder drugs? No I don’t know anyone Hiali (my niece!)
Tel Aviv Do many Israelis drink alcohol or smoke weed? Yes That is the question?
Are you filming? Of course, there are many
Many smoke weed, Many Alcohol is part of the culture mostly in Tel Aviv There is a serious alcohol culture Not excessive alcohol but there is
always beer or wine on the table Do people get drunk?
I don’t see that often No, no Not many people get drunk
on the streets on the weekdays there is that atmosphere on weekends But there is always alcohol Every evening It is a reason to meet Weed there is a lot
in my opinion everywhere, as clearly as possible and you can see it all day
with all kinds of people Is it legal now? No, it’s not legal
there was talk about decriminalization but it just continues as usual But it is more part of the culture even those who were against
it a few years ago now it is used medicinally some people are more open
to hearing about it A lot of people smoke
Really, a lot of people I asked you specifically
because of what your dad does You want to explain? He has a store for
hydroponic home growing You can also grow things
like basil and tomatoes but the idea is to grow
things for yourself But he had that “information” car Still, he does that he is a big social activist for legalization Does he still have that car?
(says “Cannabis information unit”) No, he doesn’t but he does so much
speaking at rallies He did a lot for it a lot of rallies a lot to move towards legalization but it is all an issue of the government they have some interest
that it won’t be legal and it will continue to be
illegal until that interest disappears or until we make enough noise But it doesn’t matter
eveyone smokes here in Tel Aviv you see it so much you can ask at the bar
for a dish for your grass You even feel it is not ok
because it feels legal which is crazy When I was in Amsterdam I felt less comfortable smoking
weed there than in Israel In Amsterdam! With all it’s places to smoke coffee shops


  1. It would have been good to ask them about other drugs such as cocaine and speed etc……everywhere has weed and alcohol.

  2. Very few Israelis get drunk like their British or European counterparts. In the UK for example, guaranteed if you go into the city at night you'll see people staggering and falling about.

  3. 1 Cor 6:19 : know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit which is in you…. and you are not your own?

  4. WOW!!! Your niece is a MAJOR BABE!!! SHE should have her own TV show as she has a very smooth presence and is very articulate.  Also, it really doesn't surprise me that the majority of the Israeli population is stoned or drunk.  When I lived there I saw how Israeli jews treat non-jews and I pretty much knew it was not how a "normal" rational person would react.  But as they say, "in vino veritas"…or "dutch courage", meaning when they are drunk or stoned, they don't think about the consequences or the "right vs wrong" of their actions.

  5. Sadly I could never visit Israel because it seems like nearly everyone smokes all over the place. I’d have to wear a gas mask.

  6. No one mentioned the festival of Purim where one is supposed to drink so much (alcohol) that one cannot tell the difference between the names of Mordechai and Haman. That's pretty drunk by anyone's standards. I guess it would be fun to see normally sober Haredim walking the streets pissed.

    No one mentioned the sanctification which involves the drinking of wine for ritual purposes (not to get drunk). It's probably the origin of sacramental wine for Christians. Although this is based on what JC said at the Last Supper, the reason they were eating bread and drinking wine is because it was on the table for Passover ritual purposes.

  7. What's funny is the places that don't bother making regional things illegal therefore it's not deemed a drug

  8. Builds up an ethno state on blood and war..
    Gives up all their heritage for atheism, weed and alcohol..
    I don't think I've ever seen anything taken for granted more in the history of the world.

  9. I used to live in Las Vegas and I was acquainted with Miriam Addelson who owns a methadone clinic in Vegas and one in TelAviv so I know there's heroin in Israel I wonder how much

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  11. Hey Corey I have a video I made just for u why don't u watch it I talk about u why don't u see it and learn that isreal is made up and was taken its Palestine get it right 😊😊😊😊😊🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸

  12. Realy funny reactions from kids, smoking weed`s and Amsterdam. In Holland the older generation realy regret`s all the Kofieshop pollecy`s from the past and now would realy like to get rit of them all. . .

  13. Israeli Jews needs to watch out, if they start getting corrupted like the Palestinians in the West Bank (yeah they also love to drink and smoke weed) then Israel is going to turn into another Syria, torn to shreds. That time the won't be able to say "God loves us" otherwise He'll intensify their problems.
    That's literally the only thing that will keep Jews powerful in Israel (if they continue to be less corrupt than the other communities and if their conservatives try to live their life by the Torah and not try to act shrewd with it's laws). I'm a Muslim and memorized the entire Quran, and I can see how the Arabs are falling in the sight of God.

  14. Shalom ve Erev Tov Corey Gil-Shuster film tov meod can you make a film what are the Israelis doing during the weekend / Shabbes ? Ani ohevet Iwrith . Toda rabah Shalom Maleichem Rinah from Germania ve Polin .

