Juice WRLD | Gone But Not Forgotten | Jarad Higgins Full Biography

Juice WRLD | Gone But Not Forgotten | Jarad Higgins Full Biography

Before Juice World would clock in over 10
Million followers on Instagram & Twitter, surpass a Billion views on his own YouTube
channel and be booked to headline Rolling Loud in Los Angeles this December. Before Lucid Dreams, a song that was reportedly
completed within fifteen minutes, would peak at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and would
go on to be certified 5x platinum becoming one of the most popular songs of 2018. Before Juice Wrld would get hit with a $15
Million dollar law suit by now defunt Florida Rock group YellowCard, a song that he already
paid out 85% in royalties to Sting. In regards to this he humbly replied:
Lost millions made millions…the song impacted to many ppl in a good way for me to be upset
over it ..there’s always more money to be made and
I will make it so. I’ve seen a ton of artists come up over the
years but either I was just getting on the internet or these stars had made it before
I started this show, I felt like I had missed witness to some part of their journey. Juice Wrld, is an exception… I witnessed that mans career from start to
finish and can truly say he was a one of a kind talent. He wasn’t in the SoundCloud freshman class
but came up few years later and here were a ton of things the separated him from his
counterparts. For one, the music, he was emo, he grew up
on rock and showed a great appreciation for a wide variety of genres and was a self described
old soul. He also rapped about depression, addiction
and heartbreak which are themes often overlooked in hip hop. On top of all this, he was a world famous
but had decided to lock it down in a committed relationship. Our prayers go out to his girlfriend and family. The dude was an all around lovable guy and
at 21 years of age he had lived more than most of us ever will. With that said, he also had a long history
of drug use. Despite his own awareness and fears of drug
use and dieing at a young age it makes it all the more tragic for the world to lose
such a bright talent so young in an era where we’ve lost too many already. It’s with a heavy heart we are bringing you
this video in tribute of Juice Wrld 999 in a video we have titled Gone But Not Forgotten. When a star passes away, especially one whose
reached mainstream success so young like Juice Wrld, well the entire world stops when reacting
to the news. I’ve received thousands of requests in my
DM’s and in the comments to get this video done. If your a long time fan, or just want to know
more about this man we hope you find that these videos are done with the upmost respect. Please your condolences in the comments down
below. By now, you all know who I am so let’s get
into the video. Juice Wrld 999 was born Jared Higgins on December
2, 1998, in the windy city of Chicago Illinois and a year after his birth his family moved
to the south suburbs to the area of Homewood. In one of the few still public posts about
his childhood from his birthday last year the caption reads:
Still got the same devious facial expression as I look at the wrld.. blessed to see 20
pray to see many more Damn! That hits hard and we are just getting started . His parents split up when he was still a
toddler and from there on out, him and his older brother would only see pops from time
to time. He lived with his mom and had a key to his
dad’s place but for the most part it was a one parent upbringing. He told Billboard: I didn’t have a man giving me no type of
guidance. My father wasn’t in my life like that. In a throwback photo of him the other I believe
is his brother, the caption reads: Polo and some cheap trues Me and moms shared
a room Clean shoes, only 2 pairs ain’t know what
to do Cuzzo drove a Jetta good condition wit no
leg room 2 sad songs later gotta pocket full of dead
dudes ?￰ He would credit his mom regularly for her
hard work in raising him and she was very religious and forbid him from listening to
rap music. He told Complex: My mom was real conservative, on some old
hardcore Christian-a** s***. He learned to play the piano at a young age
and followed up this up by learning to play the guitar, trumpet and drums which he initially
fell in love with through Guitar Hero. He also enjoyed playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater
and through video games he was first introduced to rock music and found an early interest
in artists like Panic at the Disco, Black Sabbath, Fall Out Boy, Billy Idol, Paramore,
Black Veil Brides, Senses Fail, Bullet For My Valentine
and more. Growing up with access to the internet allowed
