Live PD: Drug House Dip (Season 3) | A&E

Live PD: Drug House Dip (Season 3) | A&E

– So it was consensual
contact stop. 607, show me on Almo and
Perez with a white Chrysler. How’s it going? – What are you up to? – What are you up to? What are you up to? – Where’d he go? – Huh? – What house did he go into? – This one right here? – You guys been smoking today? – Any weapons or
anything on you? – Huh? – Mind stepping out? Hey, get over here. Get over here. Hey, come here. Hey, come here. Hey, come here. Hey, come here. Mission foot pursuit,
send another unit. [police radio chatter] – 10-4, Mission. He ran into– Perez. Also, I got one
male subject here. He was with the other subject. He passed the stop
sign, he sees me. Turns around, I say hey, stop. He takes off running. – What’s he wearing? – Black hoodie with
blue jeans, I think. But he’s inside the house. – Gabriel. Hey. It’s easy if you come out, bro. [shouting] – What’s going to end up
happening is they’re going to get the SWAT
team, we’re gonna end up kicking in
this door, and we’re going take everybody into jail. It’s easier if you
just cooperate. Let me talk to you one on
one, though just me and you. – This is the third– I’m three for three
here at this house. – Same house? – So when this guy saw me at
Almo here, I’m like hey, stop. Takes off running. – They’re gonna open the door. They’re gonna open the door. Get ready. – Copy. – Come out.
Come out. Come out.
Step out. Put your hands up.
Put your hands up. Put your hands up up there. Put your hands up there. [non-english speech] – Why did you take
off on me, man? – I didn’t take off from you. – Keep your hands up. Keep your hands up. Keep your hands up. Keep your hands up. Hey, secure him. – Sir. [non-english speech] – I don’t have any cuffs. – [non-english speech]
I never ran from you. I never ran from you. [non-english]. – No, you weren’t, bro. [non-english speech] – I saw you running, bro. – Bro, I was sitting
down right there. [non-english speech]. I was right there asleep. – Everything in the
backdoor is already– they have like a bed and a
bunch of like stuff blocking it, so supposedly the guy that
you saw in black, the owner is saying that he ran
through the front door, and ran out through the
backdoor, and took off running. – Was that the guy that
was driving with you? No? – Yeah, it’s not
going to be him. I think it’s going to be– I think the guy also ran
from them, out the back. I know what they came up to do. They came up to
pick up some dope. As soon as he saw me, he turned
around, I told him to stop. He took off running. Bolted into the house,
locked the door. I tried to push it open,
they had already locked it, and then I just heard a couple
of guys run out the back. According to the guys
inside, pretty much everybody inside, that they all
ran out the backdoor. So we got the vehicle, we’ll
find out with investigations who was driving the vehicle,
who the owner of the vehicle was, and we’ll come back here
and see if we can identify him.


  1. Can you try to knock down the door without a search warrant that cop dont were a bullet proof vest because he has a big hole bullet proof badge

  2. Dam why chase after him, you have his friend you can get information from him. Plus if he’s running his buddy can run too. Or the officer is alone & if he would manage to get into the house, he’s alone & doesn’t know what’s inside

  3. What I want to see? Cops doing something real about people who cause accidents. Give me the condensed day of a cop who identifies a stop sign where people don’t stop and then proceeds to see how many tickets he can give out. Let’s hear the excuses.

  4. I think the driver just didn't know good English,I've given people rides and never asked questions about what they were buying
    Doesn't mean I was breaking a law I was just giving a free ride

  5. Not to be a hater or just judging people but this foo run like a lil fruit cake haha..for sure he wasn't going thru that door bro haha

  6. He literally has no evidence that supports any of his accusations lol nor enough reason to arrest the man he had in his car 😂

  7. 2:10 come on, someone get my boy a vest that isnt an extra small. I know the department is running low on funds this year, but come on man…

  8. I find it hilarious when cops run after people that are running away and the police always say "hey come here". Oh okay I'll stop LOL

  9. Nobody:

    Cops chasing someone:


  10. Why did the cop chase the other guy ? What was the reason ? Believe he had drugs ? He was just walking . ? Just wondering don’t put me down lol

  11. i speak fluent spanish.and there are many different dialects. but mexican spanish…just sounds, idk…sneakier. like they always trying to get away with something.

  12. Bruh Everytime y'all show that bald cop it's a dope episode fr I noticed Mexican cops handle everything better the whites and blacks are the worse I say a black cop because I noticed they are always white washed asf 😂😂

  13. So basically the whole point of this, is that they don't have anything on anybody. They just rolled up on a parked car, and then wanted to harass everybody for suspicion of drug activity. Even if they find the owner of the car what can I charge him for, running from a cop for a crime he "never committed" and can't be proved.

  14. Serious question, can the police just run up on someones property and try to smash the door in? Don't they need a search warrant?

  15. Imagine coming from Mexico becoming a cop and being a pig on your own people while your mom and aunty snorting drugs every weekend 😂😂

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