1. yes yes yes!!! starts with loving self totally and self honesty then can love and be honest with all and in relationship!!!

  2. Lovely To Here The Truth so Beautifully Spoken

    Much love @ Respects Jeff @ team
    From Alexjohn
    Mystic Rockstar

  3. That's kind of why I'm not too fond of the pointer "there's no one to do anything" that is so prevalent in the spiritual community here. We can all so easily fall into the trap of rejecting form, and rejecting the humanity that exists, that is a perfect expression of the absolution of what we are.

    See, it's only when a person feels like they are cut off from life that the idea of "a person" becomes one that is inhibitory. When one does not feel separate, all thoughts, even the I are free to be.

  4. FIll yourself with the Holy Spirit of God 🙂 He will never leave nor forsake you and He promises his Temple eternity and everything they need (See Holy Bible, Ephesians)

  5. You can be honest with me. That's what I deeply feel.
    You say that you can't be honest with me because you don't want to be left or you have the aim to have me and feel completeness when we're together, that suggests me you PRESUMES I'd leave you if you told me the truth or your true feelings and thoughts. And it's gonna work out like a self-completing-oracle.

  6. What I think is that I've the intellingence, strength and openess for your feelings, thoughts and your freedom of being honest to yourself and to me.
    The pain and self-blaming/self-reproach I experienced in a relationship started when I saw an unhonest guy with a kind of fear in his gesture confused about what to tell.

  7. That’s not a good feeling when you face that your loved one fears of something which is not you but can make that believe that’s you divorcing him, like the first step of the self-completing-oracle.
    It does not feel good when I feel you don’t want to be honest to yourself because of me. When you are not honest that confuses you at first.

  8. And seeing you confused, I trust in our intelligence to communicate with each other. I truly admire that aboriginal wisdom/’must inspiration’ of males about love. And how nice can that be when you are able to speak about it, sharing your wisdom you trust.
    I think dolphins in the ocean do not hide from each other while dancing with another male or female dolphin 🙂

  9. Nice work Jeff. Perhaps it is simpler to say that the (Mind, ego, self) is a created but limited concept that seeks to make itself whole. Simply letting go of the concept reveals the whole that was always there.

  10. this question has already been answered….by him or dan millman…you're cynical…i get it but they are actually helping the world. isn't it what we all aim to do…okay dnt like him??? chek ajahn brahm

  11. It is all experiences, neither complete or incomplete … its all about the game called life .. no game then no life at all … even the talk of jeff although it is great is part of the game

  12. if we are ALREADY complete then why do we seek other things and try to be completed by other things? I don't understand why we do this to our selves. Are we scared to be alone?

  13. The same philosophy in Buddhism about attachment leading to suffering. Since we live in an ever changing world whatever we attach to will eventually change and bring us discomfort.

  14. As human beings we are not even honest with ourselves!  We 'cannot afford to be' because we would lose the only sense of completion we have, and we dread that.  Better to be divorced with ourselves and 'at war' in order to cling to the only person who will not leave us or take away our completion.  It's all a journey….

  15. Failure & unloved are not feelings; they're thought. If I say I don't want to continue a relationship with you you may FEEL scared or sad or embarrassed or confused or insecure but you can't feel unloved – that is an interpretation or evaluation of the observation of your feelings or what you heard/saw, etc.
    Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life by Marshall Rosenberg has given me so much clarity about how I make myself suffer and perpetuate stories that don't serve me (or others). I now set intentions to check if my thoughts words and actions aren't meeting those intentions not on whether somebody else is living up to my intentions

  16. How wonderful the Universe works 🙂 Today I was thinking all the day about completeness.About that nothing can fulfill myself, no matter what I will get, it still will be a gap..And now this video it is just an approval of my thinking. But are those thoughts arise in myself or in someone else? They all arise from consciousness that we are 🙂

  17. Thanks for sharing! I am in the need to complete myself! Needed to hear your words 🙂
    Now I and nothin' else will complete me!! 🙂

  18. Hi Jeff,
    I understand what you are saying, yet I find this way of thinking a bit nihilistic, I mean we are still human beings even though one may have glimpsed what we really are. Who i am is also a very ordinary simple person, We still have basic human needs. Like love, friendships, foods, appreciation, touch etc etc. Those basic human needs I find worth striving for. No matter how enlightened one may be. We all need love from another person to be complete as a human being. I'm not claiming these to be universal truths I'm just sharing my personal opinion. What is your opinion on my comments ?

  19. seeking=cannot see the completeness within you, already in you/escape unpleasant painful experience

    if sth can complete you, it can also incomplete/withdraw you(lose it)
    you think you found someone, but you want to keep it (the fear of loss of completeness, losing life)
    relationship can feel like a battle of life

    if you are seeking completeness from the other person, you cannot be honest
    -if I don't like you, you will leave me
    -losing wholeness in life

  20. My sky as enough room for all kind of weather… bad feelings… good one … but when im tipsy or high .. am i still on ''the way'' ?? Is it ok to say that i allow this too in my sky ? caus this is what happen now ? is being on drunk or high is something that i should accept at the moment ?

  21. I really like Jeff, but he's repeating himself a lot. Like saying the same things over and over and again and again. Saying it so many times that I sometimes think: Come on Jeff, u can move on now because u already said it a few times. I mean he's repeating himself quite often. So I sometimes get the feeling i've heard it once before. Or twice. Or three or four times. Well, he said it more then once. What i'm really saying is that Jeff is a wonderful guy but he could repeat himself a little less. Did i make myself clear here? Wait: i say it again….;-) Love u Jeff, thanks for all!

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