Kids Meet a Kid in Recovery from Addiction (Micah) | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids

Kids Meet a Kid in Recovery from Addiction (Micah) | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids

– Do you have any
addictions with like candy, video games? – No, my stuffy dog. – Stuffy dog? – Yeah. For some reason I can’t sleep without him. So it’s kind of addiction. – It doesn’t sound so bad. – Yeah. (laughter) – Hi. – Hey, Micah. – Hi, nice to meet you. What’s our name? – My name’s Toleshan. – Nice to meet you Toleshan. – Nice to meet you, too. – What are we going to talk about? – Do I answer that question? So I guess we’re going
to talk about young kids and recovery from alcoholism
and drug addiction. – Addiction? – Yeah. – Means like you’re
addicted to it so you have to be with it every time, yeah. – Yeah. – I can’t live without it. It’s like your power source. – Yeah, exactly. – And what’s the other thing? – Alcoholism so do you
know what alcohol is? – Basically grown ups drink it. – Yeah, grown ups drink it, yeah. So alcoholism is being
addicted to alcohol. – Yeah. – Yeah. – Were you addicted to alcohol? – I was, I was indeed. Yep. – You were? – Yep. – So that means you stopped? – I did stop, yeah. – Why did you stop getting addicted to it? – Basically my life became unmanageable. It started out fun drinking
alcohol but it kind of… – Got worse every time? – Yeah so it slowly
drew me away from things that mattered most to me
like friends and family. Definitely took away from school. It took away from my
ability to just show up and do like all the homework and stuff. – Yeah, so you were like
instead I’m just going to go do my thing. – Yeah, yep exactly. – How old were you? – I was nine years old when
I first smoked marijuana. – What? – Yeah, yeah. – Nine years old? – Nine years old. – That means you were like in third grade? – Uh, yeah. – I never saw a young kid
like me or like anybody do that. I’ve never ever in my
life for seven years, I’ve never saw that. – Yeah. – Did you feel good when you did it? – Yeah, to be honest, I did. It started out very fun and after a few years of… – Experiencing? – Yeah, experiencing,
experimenting with drugs and alcohol, it didn’t
start to feel as good. – Why did you want to get addicted to it? – I didn’t want to get addicted to it. I started out drinking and doing drugs not having a clue that I’d get addicted. I kind of just figured I’d try them out. Little did I know, very quickly I got addicted to them. – How does marijuana make you feel? – I guess at times it
made me feel very giggly, it made me laugh a lot. (laughter) Made me feel I guess like comfortable and relaxed. – Not what I thought it would be. – Yeah. – Completely different. The laughing and giggling,
that’s just weird. – Yeah, yep. (laughter) – Like I am now. (laughter) When you stopped, were you
like hooray, I stopped? – The first time I stopped, yeah and they call it like the
pink cloud where you’re just like life’s great but then I fell back into drinking alcohol again and the second time I tried
to stop again wasn’t so fun. It was a lot harder to
stay sober and have fun but I slowly learned how to. – Do you learn it? – Learn how to stay sober? Yeah, I wasn’t able to learn it on my own. I had to have like
peers, like older people, with that have stayed
sober for a long time kind of show me how to and teach me how to maintain sobriety. A big thing is this recovery
high school I’m going to. It’s a high school where… – They help you recover and stuff. – They help you recover, yeah. – Instead of like math,
science, they just… – Well no, so it’s actually
a school and we still have all the subjects
right but all the students that go there are sober and in recovery and at the end of each
day we like talk about how sobriety is going and
how recovery is going. – Cool. – Yeah. – I never heard of that. – Yeah. – And did you recover
or did you become sober? – I’m recovering. Definitely not recovered. – So you’re still recovering? – Yeah, I mean I’ll be
recovering for the rest of my life but I mean I’m
not, I’m a lot different than I used to be. – Oh. – I’ve been sober for
two years so I’ve changed a lot the past two years. – Two years, that is long for me. – It’s a long time for me, too. Two years is a long time. – Will you help other people stay sober? – Yeah, I will. That’s my plan. – Just like they did to you. – Yeah, exactly. I’m gonna to try to pass it on. – That’s very kind. – Yeah. – Thank you for sharing
the story of drugs land. I’ll just call it drugs
land, I don’t know. – You’re welcome. – Bye. – See you, Micah. Nice to meet you, alright.