young Jared to explore a plethera of new music genres to explore. From Weird Al Yankovich’s parody of Smells
Like Nirvana opening the doors for him to fall in love with the real things and Start
Smelling Like Teen Spirit himself. in the fifth grade he developed his first
hard core crush on a girl who was obsessed with emo music, naturally this only enhanced
his interest in the genre and to connect with lyrcis in songs about heartbreak, angst, depression
and more. That same year he was also diagnosed with
attention deficit disorder and his mom put him on Ritalin and Vyvanse, something he later
regretted, telling Vulture: I looked back at it and I’m like, Wow, that
was not okay. I’m in fifth grade. What am I doing taking Vyvanse and Ritalin? How is a fifth-grader supposed to act? Against his mothers wishes young Jared began
to discover more urban sounds introduced to him by his brother and cousin. He started heavily listening to rap artists
like Jeezy, Gucci Mane, Big Sean, and Lil Wayne but his personal interests gravitated
more towardds artists from his native Chicago. This included Chief Keef, Lil Durk and Kanye
West’s 808s and heartbreaks quickly became one his all time favorite albums. It wouldn’t be long before he would begin
experimenting with other drugs not prescribed by a doctor but instead those he was learning
about through music. Slowly but surely he began to freestyle for
his friends and by the 6th or 7th grade he was writing his own lyrics and spitting rhymes
at lunchtime. He
attended Homewood Flossmoor High School and it was there in his sophomore year of high
school that he began to take his rapping seriously. He told Elevator magazine. I used to just do that freestyling s*** for
fun, but then my friends started telling me I could do this s*** for real, so I started taking it seriously when I was
about 16. High school also opened up the door for new
experiences, while his friends were smoking weed he began dabbling in taking percs and
xans. At drug which at the time Juice admitted wasn’t
even cool but he liked the way it made him feel Initially he rapped under the name Juice The
Kid and was inspired by one of the greats. As he explained it, I use to have a Juice cut. Like you know Tupac, from the movie Juice? That was also around the time I started rapping
for real and I was just thinking about names and I was like, ‘Imma go by Juice since I
got a juice cut.’ It was just corny enough to work. Honestly, I’m not even sure where the word
‘Wrld’ came from. I was just trying to be creative. Juice The Kidd would be putting on shows for
his peers with his first ever live performance taking place at a Chicago rec center. The crowd, which was comprised of classmates
and friends, was receptive to his music and for his efforts he earned $100 for his first
performance. He also gave the odd interview to his friends
at school who were starting a radio show and gave him his first opportunity to freestyle
to a live audience. Remind you he had to do all this without uttering
a swear word. His initial recordings he made over his iphone
and he began uploading these to Soundcloud in 2015. Tracks included Make It There, Lost My Mind,
and his very first release, Forever which now boasts over 4.7 Million streams. With his music career starting to prove promising
he had lost all interest in ever going to college. Throughout high school, he kept recording
and releasing music, but his dedication would take time to pay off. He actually ended up working at a factory
for a short period of time, but quickly realized that this wasn’t the type of future he wanted
for himself and he was eventually fired, speaking on this short stint he stated: Bro, that s*** was horrible. I hated it…Nine to five wasn’t for me at
all. The people there tripped out and it made me
sad because there were people there that have been doing that s*** for 20 plus years. During his senior year of high school, One
of Juice’s videos ended up getting 10,000 views – That was the moment where he
first felt he had made it. He began working with producer Nick Mira after
joining the collective Internet Money. Juice said that Mira was one of the first
people to help him improve as an artist, and together they created the track Too Much Cash. The song that would change everything for
Juice Wrld of course was Lucid Dreams. A song that was recorded within 15 minutes
and Lyrics that are now known the world over. At first Juice had no idea that the song barred
similarities to other works of art that would cause him legal trouble once money was being
made. Speaking on this he told Vulture: My mom told me that [the song] sampled Sting,
so I went back and listened to his version. I haven’t heard from Sting, but he said publicly
