Learn About Addiction Recovery at The Oasis at Tampa Community Hospital

– The Oasis is our 16-bed detox program. At The Oasis we go a step above. We consider The Oasis to be the first step in your treatment. It’s not the last, but the first, to change the course of your life. The people that come to our program are people that are motivated to make some change in their life. They’ve discovered that they
have an addiction problem and the first step is
getting off of the drugs or the alcohol and getting
their system physically clean. At The Oasis, it’s a a medically
supervised detox program, so some of the advantages of that are that we have medical services here available to our clients. We really run the detox program
like a treatment program, so they would be provided with
group, individual therapy. We have board certified psychiatrists so the treatment that they get here is comfortable and productive for both the patients and their families. I would say to somebody that’s
considering this program to pick up the phone and
make a call to The Oasis. I think that it’s gonna be a vital step in the recovery that you
will experience in your life. I think this will provide an opportunity
((866) WE-DETOX) for you to change your
life and change the lives
((866) WE-DETOX) of the people around you. (gentle upbeat music)

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