  15. Lol it's funny that older people smoke weed. it's the reverse in america. the younger u are the more u smoke, the older u get the more u drink

  16. After i tasted weed or grass I quit alcohol and ciggarette smoking unknowingly. It helped me miraculously and now i take once a day

  17. When I was there in February I never saw the level of drinking I saw in the US. It was always available, and restraunts always had some, I always saw the consumption was a lot less.
    This is also strange, as taxes on booze struck me as being substantially lower than in the US as a percentage of the bill. Meals were spendy, and wine would be spendy, but not as bad as here


    Ironically, despite living in the Holy Land, the Israelis are more weird than say most Gentiles living in other countries where drug use is less rampant.

    The reason why most Israelis habitually do drugs is on account of deep psychiatric and emotional disorders they suffer either due to generational incest/inbreeding, or constant fear of violence and war, or inability to make two ends meet with ease, or neck high debts, or insecurity, or xenophobia, or sexual promiscuity, or compulsory conscription and other related factors.

    Their gait, posture, gestures, gaze, aggressiveness, lack of refined mannerisms egoism and loud tone all indicate high levels of stress and inner disharmony.

    Sad and shameful.

  19. In Spain weed became pseudo-legal because growing it for personal consumption (wasn't specified if individually or in group) wasn't banned, only growing to sell is banned.

    The courts have ruled that consumer associations can grow plants for the associates and associates pay to be members. Then when an associate takes some weed they make a monetary contribution equal to the capital extracted in flowers (with an extra for the logistics of the association, that logistic is electricity and the people working there).

    Most associations have a place with TV, videogames, books, sofas… You can take it home or smoke there and you are not committing any illegality (in theory is illegal to carry it in the street, but it's also illegal for police to wait outside there and searching people only for being inside of an association).

    Catalonia parliament passed its own law based on that legal void and to have a minimum legal framework for the security of the workers and members of the associations, this law in theory is valid in all the spanish state until other parliaments make its own law.

  20. I had Muslim friends visiting from Palestine just this past weekend, and they're the biggest stoners I know aside from myself. We got stoned the whole weekend. They get hash in Palestine easily, but not whole herb. They also have at least beer in Palestine (I didn't ask about other alcohol). They couldn't believe Corona was a cheap beer here in the U.S. I know enough Palestinians to say, they are like most of my Christian friends where they don't know what's in their own religious text. My female Muslim friend staying this weekend doesn't wear a hijab, is a dentist, and grew up watching the Power Rangers and eating fruity pebbles. B.S. American war propaganda at it's finest, trying to paint a picture of Palestinians as such a primitive culture that none of us can relate to it, so why bother thinking about them if we can't put ourselves in their shoes shoes.

  21. IS normal to want to have a good time with friends, and I see that these folks are responsible users of alcohol and weed , personally i think thats how it should be

  22. As always I LOVE your videos! Tel Avis looks so clean and healthy! Where in the US can you film people in the street for several minutes and not see homeless people with everything they own on their backs or in a shopping cart? I live in Silicon Valley and you could not film the same kind of videos here without heartbreakingly poor people showing up in the background. People do not help each other here.

  23. I’m a big fan of your work Corey!!!
    It’s amazing what you do and I hope you continue many greetings and best wishes from Morocco

  24. Weed is so common in Israel. I have seen 70years old people smoke a joint 10am at the shuk.
    But there are less drunk people in the streets than in Europe. Also I have the feeling the know their limits

  25. shes probably agenst cannabis just because it makes you lazy shes so silly if she was muslim shed be agenst Alcahole as they believe thats what you get in there heaven so its a religious thing glad im not religious

  26. Ey juden kommt mal zu mir ich verkaufe euch mal bischen drogen ich weiss die juden nehmen sehr gern kokain oder heroin oder canabis

  27. Alcohol isn't common in Israel. "soft" alcoholic drink like wine or beer isn't very popular. Hard liquor as well isn't very poplar on regular basis, But Israeli drink a lot when partying, and sadly, has one of the highest percentage of teenagers alcohol consumption.

    Weed is a whole different story. Israel has one the highest consumption rate in the world, 1 of 3 Israeli smokes weed on regularly basis. The stressful lifestyle in Israel with mandatory military services that caused a lot of people having PTSD and fighting for legalize it, made a boom of the way society view it.

  28. Can you swim all year round in Israel. Just curious about that. I know it stays relatively warm, cool nights can lead to cooler water.

  29. I see Israeli (?) women in the background basking in nothing but their panties and bras (bikinis, if you must)! That's filthy, degraded and polluted. Ah, verily: "Not as though the word of God hath taken none effect. For they are not all Israel, which are of Israel" [Rom. 9-6]
    But there's true Israelites, bless GOD.

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