that ‘Lucid Dreams’ was a beautiful interpretation of ‘Shape of My Heart.’ Uploaded to SoundCloud the track immediately
found an audience with over 2 Million streams. It also got Juice some attention from Chicago’s
very own Lil Bibby. Bibby who was the first to go all in on taking
the then-relatively unknown artist’s career to the next level. Putting his money and resources where his
mouth is signing Juice to Grade A Productions. From there, there was a bidding war amongst
various labels with Interscope ultimately coming out on top with a reported $3 Million
dollar deal. In 2017 the world got Juice WRLD’s three-song
EP Nothings Different with the official release of Lucid Dreams, All Girls Are The Same. From there he was working with the likes of
Lil Uzi Vert, Cole Bennett at Lyrical Lemonaid and would perform on Jimmy Kimmel. It wasn’t long before he was getting nominated
for BET Award for Best New Hip Hop Artist and an MTV Video Music Award. He won a Billboard Music Award for Top New
Artist. He toured with Nicki Minaj, and put out two
studio albums Goodbye & Good riddance & Death Race For Love. There was also the track Legends which is
likely going to go down in history now following his passing. In the track off his 2018 Too Soon Ep he paid
tripuce to Lil Peep and Xxxtentacions passing where he rapped. What’s the 27 club? We ain’t making it past 21. He also rapped about his own drug use and
called himself the Codeine Cobain. On jhis 2018 track ‘Waiting For The Drugs
To Hit Me’ Juice rapped: “Codeine in my cup I carry it to every city.” While doing interviews, Juice Wrld was open
to talk about his own history of drug use and was vocal about his own strides at sobriety. In a 2019 interview with NME magazine The
article’s writer, Jordan Bassett, noted that Juice Wrld made these comments while
drinking “a homemade concoction of Sprite he keeps topping up, alarmingly, with actual
Listerine. There he stated: [Drugs] can ruin your whole life. If they don’t kill you, they can leave you
in a trance for the rest of your life. Most f***ing rappers rap about getting high
and feeling great. But I talk about the good side and the bad
side. Just to shed some light on the negative side. On December 2nd 2019, Juice had celebrated
having made it to his 21st birthday. Something he wrapped about on Legends “What’s
the 27 Club? We ain’t making it past 21” Then on December 8th, 2019 while flying a
private jet from Los Angeles to Chicago Juice was seen in the last known of video footage
of him alive. He looked happy and light hearted. What we now know is that the FEDS had been
watching the young rapper and his entourage for over a month and were tipped off by their
pilot about the possibility of guns on board the plane. What appears to have been an act to avoid
charges for possession, Juice WRLD injected as many as several unknown pills. This ineviably resulted in a seizure and despite
paramedics efforts to revive him he was pronounced dead at 3:14 a.m. At Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn,
Illinois. A bottle of codeine cough syrup was also found
on the plane and 70 lbs of marijuanna stashed away in suitcases. The world woke up on Sunday morning to tragic
the tragic news and famous friends and fans took to social media to share their condolences. We’ve made a video talking about a number
of his closest friends reactions we released yesterday. Obviously there will be much more to this
story in the coming days and weeks but I think I’m going to wrap this one up here for Gone
But Not Forgotten. My name is Michael McCrudden, I’m a YouTube
historian and we make biography type videos on the daily. Thanks for tuning in. Please share your positive messages in the
comments down below. Bye.


  1. These vids are made in tribute. I try hard to keep everything as respectful as possible, please do the same in the comments 🙏If you missed our video on Nipsey here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YfzkuznPDo

  2. RIP Juice. You impacted all of us through your music. You will never be forgotten. Every day we will remember you as the one who left us too early. May you rest in paradise Juice.

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  5. Even my 7 year old daughter is sad about this. She loves “Hate me” because of TikTok. He touched more lives than he could ever imagine.

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  7. you guys gotta read the daily mail article about his ex girlfriend starfire exposing the past relationship they had. and his drug use was a VERY Huge issue. taking alot of pills. even saying people from the labels giving him morphine an cocaine and giving him anything he wanted in order for him to sign to that label.

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