  1. I have nothing against this, but I did think it was a little weird to have a teenae boy 'man spreading' in the presence of all thse children.

  2. I have so much respect and appreciation for this young man to share his experience with children so openly and honestly.

  3. If there is anyone on or thinking of the path of sobriety i say, Do it and stay on that road…its a dark road but but not as dark as the addicted life there are tons of us around to talk to world wide even when family / friends arnt an option.

  4. They had a great talk. Micah is amazing bright young boy and Toloshen (I hope I spell his name correctly) is doing great recovering at least what I can see in this video. Hope all the best for both of them.

  5. When I was without my headphones or music in class I would get…..twitchy.

    Sometimes my headphones would break from how much I used them. So I would go a few days without music. I'd get irritated, jumpy, aggressive, aggravated, and all I could think about was listening to music. It was my coping mechanism. And when it was gone I was a wreck.

    It got to the point my teachers thought I was on something. Like I was smoking pot.

    Bruh It's called "What happens when your anxiety coping mechanism vanishes."

    Stopped taking my meds and just used music to fill in for pills towards anxiety.

    Which backfired whenever I had busted headphones.

    After a few busted headphones I started buying in bulk so I always had five pairs of different kinds.

    Nothing wrong with smoking pot once in awhile. It's better than many other things people can get caught up in.

    But music shall always be my choice of vice.

  6. Im not gonna lie, I’m a huge marijuana supporter but none years old? That’s way too much. My minimum age for just trying it, 17 years old. Smoking regularly is ok in my book at 17-18+.

  7. Oh sweet Micah ❤️ Very good kid, I hope he always stays like this, he’s gonna get all the girls…Or boys. I don’t judge 😘

  8. When I hearded 9 I was like WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS DUDE! WHATTTT!!! then I tried to chill and I fell asleep 6 am and here I am finishing the video

  9. I love how Micah emphasized “were” when he said he was addicted. I feel like that’s really validating

  10. Oof now I realize how drugs are addicting just tell me if it's close but it's basically like porn you see it once and cant keep seeing it, it happened to me but I never knew that it was similar to drugs and stuff so now I know I said I would do weed and smoke atleast once but now I know how easy it is to stay addicted

  11. I’m 14 almost 15 and I’m 5 months off of heroin so I know how this guy feels. The kids questions were actually very thoughtful considering the age

  12. I'm 16 and I started to try alcohol. Drank for 3 months straight. I stopped due to my bf at the time. He helped me as I helped him stop doing drugs. He said he started drugs since he was 13 and finally decided he would stop on his 17th bday. He kept his word and stopped 🙃

  13. I’m not trying to be racist in any way, but what is Micah’s race? He doesn’t look Caucasian/White. Micah looks Filipino/Hispanic/Mediterranean mix. Is he multi-racial?

  14. 1:27 notice how this guy goes to say "Doing.." instead of drinking, yah and i can personally tell you exactly what he was doing…. ;p;p;p this kid was on heroin… could of been crank but i get more of an H vibe with him trust me, ive been there and seen it all ;);)

  15. I know it' a touchy subject but I kind of wish he would have went into what his childhood was like. Anyone who started drugs that early must have had some pretty rough childhood experiences. Addiction is more often than not a symptom of other deep rooted issues. I started around 12 myself and was a foster child and after my best friend died I just kinda went off the deep end with harder drugs. It may sound weird because it was not due to anything I did but it took me a long time to let go and just forgive myself for not dwelling on it every single day.

  16. I graduated from a sober school and the way this kid is depicting his journey is so spot on! I had 2 years when this video was posted and now I have 3!!

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