Life And Love Inside Britain’s Legal Red Light District | Sex, Drugs & Murder – Episode 2

Life And Love Inside Britain’s Legal Red Light District | Sex, Drugs & Murder – Episode 2

Stay away from that car! Oi! Oi!Look, they’re all
on the corner now.
Can you see them all?
There’s another one there.
Bloody hell. That’s six already
that’s out.
The police and the council have
brought this area lower than
it’s ever been before.
won’t give it up,
because I like to earn money.
‘Where I’m from, you’ll stand on a
corner, you’ll get locked up,
but it’s allowed here.’
I’ll just get the money, and then
he’ll sit, pull his trousers down,
get his cock out, and do the do. Get the condom on and start. Tickle his balls
to make him come quicker.
That’s one of the tricks of
the trade, innit, kid?
Mm-hm. SHE LAUGHS I’ve done a blow job,
sex and blow job,
and then sex
and blow job again.
We haven’t been on half an hour. Me johnnies, look. You see? You’re not getting it
bareback off me.
hate when all the cars go around. You think they’re going to come down
here, but they don’t.
They carry on going round. have got a couple of punters
lined up.
You know, a couple of regulars? I’ve got one at 11 o’clock for 280. That’s only an hour’s service. And all he does
is plays with my feet.
Massages my feet for an hour
and gives me 280 quid.
And I’ve got another guy who comes
with her, me and her see him,
and all we do is stamp on his cock. Literally. And he pays us
£150 each, half an hour…
Half an hour to an hour.
45 minutes, roughly.
And all we do is stamp on his cock
and it makes him come.
Usually we’ll go out about 9.30. We’re back home about 12. That’s it. I don’t really know
my way around Leeds,
it’s just Holbeck that I know. Some of them are all right. But some of them can be right dicks. You’ll stand there, the car will
stop and you’ll go over and you’ll
ask them if they want business.
If they say yes,
you’ll get in the car.
You’ll go to a place where it’s
nice and quiet, and then,
if they want a blow job, you’ll give
them a daft blow job
with a johnny on.
And then before you do the blow job,
you ask for the money.
Whereas some of the lads
will pay you up front.
Whereas some of them will be
dickheads and try and pay you
And it doesn’t work like that.
You always get the money upfront.
‘I was the fastest girl in East
Yorkshire…two years in a row.’
did cross-country
and 100 metres sprint.
Under-13s, under-12s, under-11. First girl back in ’99. First girl back… 2000, first girl back 2001. go down Holbeck maybe
twice a week, three times a week.
Sometimes I only have to do one
client and I’m done.
Some of them are just, like,
really sad and lonely.
They just, like, want someone
for attention, really.
And then you get
some of them that…
they just, like, they want all the,
like, domineering sort of stuff.
don’t really like
that sort of stuff.
just prefer to just get it done
and get out of there.
girl called Queenie
took me under her wing.
She came with me
on the first client.
And it… God, it were awful. She had to get into the back of the
car with me,
because I just didn’t know
what to do.
was crying halfway through. And she gave me some gear, which sort of made me, like,
bit all over the place.
But it helped me cope with it. As soon as I have been
with a client,
I’ve come home and then straight in
the bath, and I’m scrubbing myself.
I’ve made myself quite poorly. had a skin infection because I
rubbed myself that much with bleach.
Eh, no, you don’t! He’ll have them. Every foster home I went to, the social worker always made sure that they’d be happy for me
to have my quail. I was abused.
ended up in foster care,
taken away from my parents.
think it makes it easier for me,
because I think, basically,
I’m a shell of a body. They might as well have me,
do you know what I mean?
I’m an abused person.
Why not let them?
Just suck hot water into it. fucking hate digging, me.
If anything, I wish I smoked gear.
snapped one in my neck.
How stupid is that?
It will push itself out. You know, like war victims? The shrapnel pushes itself out. Foreign body. got introduced to heroin
and crack cocaine
via a so-called friend. She injected me straightaway, and I’ve got a little scar
on me arm there
from where she gave me an abscess. was 16. I’m going to do
just this little bit now.
remember having bruises
all over my arms.
And my mum saying to me,
“Something’s going on with you.”
had to admit what I were doing. Me dad was absolutely livid. He couldn’t understand it. And he made me cook up
in front of him –
he wanted to know
what it was all about.
He wanted me to sit there and
inject myself in front of him.
And so purposely I went in where
knew I wouldn’t be able to get it.
And just cried to him and said, “Dad, I can’t do it,
please, please.”
Me mum cried her eyes out when
she saw me with no clothes on.
She literally broke down
because I was just…
She said I was like
frail old woman.
did my first rattle… in me mum and dad’s pub. It’s horrible. Me dad, he used to
stay up with me during the day,
and me mum would sit up with me
on a night.
And they took it in turns,
day and night.
Me brother, God love him, holding my hair
while I’m throwing up.
Three years older than me,
didn’t have a fucking…
was ripping
his fucking world apart.
They’ve got a 16-year-old daughter, 16-year-old sister
who’s on heroin.
came off of it, and, within two days, robbed my brother’s
PlayStation games.
