Juul Addiction | Here’s What You NEED To Know

Juul Addiction | Here’s What You NEED To Know

I wake up. The first thing in the morning I do is reach for this I go to the bathroom to brush my teeth I’m smoking on this until I put the toothbrush in my mouth. I’m on the toilet Guess what? I’m smoking this whilst on the toilet. Hello I’m Charlie and welcome to authentic mental health the channel that offers advice and friendly support within our like-minded community with videos a mental health self-help and self-improvement So if you’re new here Make sure you’re subscribed and you turn the bail Notification button on so you never miss a helpful videos that are going to help you Today’s helpful video is on addiction and it’s coming up right after this Ostracized from across society just cause to suffer from a little anxiety. Please help me I so quietly through gritted teeth and applied for sobriety in this video. We are going to be talking about this This is the dual device and I’m going to be talking about my personal Experience using the dual device and smoking the dual pods for the past two years if any of you watching this video smoke a dual device I want you to comment in the comment section down below right now from the age of 17 to 23 I smoked regular cigarettes I would smoke around one pack a day, which is roughly around 20 cigarettes a day And when I was 23 I decided enough is enough No more. My teeth were starting to become stained. I started to smell Really really badly my hands started to go a little bit yellow and I was very very worried about my health So I started researching online how to give up smoking how to quit smoking The best way to stop smoking altogether and many of the articles that I read talked about getting Nicotine gum that you can chew whenever you felt like having a cigarette So I tried that if you’ve never tried nicotine gum before in your life please never Ever try it because it tastes disgusting It literally and I mean it literally tastes like cigarette. Ash It’s horrible. Just do not try it. So then I decided to try nicotine patches. And for those of you that don’t know What a nicotine patches It’s just a patch that has nicotine in it and you put it on your skin and the patch releases Nicotine into your system throughout the day. So I tried this I bought some nicotine patches I put them on my arm here and after two hours of having a nicotine patch on my arm my arm Started to feel really really weird it started to sting a little bit I wouldn’t say that it hurt but its stung a little bit and when I took the patch off My arm was red and it felt really really warm Obviously my skin didn’t like whatever was in the nicotine patch whether it was the nicotine or some other chemicals that are in the patch my skin did not Like it so I decided forget about the nicotine patches They don’t work for me if it’s gonna make my skin or red itchy make me feel horrible. There’s no point So then I saw online about vaping and how it’s this amazing thing that can help you stop smoking and I thought oh Oh, oh This looks good. So I thought where? What the heck may as well try it. It’s worth a go I’ve already tried the nicotine gum and the patches so I may as well give this vaping a go to see if it works and Helps me stop smoking because that’s why I’m doing all of this in the first place is to stop smoking Not to carry on smoking but to stop smoking altogether So I headed off to my local smoke and vaping shop and they advised me To buy what’s known as a smock device, which is where you put batteries in There’s a tank you buy liquid and you put the liquid in the tank Then you press a button on the side you inhale and smoke comes out at first. I’ve really really liked the smoke device I thought it was fantastic But the problem was I was inhaling so much that so much smoke was coming out Literally if I smoked it right now you won’t be able to see me from the amount of smoke that was coming out my nostrils and My mouth it was just way too much and the other problem with it was people’s smoke Devices and these vape devices that you have to put batteries into were exploding and that really worried me I saw some reports of the devices blowing up on planes because of the batteries in them and I thought Yeah don’t want to do this anymore. I don’t fancy my face being blown off or blown up due to a battery explosion So I was back to square one again. I was researching on the internet about how to stop smoking. What’s the best vaping device? I can use until I came across the dual Official website and I believe their slogan is something like a device for smokers to stop smoking it something like that I can’t remember the exact words they use or their exact slogan, but I believe it’s something like that the alternative for smokers Something along those lines, so I thought this looks fantastic. I did reviews on it I saw a couple of youtubers smoking it in their videos and I was like, wow. Okay, this looks fantastic It’s not a great big chunky machine that I have to carry around It doesn’t blow so much smoke that I can’t see and it doesn’t rely on Batteries so it’s not gonna blow up in my face. So I thought you know what? I’m gonna give it a go just like I’ve given everything else ago before so I ordered my jaw device and it came and at first I thought it was absolutely fantastic Now the benefits for the jaw device for me. It doesn’t make me smell. It doesn’t make my beard smell of smoke He doesn’t make my hair or clothes smell of smoke. I could smoke it anywhere. I could smoke it in my room driving in my car I could smoke it on the toilet if I really wanted to which I will get to later on in this video about Smoking my jaw device was I’m in the toilet It really really helped me at first because by this stage I was not smoking any cigarettes at all I was completely reliant and dependent on this which at the beginning I thought was fantastic because the main goal was for me to stop smoking and This helped me achieve it also I thought after about six months of being on this I Realized a couple of things. The first thing was I was actually spending more money using a joule device Then I was if I was smoking now, that’s crazy. Right? I’ve stopped smoking which is a