Live PD: Heroin Addict, Robbery Suspect (Season 3) | A&E

– Call came out with
supposedly a couple individuals hanging out on a car. Looks like Rodriguez
up here might see them. Oh, I know this guy. Yeah. – Is there any drugs on you or
gun on you I should know about? – Where is it?
– OK. No, don’t reach. Don’t reach. – Where’s it at? – Hey.
– Which pocket? – My right.
– OK. – This one?
– [inaudible] – Go ahead. Well, you’re not
under arrest, but– – [inaudible]
– –just go ahead. We’re gonna detain you
until we get the needle out, your understand?
– Yes, sir. – OK? – Are you hanging out?
You don’t live here. But we’re just
trying to figure out. We got a call for
this building here. – Really?
– Yeah. – [inaudible]
– OK. Do you have any heroin on
you or anything like that? When was the last time, man? – This morning. OK – Yes, sir. – I know it’s easy for me to
say and probably harder for you to do, but you need
to get off that. People are dyin’, man. – Well, sit down. It’s just ’cause you’re
coming down from it? See, that’s why. That stuff’s hard
to get off of, man. But you got to. ‘Cause you’re just pressing your
luck with every bindle you get, man. You don’t know where you’re
gettin’ what’s mixed with, man. So right now, he’s, uh,
coming off of his high from the heroin. So he’s starting to
feel a little sick. He’s sweating a lot. Um, here lean over. I’m gonna pour around
your neck, and I’m gonna give you some, OK? Hold on. I’m just slowly dripping
it to get you cold, OK? Is that helping cool
off a little bit on the back of your neck? – OK. I’m not tryin’ to
get you soaked. You need somethin’ to drink? Here, sit up. I can’t get you that
down there, man. I’ll help you out. I got an ambulance
coming, all right? At least check you out
for your withdrawals. – No, you’re– hey, listen. How old are you? – 26, all right. Again, I can’t reiterate how
much you gotta stop this crap. I get tired of seeing
families crying, man, over– over something stupid. – We had a tip that came in that
this gentleman right here, he was possibly a suspect in
some of the gas station robberies that we’ve been
having lately around here. – And after we’re done
here, whatever happens, you can just say F you. But I mean, it’s gotta get in
that head for you to stop this. – [inaudible] 71s. It’s gonna be, uh, [inaudible]. – They wanna talk to him? We gonna go to headquarters
or region four? We have to wait on
the ambulance, though. [police radio chatter] – All right, bud. [car horn] Uh, you’re comin’ with
us today, all right? He’s comin’ with us. Um, ’cause he’s a suspect
possibly in some burglaries or– or armed robberies of some
gas stations around the area.

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