Keto Full Day Of Eating For Weight Loss I Addicted To Keto Pancakes!?

Good Morning y’all so today it’s Tuesday
which is my upper body day typically I like to work out on a fasted stomach but
I’ve already had two keto fat bombs because they were just too much
temptation for me today and I just had to cave in and eat them so that’s what I
did today’s video is going to be like a
little lazy keto day of eating type video plus like a keto vlog or whatever
so let me stop talking y’all because I am being queen of procrastination so I
won’t have to really go into the gym but I need to go into the gym so yeah let me
stop talking let me go ok so finally first
meal of the day so I have my keto pancakes that I’m gonna make every day
yes I am with my natural creamy peanut butter on top with sugar-free syrup then
have two eggs I also have some spinach with apple cider vinegar yay
that’s so much sarcasm right there y’all and two chicken thighs so last meal for
tonight I’m having my keto pancakes again yes with sugar-free syrup and about
like what 1 tablespoon of natural creamy peanut butter then I have some bacon
half some smoked sausage and 2 eggs and I’m drinking Coke Zero early I went a
little crazy with the cinnamon on top of my keto fat bombs but that’s okay I’m
about to put these in the freezer as I’m over here just editing a new YouTube
video a little longer than a few minutes so the last thing I’m going to
eat tonight is going to be my keto fat bomb I am going to be eventually try other ones y’all but this is like the only flavor I know how to make so yeah that’s
what I’m so quit doing it for right now 24 hours later good morning y’all so I
am up early this morning because I have to handle adult business because
adulting is so unnecessary sometimes like that’s
really how I feel right now I do want to share that lately I’ve been
like feeling hungry in the morning time and I don’t understand why cuz I’m used to intermittent fasting but like lately I’ve really been like hungry and I don’t
know if I’m drinking enough water because okay honestly I have been
slacking a little bit on my water I know I can do better with that but y’all like
I am literally starving right now and it’s only 8:40 and I typically don’t eat
until like around 12:01 so what’s going on alright so first meal of the day y’all
it is 142 p.m. I’m having to keto pancakes with my natural creamy peanut
butter and sugar-free syrup and have two eggs and I also have chicken wings and
to drink I’m just having my Coke Zero and some water all right you guys so it
is 5:19 I’m on my way to Zumba class I took a nice little nap today
like I guess I was just really really tired I don’t know why but I am my
honestly so sore from today’s workout so maybe that’s just what my body needed
basically Okay, so looking like after Zumba I took off
a little bit of my sweat though okay so last meal for tonight I’m having
my keto pancakes again I know I know with my natural creamy
peanut butter sugar-free syrup then some smoked sausage and two eggs and I just
have salt and pepper over here on the side yep that’s it okay so I’m about to
have one of my coconut and peanut butter keto fat bombs I will not eat two three
four or five of them y’all this literally have to talk to myself because
yeah when I find something I like I can literally go crazy over it
hello YouTube family so I just wanted to come on here and let y’all know that my
keto krate review plus giveaway video should be out maybe Wednesday or Friday
I’ve tracked my order and it said that it’s on the way so yeah that’s awesome
because I’m pretty excited to see what we have for the May 2019 Keto Krate so
if you don’t know what Keto Krate is it is a monthly subscription box you can
choose between two of their plans the first plan is the nibbler plan and you
can expect to receive four or more keto friendly snacks but the second plan they
have is the muncher plan which is me basically yes and you can expect to
receive eight or more keto friendly snacks like I said it is a subscription
box but also they have it now where you can choose to gift yourself a keto krate or you can choose to gift another person a keto krate and if you
choose to give yourself a keto krate that’s a great way of just trying out
and seeing you know if this is something you really want to you know commit to. If
what I’ve said so far intrigues you down in the description box I do have my
keto krate link plus a 15% off keto krate discount code so yeah go over
there and check out and see what keto krate is all about and and you know what
hopefully who knows you may end up liking what you see there so if you are
new to the channel welcome to the fam I’m over here documenting my keto weight loss journey your girl is sharing everything so go
ahead and click that subscribe button plus the notification bell as well so
you won’t miss out on any future uploads here right now I am uploading three
videos so you can expect to see a video from me o Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays
I hope you guys enjoyed watching my keto pancakes addiction that I got going on right now y’all like as I’m editing this video I
just don’t know what to say like yeah I’m really addicted and I can’t stop
eating them but if you are interested in like the recipe or whatever I do have a
recipe for the keto pancakes over here on my youtube channel Wow
I don’t know why I said it like that but yeah it’s on my channel I will link it
right here again probably yeah I don’t know if I haven’t linked it already in
the video I will have it linked down below in the description box as well
to my returning YouTube family thank you so much for watching this video as
always if you don’t hear it from anyone else I love you so stay blessed and I
will see in the next video which will be Wednesday love you bye you guys!!! : )

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