fantastic thing Stop smoking regular cigarettes. I’ve come over to a dual device But I’m actually spending a lot more money as you already know from the beginning of the video I said I was smoking a pack of cigarettes a day So a pack of cigarettes a day would cost me about six dollars when you the dual pots They come in a pack just like this where there’s four pods in them. I was going through two pods two of these things a Day per day two of these tiny small pods a day now a pack of these was costing me close to $20 every two days So the smoke in in two days was costing me $12 and these was costing me $20 So I’m actually losing $8 from switching over to this Joule device. The second thing I noticed was my fitness was rapidly Declining before I could run for about 30 minutes a day. No problem. This was whilst I was still smoking. No problem I could run for 30 minutes without having to stop after six months of using this still doing the same amount of exercise Still doing the same things I used to do I could now only run for about ten minutes now whether or not this is linked to that I don’t know But the only thing that changed during those months from being able to run 30 minutes a day to only 10 minutes a day Was me stopping the smoking and moving to this whether or not it’s related That’s up for debate. I also started to get pains when I started to breathe Sometimes I would get cramps in the side of my body here that felt like it was my lungs I couldn’t breathe properly and I would hunched over and hold my side like this Until the cramps went away. It’s not a nice experience And if anybody who smokes dual devices and pods out there Have you ever had that pain before it’s like a crippling? Cramp pain in the side of your body that feels like it’s coming from your lungs It’s hard for you to breathe and stand up straight. Have you had that before? I want you to let me know in the comment section down below Picks up researched online and it seems to be just me that has that two years after starting using my jaw device, I would say I completely addicted to using this but I’ve stopped smoking cigarettes But is that a good thing or a bad thing? I suppose if you wanted to stop the cigarettes then yes That’s a good thing and that is what I wanted to stop doing in the first place Stop smoking the cigarette, but I also wanted to stop smoking Altogether which clearly? Hasn’t been the case because I’m so reliant on this now. I can smoke it anywhere like we’ve already spoken about whilst I’m editing my YouTube videos or doing work on the computer I’m constantly puffing away on it when I’m in bed about to go to sleep I’m smoking on it until my eyes are closed and I’m in a deep sleep. I wake up the first thing in the morning I do is reach for this I go to the bathroom to brush my teeth I’m smoking on this until I put the toothbrush in my mouth. I’m on the toilet Guess what? I’m smoking this whilst on the toilet. I am completely and utterly relying on this device currently, so I started doing some research because recently over the past eight ten months a lot of the News has been talking about the company Joule and how dangerous they are and how many teenagers have ended up in hospital due to vaping as it’s down to a mystery lung disease and unfortunately Some people have actually died from this so I started doing some research and did you know that in one of these little Tiny pots there is five percent nicotine Which is twice as much nicotine than other vaping products and we all know just how addictive Nicotine is so by smoking one of these pods You are actually becoming even more addicted to nicotine So since I have moved over from regular cigarettes to dual device and your pods, I’ve become more Addicted to nicotine which is why I’m always craving it and why I’m always smoking this dual pods Come in many different flavors including cool mint which is what I smoke menthol classic tobacco Virginia tobacco mango and creme brulee. I think they also do a fruit flavor, too But all of these flavors will not be around for much longer especially here in the United States Because as of three days ago jewel stopped selling the mint flavor pods Which are the ones I smoked and not only me according to figures 70% of jewel pot sales in the United States of this flavor the mint flavor the flavors that you’ll sell in their pods are one of the many reasons why teenagers love jewel But I personally expect a jewel to cut all flavors in the future and only sell tobacco flavor pots which me personally I hate the flavor of tobacco I have tried many different things To quit this I actually went back to real cigarettes for a couple of days. I didn’t like it I was still craving This that’s absolutely crazy how I went back to real cigarettes But I was still craving this and it’s because of the nicotine levels from a regular cigarette I am not getting enough nicotine that my body is craving That my body is addicted to own like this So when I smoke this, I feel satisfied my cravings are gone for a short period of time with a real cigarette That’s not the case. I have tried chewing gum Throughout the day. I have tried eating chips throughout the day Nothing works and I know from research millions of other people who smoke dual pots to Have the same problem. They are utterly reliant and dependent on this just like me So that’s my personal Experience using dual devices and smoking your pots if you’re watching this video because you’re interested in maybe starting vaping or using the dual device and smoking their pods my advice to you would be Please do not start nicotine is a highly addictive chemical and once you’re addicted to nicotine It’s one of the hardest things to stop doing or stop using so please if you haven’t already Do not start. I now want to hear from you guys and girls in the comment section down below Can you relate to my story? Do you personally use your devices yourself? Let me know in the comment section down below. If you’ve enjoyed this video found it useful and helpful Please give this video a like if he new here make sure you’re subscribe to authentic mental health for more videos like this again in The future take care guys and girls and I’ll see you all again in another video


