Kill Your Cell Phone Addiction in 2 Easy Steps.

Kill Your Cell Phone Addiction in 2 Easy Steps.

hey guys Leo here and today I want to
talk to you about cell phone addiction and two ways to kill it and here’s the thing cell phones have
replaced our cameras our calendars our alarm clock cell phone’s have replaced
pretty much everything don’t let it replace your friends and
family so why would you want to break the cycle
of cell phone addiction well it affects your life in three major
ways the first is connections with friends and family gets disrupted and
you can’t be present with people you can’t really bond and connect with
people you pull away and you’re in your own little world and that can have a
huge effect on how your relationships go with people and friends and family and
community and the world but getting in control on your cell phone addiction you can actually start to strengthen the
connection with real people and this will make your life better and make the
world a better place the second reason you want to quit is it
affects your productivity every time you switch tasks and you
multitask and you take a break from your work you actually lose a hundred and
fifty percent of your focus and you know we all know that laser focus is what
creates the most productivity so what would take you two hours
normally may take you six hours when you’re playing on your cell phone or
switching back and forth between tasks the third thing is that it can really
stunt your development and your growth if you’re constantly using a device to
escape from your current situation your your mood your feelings or what’s going
on inside you and you’re constantly looking at the external device to bring you some
sort of fulfillment you’re kind of stunting your ability to find
that from within or experience other things that can be a little bit
healthier to help you develop and grow as a person as human beings our purpose
is to grow to progress and to thrive the moment this device prevents that from
happening you got to that it go and you’ve got to
get it under control so there’s two steps to killing the
addiction the first one is to turn off your notifications completely and the
reason that you need to do that is because the way the addiction with cell
phones work like many other addictions is based on
the habit loop it starts with a trigger or a queue
which with a cell phone is a notification you know the little red notification on
your cell phone that is like crack cocaine it gives you the same spike when you see
that red dot you just want to click it that is the
trigger that is the cue then you get a routine what the routine is you know you
responding to messages checking your Instagram or Facebook your
snapchat basically using your phone becomes the routine you then get a
reward and the reward is the dopamine of having somebody respond to you seeing
something exciting on social media so that kinda satisfies your brain releases
dopamine and makes you feel better so this is the habit loop now the best
way to kill an addiction is to destroy the habit loop like you know the keyword
the trigger and the way you do that is by turning off your notifications to
just jump into your cell phone settings and turn off all notifications for
things like snapchat you can turn off email you could turn off text messaging
facebook you just don’t want that notification
popping up and disrupting your day the second thing you want to do is to
have your phone put into a designated area and just leave it there and a lot
of times we’ll take our phone everywhere that we go whether we’re going for
dinner or we’re like even playing xbox
sitting on a couch or in bed where our phone is going with us everywhere the habit we want to create is to leave our
phone in one designated spot and it just stays there it doesn’t go and it doesn’t
follow us around and when we do that that kind of allows us to disrupt how
likely we are to grab her phone and start going through it so those two things are the key so don’t
be a prisoner of your cell phone get it cell phone I can’t really blink
that good remember you know like any addiction it
when it affects your life you’ve got to make a change and do your best to
overcome it and those two steps will help kill that addiction so thank you for watching and if you
want more helpful videos, check out the links below. Have a great day! turning it off… in a sec I’m turning it off oh I, what if I miss an important message though… Have a great day!


  1. I deleted my insta and fb few days ago it is so simple to say but it was hard to do lol but anyways I used to open my fb account again and again cause I don't wanted to lose the so called friends " fake friends " which used to care for me idk I just love talking with them but honestly now I'm over fb and I seriously want to throw my phone somewhere but I got bf and he calls me everyday so soon I'll be breaking up lol 😂😅 cause of him I'm not able to focus on my studies and I really wanna break my sim cause many people calls me but by mistakenly I put internet for 3 months 😂 1 month is over just have to wait for 2 an half month so I can breakup my sim and give my phone to my parents 😂😅❤

  2. In my oponion
    Step 1: Be with you Freinds and Family for 1 month
    Step 2: Don't use it to much just for 1 hour
    Step 3: Do some exercise and study for your exam
    Like if you agree

  3. The problem is…
    I can't concentrate on my studies. I used to be the smart girl in class because I used to have higher grades than my classmates but now my grades are very damn low. Just because I was so addicted in games and I still need help because I can't get my hands off my phone 🙁

  4. thats my way to stay away from my phone .
    and thank you to telling me that I'm doing good
    to do this things I enjoy my life and lots of time I have to do my favourite things .
    thank you
    my English is not so good so please don't mind

  5. It's so bad for me that I cant do the dishes without it, I take it in the shower, I lay sometimes hours in bed on it, I'm scrolling at work, waiting in line at the store, waiting in traffic. It's bad.

  6. I'm getting rid of my smartphone. Too addicted now. It's ridiculous. Getting a dumbphone to just text n call from. Need to get serious about this.

  7. I did the folowing things and it helped a lot: buy an alarm clock, a wrist watch, a physical calender. Use your phone only for calling and texting, and as a camera. Only go on the internet on your computer or laptop but as little as you can on your phone. My main problem was social media addiction and a constant need to just unlock my phone for no reason and just stare at the screen like a crazy person.

