Jim J. Bullock on Living with a Crystal Meth Addiction | Where Are They Now | Oprah Winfrey Network

Jim J. Bullock on Living with a Crystal Meth Addiction | Where Are They Now | Oprah Winfrey Network

I was so sexually active in the early ’80s, my doctor–
[LAUGHS] my doctor recommended that I get tested for HIV. All we knew at the time
was this gay cancer. But he said, you
should have a test. And so I said, OK. Yeah, that’s great. I was actually having
a dinner party. It was like, you
know, 7 o’clock. And the phone rings. And that was right when the
cordless phones were in. So I reached across. I’m at the table with everyone. And I– hello? It’s my doctor, oh my god.
You know, hi. How are you? Oh, you have– you
have my results? Oh, great, yeah. And he said, you know,
they’re– you’re positive. And I went, oh. Well, that’s a good thing! And he said, no. It’s– it’s not a good– you’ve
been exposed to the virus. You need to come in
as soon as you can. And I kind of hung the phone up. I just put it back and went
back to the conversation. [MUSIC PLAYING] For a year I
couldn’t tell anyone. I just kept it inside me and
was in– I guess in denial. I was lost. For the first time in my
life, I didn’t know who I was. [MUSIC PLAYING] John was– it was an incredible
gift to have him in my life. We were really, really
good for each other. I miss him. I got into the party scene. And it was very, you
know, innocently at first. It was fun. And the drugs were fun. I dyed my hair platinum. I– I had addiction
to crystal meth. It really had its grips on me. I have never had anything
in my life that has grabbed my soul like that [BLEEP] did. I– I had a hard time
breaking from it. And I am really, really
so blessed that I had a foundation of faith. I had a foundation of
people that loved me. I had a strong enough
sense of who I am.


  1. ACK! It ended too early. I love Jim J.! He's so funny, innocent acting, clumsy, etc. He's a perfect comedic actor. I also loved his show in the early 90s when it was the Jim J. and Ann show, and before that the Jim J. and Tammy Fay show. It was such fun with no agendas, or issues, or drama like today's talk shows. Man I want that back on TV. I'm so sick of today's current table-talk shows, they're all horrible and narcissistic all around. Jim J.s shows talked about shoes, and interviewed celebrities about their TV shows, just mindless fun relaxing stuff. We need that back, and Jim J. needs to host it. Bring him to Broadcast with a farther reach than cable. Remember, Jim J. was Prince Valium in Space Balls 🙂

  2. Wow, hes alive. I was just reading about tammy faye and the constant battles she went thru(cancer, kids, scandal, divorce, failed shows) and found her co star from her brief show…

  3. i had no idea jm jay bullock is gay not that it matterd hes still cool though bring s drug does matter thst awful

  4. I saw Jim in a high school silly skit show put on by the seniors at Permian High School in about 1974. He was hilarious, and his extraordinary talent was obvious. I hope he's beaten the addiction and is well.

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