Leslie Jones on Angry Birds Addiction & Stand Up Special

Leslie Jones on Angry Birds Addiction & Stand Up Special


  1. S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S
    Sweet/ they did tell you they were humming birds // tweety bird edition// haa

  2. Omg! I love Leslie Jones. She is so hilarious and inspiring 😂😀🤣👌🙏. Can’t wait to see her Netflix special 🙏

  3. Glad she is getting a special! I remember first seeing on BET Comicview back when I was in college in '94!

  4. I love her as a stand up. That's where i found her on youtube doing star up and it was hilarious! Happy to hear about the Netflix special!

  5. When you whatch a video like that and klick the like button in the first few minutes and then there are so many more good moments you wanna klick like for. 1000 likes for this video. You go girl!!

  6. What I love about her is that she’s not a one trick pony like haddish, Jones can be loud she can be witty and she can formulate actual jokes and not just have to nae nae and talk about bootyholes 😭🤦🏾‍♂️

  7. I frequent a small comedy club in my area that bring in some big names that hold around 150 people. I've seen some well known comedians and her performance is still my favorite. There was a lady in the front heckling and Leslie straight up destroyed her.

  8. I believe you are an absolutely terrible actor. I believe you absolutely ruined Ghostbusters. I believe you are about as funny as hemorrhoids on a 90 year old hooker.

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