  8. I check my phone every 5 minutes 😭😭

    I wake up at night to check my phone……..I'm addicted 😭😢😢😢😢

  9. The harDest thing is not my… not doing a habbit , it's actually starting it.

    So the best thing to do for BREAKING that damned addiction is to add as much friction when starting it.

    A good app that use this concept:

  10. Yaa dear plss realy need ur help I m nly adicted to u tube videos n songs wich make m distrb nit3 sleep ppsss its rreally bugging me offff I seriiusly need ur help to move on from dis

  11. My parents said that I would only be able to get a smartphone when I am able to self regulate my screen time. That’s why I’m here . I have a problem with this and I need to beat it. Should I try to sit in front of it and test how long I can without picking it up ?

  12. Logic here… 😂

    Tells not to use phone,

    but asks to subscribe…
    when you subscribe, you get notifications and you'll want to know what it is…

  13. 1. You should try to read books📚
    2. Clean your room
    3. Play whit your pet 🐈 🐕
    4. Do homework
    5. Make crafts
    6. Eat 😂 🍦
    And that is all I got
    Yea I am also addicted

  14. I don't have many friends but still I am addicted on phone. And scrolling in facebook instagram and watching videos on YouTube whole day. And can't focus on my study. I need help 🙏😔

  15. The problem is, I love listening to songs and all of my songs are in there. I can't leave my phone. Ever. It is the only escape from reality. And I love reading fanfics too.
    I'm gonna be blind soon.
    🤓🤓🤓 but thank you for the tips. I'll try to follow them.

  16. The best way to get rid of your smart phone is "sell it". And begin to use a simple phone like nokia 150, just like me.

  17. i HATE this internet era, i dont want to waste my time seeing other people's life. but i just can’t let go, its like a escape from my bad reality. aaaaaaaa

  18. I deleted all socials i have and my charge is on 0 for like 4 days now. Although i did use YouTube on my ipad a bit more instead. I don’t have the need to go on social media as much and im gonna ask someone else to put the limit password for YouTube bc i just keep giving myself more time. Even though my productivity hasn’t increased yet I definitely feel less addicted. I spent 78 hours on my phone only 2 weeks ago. Which is almost like 1/2. But i ll work my productivity and ask someone put pass on my app limits. It’s not that hard as I imagined, you can do it to if you pull of the first 3 days.

    – make a decision that you ll actually commit to this
    1- delete the socials (at least some) if you don’t wanna do that ask someone to put a time limit password and not tell you what it is. You can on the latest IOS and on android I think u need an extra app.
    2- notifications off and put it away when you study
    3- if you get bored and feel the need to do something start exercising or just jumping around lmao
    Good luck you got this:)

  19. Most dangerous addiction is phone addiction…its really a silent killer…use it only when you need it…do not use it for time pass….

  20. I just want to stop, but I can't, things are rough right now, I want to make things right, but no one understands me. I want to stop.

    but I can't.

  21. Guilty as charged! Thanks so much for sharing this VERY important information. My phone is usually in my purse when I'm out socially or even doing errands but it's when I'm home that I have it accessible all the time. It's time I shut the thing off and focus on my chores!

  22. I’m kind of late but hey my problem is that i have a long distance relationship so I’m always on my phone to talk to my girlfriend… but it’s not okay for me to be so much on my phone helppp

  23. I’ve been addicted to my phone and it literally affects my life so badly I can’t focus on anything and I always stay up late reading Webtoons 😂I just need to get off my phone

  24. One more thing, try to do the things the old school way so you don't have to do it on your phone like to play music use radio or wallkman or ipod not your phone, set alarm on real clock, not on phone…

  25. Step 3: Download Usage Tracker- Phone, It allows you to keep track of your phone usage. You need to know exactly how long you spend on your phone to realise you have a problem. Download: @t

  26. Fuck man I’ve been watching so many of these videos and I’m so addicted I delete apps then re install them I didn’t have this kind of addiction when I had my blackberry bold fuck this stupid iPhone.

  27. Easy steps to stop using your phone :

    1) Turn your device off/Power off
    2) Pass your device to your parents and ask them to lock it somewhere where you don't know
    3) Tell them how long you want to quit for (So that if you die before the date, they still won't give the phone back to you)

  28. i need to focus on my life and smarts and health because addictions are dangerous for your brains and i spend too much time on my phone more then 20 hours each week im trying to get unaddicted because i have no sister so i use my phone and i barely sleep at night

  29. and what about if you are into a bissiness or you are a very busy person who gets loads of important messages,phone calls and notifications then what do you do in that situation?
    You can not just put your phone away or turn your notifications off as it will affect your bussiness

  30. I spent 4 hours on my phone even tho I should've spend the time into writing my bachelor thesis… I hate this thing omg why am I like this

  31. Ignore Ur phone and start reading some interesting books,, I tried this, at first you will feel like boring, no concentration , then continue that for 4-5 days, then u will ignore Ur phone completely by urself and now Books are Ur real friends… trust me😃. But u need strong dedication.😉 That's all😊

  32. Am I the only one who always thinks that I need to stay away from my phone but then when I go away from it I always think about it like I can’t get my brain of it or when I leave to go to the store or something I always want to bring it with me.

  33. I'm addicted to YouTube plz help me I wanna spend more time with family I'm not attracted to notifications

  34. That’s it. I’m gonna use a ban hammer to smash my phone and I’m too broke to buy a new one .


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