To go sell for money. That just led into a routine of… I’d have heroin to go work, and then I’d have heroin
to forget about working.
It’s just a total vicious cycle. I’m angry with myself. Disgusted in myself. I’ve got three beautiful children
that live with my mum,
because I can’t look after them,
because of the drugs.
They should have been enough. But they weren’t. ‘I’m sick of it now. ‘I’m ready to give it up. ‘When I got out of jail, yeah,
was completely sorted.’
And then I got raped. That just sent me
straight back down.
know, like, loads of people get
raped and they don’t turn to drugs,
but I did, as a comfort.
Drink and drugs.
Come here, then. Come here, then.
This is my little puppy.
This is Princess. Eh? Say hello. She’s a cross between
Staff and a Patterdale.
And she’s 11 weeks old,
and she’s my life, aren’t you?
My life, yes, you are. She needs me. She needs me every single day. She needs me to do things for her. She needs me to look after her. And that’s what I need.
need to be needed.
Don’t I? Eh? And the fact that she depends on me, that’s… ..what I love about her. My baby, aren’t you? Yes. INTERVIEWER:
You’d rather have your kids? Oh, God, yeah. 100%. 100,000,000%. But I know that that’s not a
possibility at the moment in time.
So she’s the next best thing. DOG PINES
Yes! Have you always read a lot?
Yeah, I started in jail. So I was always down the Seg. You know what the Seg is, don’t you?
Down the block.
You know the
23.5 hour banger?
So all you can do is read. Me favourite one… Julie Walters. feel like I relate to her,
Because she was dragged up. Even though I was in care
and stuff and she wasn’t,
she’s had a bit
of a rough upbringing.
It’s a really good read. It is. And I’m reading
Fifty Shades Of Grey now.
Eh, it’s a right
dirty bastard book, that.
Sorry for swearing, but it’s filth! I’ve done some funny old stuff,
but fuck me is that dirty.
Have you read it? He said, “You’re my everything,
Ain’t that lovely? It’s nice, innit,
when you first fall…
Because I told you
don’t trust men.
So when you fall in love,
it’s real nice, innit?
Before I got with him, we chased
each other for seven months.
Each other! But none of us had the
backbone to get it off the ground.
Seven months. “Love you, too.”
Oh, I need to get ready.
Where you going? Sell me fanny in Holbeck. find her attractive, you know?
She’s funny,
she’s right feisty and that,
ain’t she?
But I knew what she were about,
you know, before I got with her.
knew what she did
and what she were about.
It’s like she says.
She said it’s just work.
There’s no intimacy with punters. She don’t kiss them
or nowt like that.
If a man loves a woman, they don’t want anybody else
touching their woman, do they?
But we’ve both
got habits,
and I’m not
going to
rely upon him
to fend for me.
do love him. Have you been in love
many times? Once before. And I got my heart
broken, trodded all over.
And I got battered every day. can’t find my key, love. He’s going to have to
kick my back door in.
Hey, I had my back doors kicked in
last week for the first time.
Shut up, Sammie.I loved it as well. Not first time, I didn’t,
because it was a bit painful…
Sammie!Oh! Do you worry about her?
Yeah, ‘course I do, yeah. That’s why I come out with her. You know, and make sure
she’s all right.
I’m always thinking, you know,
“Is she going to come back?”
She needs a little bottle. I’ve got some ammonia at home. I’ll put that in a bottle. You’ll know about it if you get
sprayed in the face with that.
NEWS:A lorry driver’s assistant
has been jailed
for a minimum 22 years
for the murder and robbery
of a Polish sex worker in the Holbeck area of
south Leeds last December.
Lewis Pierre lured his victim to a secluded so-called managed
red light area…
‘He launched a sickening, violent attack that
left her fatally wounded.
It terrifies the life out of me. know that every single time I
work, I’m putting my life in danger,
I’m playing Russian roulette
with my own life.
But heroin’s
got a bigger grip on me.
Loads of coppers tonight. That punter’s on the loose. Eight girls he’s done now
from around here.
He’s picking girls up,
taking them around, paying them…
for a blow job,
then, just as he’s about to finish,
he’s battering them,
taking their money back off them,
and raping them.
Does it scare you, that?
Yeah, petrifies me. Especially after what
I’ve already been through.
Oh! Oh! Look, look! It’s staring at us. Hey, it’s going to come.
Fucking hell!
Go on! Go on! Clear off. It’s coming!
It’s coming! It’s off.
It’s off! It’s having a shit! LAUGHING:It’s having a shit. MOBILE RINGS Hello. What’s the postcode
for the unit?
I’m coming to see the quails. Hmm. Where I move now, obviously I couldn’t keep
the quails there, could I?
said we can send them
to my mum’s allotment
and then I know they’re safe. And they went,
“Oh, no, they’ll be all right.
“Just around the corner from you.” Not long ago, about two months
or three months ago,
me partner brought me quails in
because I moved house.
Can I see them?
He did, he brought 12.
always get my food here.
It were months ago.
He’s lying to me, then.
All right.
He said he hasn’t
got no livestock left.
Hello. Hello. Where did you take me quails to? Because you never took
them in there. He’s just told me.
The man in there’s just told me
he hasn’t taken any.
You said I could come
and see them any time.
SOBBING:Have you killed them?


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