  1. I never really got into vaping but I will say that being a former chain smoker I started having health scares and so I cold turkey’d and haven’t touch a cigarette in over 5 years.

  2. Hey Charlie, how things going? I’m not doing great had my final exams today and didn’t go well at all, this morning had a full on panic attack which lasted over 20 minutes, then went into my maths exam this afternoon and then half way through had to leave because nearly fainted then ended ended up having another panic attack which took about another 20 mins to calm down!😩so now I feel so exhausted mentally emotionally and physically! Love you!!❤️

  3. Y dont u slowly try like if u smoke 5 a day then smoke 5 4 a week then after that week smoke 4 then 3. Or if u smoke 5 hours a day then 4 a week smoke 4 hours then 3 hours. Maby that could help.

  4. I’ve never used Juul. But I do use the Vape mod. The only reason why the batteries were exploding is because they didn’t have the rubber casing. I’ve never had the problem of a battery exploding. And I’ve been vaping for a few years now. I spend $20 every two weeks for the juice. And I love it! When you buy the battery it comes with the casing. Never throw the rubber casing away. The rubber keeps it from touching change or keys in your pocket. And I love it because I don’t smell like smoke, and I don’t feel gross. I’ve also come down from the nicotine percentage. I started off at 12, and now I’m at 3%.

  5. I dont use a Juul, but i do vape and i really want to stop. Im 20 years old and i started vaping at 18 because i thought it was the "cool" thing to do. I currently smoke on a smok nord and can not wait to get rid of it

