Lawsuit claims Fortnite is as addictive as cocaine

Lawsuit claims Fortnite is as addictive as cocaine

well here’s something that may have parents thinking very carefully about their kids a new lawsuit targeting the popular video game fortnight claims it’s as addictive as cocaine and they say they have a science to back it up fortnight was created by Kari based epic games a Canadian attorney accuses epic games of knowingly developing the game to be quote as addictive as possible the case stems from two parents claims that fortnight ruined their children’s lives they say they have a study to back it up with findings that fortnight causes the brain to release dopamine which is similar to what drugs do to people EPIK has not commented on this lawsuit


  1. Video games have always been developed with a reward system, which dates back to the beginning of games themselves, where score is kept and the winner is awarded with praise. To compare this with cocaine addiction is equivalent to saying "I know what rape victims have gone through. I was once asked out on a date by someone who I didn't like, and I was very uncomfortable saying no. I wish I had never been asked." "I know what the Jews went through with the Nazis. As a Christian, sometimes my beliefs are challenged by others. I should never have to go through that." "I know all about racism and the effects it can have on your entire life. I wore a shirt to school one day that was a lighter red, and all the kids made fun of me for wearing a 'pink' shirt. Why do we have to see color?"

  2. Heath Fuller, Your comment makes absolutely no sense! You're somehow trying to incorporate rape and racism into your post about Fortnite being compared to Cocaine? I think you may want to actually read what you wrote because it's pretty ridiculous!

  3. Freaking A I cant stand these people blaming a game for everything. Dopamine is also released when having intercourse. Yet millions these days encourage you to run around like a dog humping everything in sight.

  4. If the lawyer truly did their research, then they would include universities and colleges in their lawsuit because they teach courses on HOW to make games draw in the players to continue to play – the very definition of "addictive". And if it was so addictive, my son wouldn't have quit playing it so easily to play other games. I agree with other comments – our society in general does not promote / encourage self-control, but promotes finding someone or something else to blame for the choices made. Look at sayings like "It's not illegal if you don't get caught" and the like that have become so popular.

  5. Dude how tf is this game addicting I mean it’s kinda getting boring now also if anyone ever fucking lawsuits Minecraft we kill

  6. There right it’s too addictive now I’m bored of this game I change fortnite to apex legend or gta

  7. It's true. I lost my poor cousin to the game. It took over his life. He always asks me to play, but I say no… He would spend hours in that dark basement… Playing that game. I just want my old cousin back. The normal one. I wish when we went outside and went to the park. Even made videos together. Those days are dead, thanks to this game.

  8. Im 14 i play fortnite the game is trash its not even addictive i dont play it as much as i used to its just you parents wanting money

  9. Bruh I can go weeks without a game and it's one of my favorite games that's just full of it I mean they never talk about call of duty or gta those games are almost real!! But apparently the people that are filing a lawsuit are probably don't get video games and are probably bored so are just sueing and are just jealous of Epic Games money so they want some😬

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