KEITH DIAHN – “MANIA” Short Film (Drug Dealer Scene)

KEITH DIAHN – “MANIA” Short Film (Drug Dealer Scene)

Cornell, that’s you? Hell nah. Not today G! Listen man! I can get you your money. Last time was a mistake! Keep your filthy hands off me! What the fuck wrong with you? I told you get up your money first G! Fuck outta here! Yo, Nell! Fuck you! Yo, what’s up Nell? Cool man. So what’s up with that new shit that you got? It’s called “Schiz”. Just got my hands on this shit. Probably gonna be the first sale around here. Big dawgs just sent it a couple days ago. You guarantee me that this shit will get me right? Heard it’s a killa. That’s it. You know I don’t be messing around with these pills.

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  1. Don't take the pills if you can't control the reaction #Deal_Done, I got to get Paid. Check out the full film "Hood $henaniganz: Mania".

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