  6. I also have smoked a juul for two years after smoking cigarettes. I only ever smoked maybe 6-7 cigarettes per day, but wanted to quit so I bought a juul. Within just a few months I was smoking almost a pod per day. I have consistently smoked a pod per day for the past year. I also smoke while in the bathroom, in bed, in the morning when i wake up, basically everything that you described is my experience with juul as well. I used to smoke the mango pods, now I smoke the cool mint. It is so incredibly addicting and I am trying so hard to quit it. I tried to go cold turkey, but I only made it for two and a half days because my cravings were preventing me from doing just about anything productive. The withdrawl from juul was far worse than when I quit cigarettes cold turkey at one point. I haven't tried nicotine gum, however, I do use nicotine patches sometimes. My plan for january is to quit drinking for the month because I tend to smoke more when I drink. I will keep myself busy with working out, cooking, etc. to try and keep myself distracted as much as possible from nicotine. I will start with two weeks of the 28 mg patches, and then the third week will go to 14mg, and then finally 7mg patches so that my body will at least be weaning off of nicotine. I think a lot of the addiction is an oral fixation/physical habit as much as it is a physical addiction. My body is so used to making the motions it makes with juuling that i felt extremely antsy when I had quit for the two days. I went to visit family, who don't know that i juul, and so I had on a nicotine patch while i was around them. I hit my juul maybe four or five times the whole day and by the end of the day my jaw was so tense and clenched from not constantly hitting my juul and doing the typical physical motions of hitting it that it was extremely sore and painful. I hate that i am addicted to juul, and it is SO difficult trying to quit it, even more than cigarettes. Especially because it does not smell, you can use it in basically any setting, etc. I hope you can quit as well, and maybe we can do the whole january thing together and be quit buddies!!!

  7. I vape. I don’t use JUUL, but I use open tank systems where I can fill them with my own eliquid. Vaping saves my life. I smoked cigarettes for 21 years. This is as healthy I’ve been in a long time.

  8. Hi Charlie. I can't understand this,because I don't smoke !!! I've heard or seen a building pen…thanks I've learned so much.🙂👍

  9. Hey, Charlie! I oftenly have those cramps you were talking about. I don't use the juul device, but I am smoking for 8 months now. And I am trying to stop, I haven't smoken for two days. This other day when I was smoking my eye sight started to be blurry and thats when i realised i should stop, cause its not good for me.
    Only my bff knows I'm smoking and she also smokes, she also tried quitting for 2 days now.
    I hope things will get better soon😊…

  10. Thank you for this. I've also tried the gum (ugh) and the patch (no help). I'd been going to a nurse practitioner who had a mad on about smoking, to the point of ignoring any health problems that couldn't be linked to smoking. (One of which was pretty serious, and I almost died a couple of months later.) She put me on Wellbutrin; I'd told her during our initial visit that I'd been diagnosed with clinical depression, so she blithely told me, "this is an antidepressant, so you have no need to see our psych now". (Yep, malpractice for sure.)

    It did not go well. I began having what I called "lightning-strike" depressions. Didn't have my usual prodromal warning, just *boom**. And for the first time in my life, I had suicidal ideation. Once I grabbed every med in the medicine cabinet–mine and my housemates–lined them up on my bed, and pondered a bit. Finally decided that it would not be kind to make my housemate deal with that, and I didn't want to put my cats through the trauma. A few days later, while I was at the library, I decided enough was enough. I *knew this was atypical for me & so probably was the meds. I didn't even wait to get home–as soon as I stepped out of the library, I called the Crisis Line. They hooked me up with the local psychiatric facility. I called, explained the situation, and told them that I already had my chemistry messed up and wanted to get off the drug only under medical supervision, so was checking myself in. I then called my housemate & told him to grab some of my stuff & come pick me up to go there. Not only did I get off Wellbutrin, we discovered that I'm actually Bipolar II (which explains why my depression never responded to treatment! Have been stable on Lamotrigine for a little over 10 years now, it's a gift of God as far as I'm concerned…).

    Anyway, back to smoking…Many of my friends have been urging me to switch to vaping, & I'd seriously considered it–so I appreciate this video so much! I'm going to just work on quitting the habit altogether, and not just replacing it with another. Wish me luck! I appreciate prayers from anyone so inclined…

  11. Hello, Charlie!! I’ve had quite the hard time in trying to quit smoking myself. I myself have bought a few amok devices myself, and they worked for a little while. One thing that I haven’t tried though, that I think may work, is a smok pod vape, like Juul. You can have nic salt juice for them, or you can use regular juice, with little to no nicotine. I think it would work for you too, because of the way you can get different strengths of nicotine, and slowly wean yourself down off of it, and use it awhile after using no nicotine juice to break the last of the habitual parts of the habit.

