Las Vegas NV Right Path Drug Rehab & Addiction Treatment Center (888) 539-6947

Right Path Drug Rehab Las Vegas treats both the physical and psychological ailments of addiction. Our network of providers operate on a balanced rolling, enrollment process so that incoming patients can receive the maximum care they deserve. Having a low client
intake allows you to have easier accessibility to our broad spectrum of services, and have a greater relationship with the professionals working at our facility. After your physical detox you will take residency at one of our many sober living homes. You will then proceed to
participate in a variety of positive coping mechanisms that will help treat your psychological ailments, and find what
underlying issues contribute to your addiction. Our intensive outpatient program includes one­on­one counseling that is strictly confidential with your psychiatrist, group therapy with others who are also experiencing addiction, 24 hour gym memberships so that you can exercise whenever you feel the
need to find relief from stress, and meditation practices to help promote relaxation. All of these positive coping
mechanisms are easily accessible for you, and all truly make recovery that much easier.Right Path Drug Rehab Las Vegas offers a considerable mixture of activities as well so that you can learn to use these activities as alternatives to
substance abuse. At our facility you can go kayaking, wake boarding, and hiking for outdoor activities. You are also
given the opportunity to participate in educational groups about depressants and stimulants, and are even able to get
assistance for future occupational opportunities with our professional preparation services. The positive coping mechanisms, and activities are absolutely
rewarding as you will be able to experience an eased transition, and learn how to utilize these activities after your dismissal. Right Path Drug Rehab Las Vegas emphasizes the importance of
nutrition, exercise, and positive coping mechanisms so that you can live your life successfully sober. Call one of our
many intake coordinators today at (888) 539­6947 so you can begin treatment.

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