Live PD: Heroin Addict, Robbery Suspect (Season 3) | A&E

Live PD: Heroin Addict, Robbery Suspect (Season 3) | A&E


  1. A little bit of compassion goes a long way! People need to educate themselves on addiction and why it’s considered a disease! The drugs are just a symptom of the disease 😢 so many people dying and the world don’t seem to care until it’s their family 😢

  2. Hey cops, watch and learn from this guy. This is how a cop should act and treat people. You are here to protect and serve. You are not here to fuel your power-hungry ego or to seek retribution from society for the way you were bullied in high school.

  3. For officer safety they should back up after a mild pay down to make sure no guns. And have the perp get needle out and lay it on the ground

  4. It sounded like by saying I am gonna give you some this cop was gonna give him some drugs lol…

  5. I quit drinking and hard drugs on my own, 38 years ago. At 26 he can easily turn his life around, if I can do it anyone can.

  6. This actually made me tear up. That cop truly cared . You can tell he prolly had someone in his family hurt by drugs and really cares bc he knows how it feels

  7. I love the fact that this officer is so caring because sometimes all you need is somone caring and sweet to completely change your life because some of us dont have that kind of love

  8. If that camera wasn’t there that cop would not be so nice I’ve seen addicts by my building in NYC get treated horrible by police

  9. I promise when u get clean it is like being born again fresh, its hard but its worth the effort nothing good is going to come easy

  10. This seriously made me tear up. I’ve been exactly where this kid is and it’s sad. I’m now 40 and have a about 8 years clean. It’s different these days and this disease is taking to many of our brotha and sisters. Wish him the best. Also, big ups to these two officers for treating this kid the way they dude

  11. You can tell him a million times he needs to stop this. If only it was that simple. This drug is like a demon that possesses their whole being. He can't "just stop". He needs help. That is, if he wants help. Good luck to you young man.

  12. Dopesick ain’t no joke. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. I’m a recovering heroin addict and I am on suboxone and that saved my life.

  13. young people listen up and listen good stay as far away from anybody that does it don't even think about trying it just look at what it did to these people Common Sense use your brain don't be a liberal

  14. there is no help for these people, they will kill, rob and what ever to get high, there are some peole that just wont make it

  15. The officer showed compassion, but still he ended up going in for questioning which may lead to getting locked up. Even though the officer was being nice to him, this just goes to show to never let them stop you and hold you if they don't have a real reason to do so (seeing you in the act, drunk driving, violence, etc) it's too easy for them to look you up ( like they did with this kid) or try to fabricate something (Not all cops but some would do it).

  16. What a great officer! We need more positivity. These poor people on drugs, they are missing something inside themselves and blanket the pain with drugs

  17. Love how this officer was speaking life into this gentlemen.. Made me a bit sad.. Hope he can change his life around. That's a difficult drug to leave. 😥

  18. These stupid doctors need to be stop. After they can't afford opids they go cheaper heroin. And that's it they ruin there life. These poor guy is going to withdraw badly. He must feel like bad hangover.

  19. Millions of people addicted to heroin and the news concentrates on vaping.
    Oh wait, it's lobbying from the pharma and tobacco companies.


  20. Heroin addicts don't give a f*ck about anything but getting high. The cop was wasting his words on him. He is gonna die.

  21. It sucks that people don’t realize how sick you get from dope. It will make you rob your mother for relief not a high just some relief. My heart breaks for anyone in that position and huge props to the cop who treated him like a person. We as a society need to have way more programs to assist they opiate plague.

  22. We need more compassionate police officers like this! Not all heroes wear capes, some hold water bottles

  23. Poor bloke probably will get twenty years for armed robbery with a sheet.A drug that makes you hate yourself. More rehabs for drug addicts instead of prison.

  24. innocent till proven guilty they didn't care for his addiction they pulled him over for nothing he wasn't doing a crime so the didn't even have to give hi. his license an also he did a search with out probable cause since he didn't commit any crimes nor did the cops see him commit a crime so the most they could of done was Terry frisk u for weapons if they don't find anything then by law they have to let him go sooo this was completely wrong

  25. Now he seems like a good one. Compassionate at its best.
    We need more people like this officer to care and lend a hand.
    Opiates of any kind are ruining so many lives and what makes it the absolute worse . Is most of the addicts come straight from the doctor's office and before you know it …boom addicted.

  26. I had state troopers one cared the other wanting to find the heroin . He didn’t it was behind my phone in the air vent behind my gps ducking rookie ✌🏿😂 but now I’m good

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