  12. Most smokers cringe with how I quit smoking. In the past, I would throw away a pack and think I was done. One day, I looked at about a half carton, I realized, if I had another pack I wouldn't quit. I took the carton and threw it away. My first week sucked and I don't recommend it. I realized how I wanted to go to workout and I couldn't sometimes. ( Mind you, I've never kept up with working out. My flimsy excuse is meds make me gain weight, stiffness of muscles, and I have an issue where I start things and never finish them. )

  13. I avoid juul like the plague, I believe it uses a nicotine salt that increases addiction, I tried juul for a weak and didn’t like it, I never liked the pod versions of e-cigs there expensive…I use the mods like drag or smock brands….there a lot better.

  14. You're spreading complete blatant misinformation. First off, the "mysterious" lung illness is not mysterious at all. The teenagers, which is a very important part of the story, who were not even legally allowed to buy the products, also bought illegal nonjuul pods that had THC and Vitamin E acetate in them. Regular market nicotine vaping products do not have these ingredients so therefore it is not from them. Also, about nicotine, it is not as addictive as you think. Nicotine is actually a chemical that on a molecular level looks like and reacts like caffeine in your brain. The only difference is that nicotine enters the bloodstream much quicker and in a larger dose when inhaled. Nicotine is also as harmless as caffeine. People die from smoking cigarettes because of the tar and other ingredients that make nicotine more addictive in cigarettes where it is burnt. Cigarettes contain many additives that makes nicotine even more addicitve, especially people with anxiety and depression. Cigarettes contain many unlisted ingredients like ammonia and other additives that tweak nicotine to enter the bloodstream more quickly and enter the brain more aggresively and make cigarettes more addictive. One additive is MAOIs which are an antidepressant drug that stabilizes mood and hijacks dopamine production. None of these additives or ingredients that make vaping more addictive than smoking exists in eliquid. Also, you use "smoke" when you are referring to your vaping. Vaping creates an aerosol similar to vapor, and vapor is nothing like smoke. Overall, vaping is definitely AT LEAST 97% safer than smoking combustible cigarettes as proven by recent English studies. Also, it's normal to be vaping a lot more nicotine than when you were smoking because your body is adjusting to the unmodified and unburnt nicotine that is a lot less addictive (less of an effect) than the nicotine in cigarettes. Also who in their right mind goes back to smoking cigarettes after quitting smoking with vaping and not wanting to smoke. That is mainstream media losing money from the losses of tobacco stocks, from vaping, brainwashing the American public when research completely shows the other way and how harmless vaping is. The reason why you had those cramps and difficulty breathing is because of a fascinating ingredient in vaping. All ingredients in vaping are completely safe. One of them is Propylene Glycol. It is used in asthma inhalers to clear out the lungs. When you first started vaping, you probably coughed a lot. That is from the propylene glycol starting to make your lungs more sensitive to the carcinogenic tar and clearing your lungs of it. You coughed and that made the tar go away. Then when the tar was gone (but some of the effects from smoking that long is irreparable) your lungs were still being sensitive. That could cause some inflammation from the properties of PG but is harmless. That would explain your symptoms and its nothing serious. You should still go to a doctor, but like I said its nothing not normal. Just start to limit your vaping use to the point where it's only a social thing. Then the symptoms would stop.:) Also you said how you were paying more. You weren't. A pack of juulpods has 4 pods in it which is 4 packs of cancer sticks ONLY nicotine wise so it was normal that you were using more nicotine. You were actually saving money. All in all, you did not do your research on this video and it shows. You were brainwashed by media. This video promotes the wrong message to an audience that is targeted by Big Tobacco. You should do your own research first and then re-upload your video.

    PSS: the whole point of juul is to get you off of smoking with a high concentration of nicotine. it obv has a 5% nicotine content for that sole purpose

  15. The cramp in your lungs you are talking about is normal. I do not know if it is related to vaping or not but I vape and sometimes it happens randomly. The more I breathe in the more it hurts (usually the side of my chest). I have done research on it and generally it is a natural occurrence for everyone including non-vapers/smokers.

  16. I had a mental breakdown, it cost me my job and nearly my marriage. I would love to make videos about it to show others what it is like and how they can help themselves. If you ever see this and want to interview me please get in touch.

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