Let’s Dance: KARD(카드) _ Hola Hola(올라 올라)

Let’s Dance: KARD(카드) _ Hola Hola(올라 올라)

(Reliable KARD challenges to
Know-all-the-beat) (First mixed group to try
Know-all-the-beat) (They want to go up with a success!
How will they do?) Let’s dance. Know-all-the-beat. The rules of Know-all-the-beat. (1. Don’t worry about changed songs!)
(2. Be sure to be on the beat!) (3. 5 tries! 10 points off for errors)
(4. +50 points for the bonus mission!) The bonus mission is to pass on
a lei without using your hands. (KARD’s bonus mission- Pass on
a lei without using hands) (They succeed in the bonus mission) (if they pass on the lei
twice per person) (before the song ends) Oh no. Dance alone is hard enough. (J.seph and BM practice) Let’s finish it during the intro. This counts, right? (Round 1) Throw it. (They couldn’t overcome
the height difference) (Flustered) (Worried) (Will they be able to do this
within today?) (Worried) (Ha!) (It looks like he let go of it
because it’s too hot…) (They can’t pass on the lei without
dropping it) (The mission is not about throwing
the lei at another member’s face) (Is this a true difficulty
of this mission?) Why didn’t you dance? This is harder than I thought. You must throw it well. It crumples up when you throw it. Throw it to me when the song begins. (Round 2) (BM successfully passes on
the lei to J.seph) (J.seph succeeds) (BM is quite loud is counting the beats) (He discreetly makes his move
with “Oh NaNa”) Jiwoo. Jiwoo. (People who received it once:
J.seph, Jiwoo) (Quick Jiwoo waits with
the lei in her hand) (She missed a beat
while holding the lei) (No way) I’m having a mental breakdown. Where did we make a mistake? “Oh NaNa” came on in the middle. Did we miss a beat? Then we all made the same mistake. (Round 3) (BM still keeps the beat loudly) (Let’s go? Where is he going?) (So loud) (We will be sure to succeed this time) (Jiwoo successfully passes on
the lei to Somin) (Please pass on the lei
like this every day) (Yeah) (Ta) (BM is still quite loud) (Somin takes off the lei) (Always walk down the path of leis) (Somin passes it on to BM) (But BM ends up touching it) (You’re not supposed to touch it) (Therefore, it doesn’t count) (Looking for someone who will come up
with choreography based on BM’s beats) (Calm down) (Should I give it to her or not?) (Forget it) (He calmly goes for it) (Oh Na Na Na) You’re doing a great job x2. (Somin’s words will become
the ember of hope) (Ha) (BM only knows to count the beats)
(She touches the lei) (It doesn’t count) (They are all dancing off the beat) That’s all right. We get 2 more tries. I want to succeed this time and
get 70 points. Let’s choose the order to
pass on the lei. Start with J.seph and end with BM. Pass it on to me when the song starts. Then I’ll give it right back to you. – Okay. / – Okay. (Round 4) (J.seph succeeds as planned) (BM succeeds, too) (People who received it once:
J.seph, BM) (BM makes a bad pass) (Burr burr) (Whoa cha) (Ho cha) (BM’s loud count is quite addicting) (This time he succeeds) (People who received it once:
J.seph, BM, Somin) (We have a good feeling
about this round) (Swirl) (J.seph succeeds twice) (Rushing over) (J.seph passes it on to Jiwoo) (Current status: J.seph 2,
BM 1, Somin 1, Jiwoo 1) I’ve received it twice already. (Then it’s Somin’s turn) (Hee hee) (Current status: J.seph 2,
BM 1, Somin 2, Jiwoo 1) (Is it my turn to step up?) (I’ll show my own swag
when I pass it on) (I can do it!) (Try to mess them up by
mixing the beats) (Ta ha ta ha) (Bam) (Ta) (He’s so loud) (Ho) (Ta ta ta) (Current status: J.seph 2,
BM 2, Somin 2, Jiwoo 1) (We can dance to any song as long
as you have me to count the beats) (They’re close to completing
the bonus mission) (BM passes it on to Jiwoo) (Finally, they’ve succeeded:
J.seph 2, BM 2, Somin 2, Jiwoo 2) (We can do it) – I received it twice.
– Me too. (His eyes follow the camera) How many times did I receive it? We’re all done. We’re done? I’m done. (I’m feeling great because we’re done) (How exciting) (Please make me smile) (Take this! My hidden card move) (I’ll take it) (KARD has done their best to the end) (Sexy) (Good job on showing
your best partnership) KARD, you have completed the mission. (First mixed group, KARD successfully
completes the mission with 70 points) We can do it. Announcing the result. (Mission 20, Bonus mission 50
Total score 70 points) We, KARD members, challenged
ourselves to Know-all-the-beat and and ranked no. 3 with 70 points. I was quite worried when I heard
the bonus mission. It was so hard. The Know-all-the-beat mission is
hard enough already. It was hard passing on the lei
without using hands. We will work hard, so please
continue to support us. Please listen to
our new song “Hola Hola.” Thank you. Challenge yourselves to
beat KARD’s record. Let’s Dance. Know-all-the-beat. Good-bye. (Ranking of Know-all-the-beat
3. KARD “Hola Hola”)


  1. I'm meant to be doing my science project…Then all I see is a video from K.A.R.D…Sometimes I wish I could do my homework XDDD


  3. Jiwoo really reminds me of a koala bear
    J.seph reminds me of this actor i cant rmb the name
    Bm reminds me of a teddy bear
    Somin gives off the flower crown filter feels (u know what im saying?)

    Dang it kard is ruining my life💕 i love me some ace and some colour joker💕💕

  4. Im a guy but I love Jseph and BM idk why but they have that charisma. Holy shit I'm becoming gay halp me…

  5. 아 진짜 이 넷 케미 너무 좋아 ㅠ 컨셉도 좋고 곡, 안무, 의상 다 좋고 보컬, 랩실력도 두말 할것 없고 네명 다 매력있고.. 진짜 불화설 이런거 없이 오래오래 가주세요!!♥

  6. i just found out taehyung isn't the main dancer and i was shook tf i may be biased but when looking at their performances he seemed the best dancer to me

  7. I LOVE KARD🙆‍♀️💕
    One of the best kpop group.🤗

    All of them are GREAT,GOOD LOOKS and TALENTED.🙆‍♀️

    So funny and cute group you have.🤭

    PLEASE have a strong group beyond years.Don't disband early.😊

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