La Crosse addiction recovery organization completes capital campaign

Coulee Council on Addictions is ending its capital campaign for a new facility. after it exceeded its goal. A little over a year after the La Crosse organization started collecting donations. leaders announced they have raised 3.5 million dollars. News 8’s Mal Meyer talked to officials from the non-profit TAKE INTERSTITIAL about what this means for the community. and joins us now in the studio. Mike and Martha- Leaders say the facility is for those undergoing recovery and the entire community that made this possible. After nearly 40 years in the same building, the Coulee Council on Addictions is ready to make a move. It is our pleasure to announce to the community, we did it! In addition to major contributions, the group collected donations as little as $10 for the facility near 10th and Ferry. With this we begin the harder work- helping those seeking recovery. The organization says it can’t meet all the needs of those in recovery at the current location. We have two levels without an elevator is one of the key things. So a lot of the services we have on our lower level are not accessible to people of all abilities. Therese Roellich started her own recovery at the center and is now an activities coordinator. We have an art area. In our new building we’re going to have a room for art and music. While she has many memories from the space, she is excited to have a new place to gather- one with lots of windows. We’ve been down in this dark basement for all these years but the light comes in from the spirit inside of us. But now we’re going to actually have windows. Dan Radtke hopes that additions such as a coffee shop and resource library will be more inviting. If I have more people come into our building that are in recovery, there are more people that will build the network of support that they need to increase their chances of recovery. He says those effects will be felt across the entire area. If one less person goes through treatment, if one less person goes through the judicial system, if we can keep one person sober
longer- that helps our communities. Reporting in La Crosse, I’m Mal Meyer for News 8. The council says any excess funds will be going into an endowment fund for continued operations of the new building. Thanks, Mal. Construction of the facility is expected to be completed by the end of June or beginning of July. Staff members say meetings and other activites will continue during the move.

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